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  1. You haven't been online in over a month and a half. ;-; What's happening?

  2. 2 newest MLP episodes seem pretty cheap!

    1. Goodra


      I thought they were cute, especially the second one because of the cheer.

    2. Kyoshi


      Yeah.....Not seeing the cheapness. Basic maybe, but not cheap. Basic with this show isn't a problem either.

  3. Newest episode of MLP sucks!

    1. Ron Jeremy

      Ron Jeremy

      Them's fightin' words.

    2. Shiki
  4. Why does everyone want to be my friend?

    1. Riclo


      You da bawss.

    2. Erza


      Cuz you are cool?


    3. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      We can be enemies if you need a break from the monotony.

  5. I want to kill pokesonicfan11. He's a copyright sensetie guy!

    1. Crazy Misty

      Crazy Misty

      Calm down lol, I agree being copyright sensitive is annoying but it's no reason to hate/want to kill somebody xD

    2. AnonyPoni


      Lets be calm and explain what happened


      @Crazy Misty: Hey, your back! Sorry, i didn't know :P

  6. Just tell them to fuck off... You need Iron Will (Me!) to teach you how to get your way! Just tell them that it's what you like and that they can't stop you. If they take internet or computer away just tell them that you will go to an internet cafe. Trust me if you need advice just say I'm always here...
  7. Well for Science I can tell you one thing! Confused about anything then feel free to ask me... For History keep watching and also read up on Wikipedia or something. Maths. Try and do some sums related to what your doing or measure something... For Spanish you can just repeat the phrases for a few minutes at a time.
  8. You should just push your sister down some stairs. I found it works with everyone... Go off to Hot Topic yourself. Don't let other people control your life! If your dad gets pissed just tell him that you don't care what he thinks. If he blocks your allowance or whatever just steal the money from your parents!
  9. Well... Life advice is where this should be really... You should tell your parents you don't care about what others think of you. And that a lot of people like the show. Que the amazing figure and some photo's or something. (Don't over-do it!) Having a Plushie or something honestly isn't amazing. But then again that's coming from me so unless it's really to do with practical things then I'm not the man to ask...
  10. Just get a bus. Then either: Bring a gun and hostage your way in. Sneak in. Borrow a wristband or whatever from a friend. I honestly think BronyCon is for people with no lives... We're rich because we do everything ourselves. Me and my dad fix things like cars. We did our own electrics etc. My mum sows clothes and cooks good meals from nothing. Also we don't waste our money on shitty, expensive Apple and shit like that! My dad does have a good ranking in the local police force...
  11. School=Boring. School is coming soon.

  12. New people shouldn't greet? The only reason you post IN THIS forum area is to WELCOME people. Anyway! Welcome to the forums enjoy your time here blah blah blah... I honestly don't see the point in welcoming people but anyway. Merry Christmas...
  13. Buy electronic components and chemicals... I'll save $10 but honestly I don't know since my parents are millionaires so it's sort of get what I want.
  14. HAHAHA. Scarred you for life? I want to scar you since it sounds pretty easy. Want to see a mouse filled with radioactive Radon then have a high-voltage passed through it? Note: Radon is a noble gas so it'll make a nice light bulb until it sets alight... Cloppers. No. Gore. Yes as long as it's not this: "Twilight was in a million pieces on the floor." That was a fucking waste of time reading...
  15. Firstly: Where the hell do I get these pictures from anyway? Unknown space=My HDD... Secondly: Why are people even reading these random rants? Ok so my Mum LOVES going on pointless holidays to not very nice places... Admittedly I don't enjoy much and I never will. Now anyway! It's Eastleigh in Southampton. Yay. I'm not spoilt or anything but this is just torture going for little 1 night holidays staying in little Travelodges. A note to pedophiles: If you somehow find a photo or something and identify me then approach me or any of my family I will personally see to your VERY painful death. I'm thinking of firing High-Velocity Tungsten slugs into the limbs until they are a mushy pulp. Then cauterizing it with a Plasma Projector before electrocuting you with the projector's extreme-voltage ionizer... It's not a nice way to die and trust me it'll make a real big mess on the floor no jokes about it... Merry Christmas!!! Hohohoho!