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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I saw the MLP movie on Sunday. I loved it, but a storm knocked my wifi out that day. I also have been busy with things, so I wasn't able to post until today.

  3. I don't remember anything about it, since I think I was really young when I last saw it. That being said, I don't remember anything about Antz either, for the same exact reason(I might not have even seen that one). I'll have to rewatch it, and see what I think of it.
  4. Finally back on the forums. I figured I'd change my profile pic in preparation for the upcoming movie.

  5. Wish you a Happy Birthday Trixie Heartstrings. :)



  6. Holy shit! It has been forever since I posted anything.

  7. The Twidash Can Can by Tridashie.
  8. I just saw Get Out a few minutes ago. It was really good, and touched on some current issues well.
  9. I think a better system would be to limit the amount of annotations allowed on each frame, so those who use them properly can still use them, and those who abuse them can't abuse them to the point where it's almost impossible to pause a video without clicking on a link to a scam site.
  10. The "Ain't Got Rhythm" song from Phineas and Ferb is stuck in my head.
  11. I remember I had a dream where my mother was working at a Walmart (even though she doesn't actually), and the Angry Video Game Nerd was in line, and said "I didn't know your mother worked at Walmart". Then Sans from Undertale came in, made my mother and the AVGN disappear, and told me if I wanted to find them, I had to go through this portal. It took me to Ponyville, where I saw Apple Bloom talking to Babs Seed, then I woke up.