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  1. Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Jeanne back in 2004. Lost 3/4 of the shingles on my house, fence fell down, my treehouse was a total loss, and we had a leak in the bathroom which luckily was over the bathtub. Also the screen in the back patio was completely gone.
  2. I needed to vent big time.


  3. I would love to find some old school Weather Channel VHS recordings from the 90s and 2000s Especially when the WeatherStar 4000 was the main local forecast unit (those that are big Weather Channel fans will know what I'm talking about.)

    1. MagicFlare


      like this ? :3



    2. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      That's a cool video and I have some on my other YouTube channel but I mean the stuff that aired on The Weather Channel. 

    3. Tacodidra


      I hope you find them somewhere! :kindness: There are a lot of interesting programs that never get shown again and few bother to record, which is quite a shame...

  4. My YouTube channel has reached 5,000 subscribers! Thank you to those that have subscribed to me. 

    1. Tacodidra


      Congratulations, my friend! :mlp_yay: I hope you reach 6000 soon! :squee:

    2. Twisted Cyclone
    3. Snow le Canard
  5. Twisted Cyclone

    Auto or Manual

    I'll say automatic because I've only owned automatic cars but manual cars are very fun to drive too.
  6. Thanks for the follow! :D

    1. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      You're welcome. Thanks for the follow as well. :D

    2. Tacodidra


      You're welcome! :mlp_yay:

  7. Thank you for the follow. ^_^

  8. Thanks for the follow! :D

    1. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      No problem. You seem like a nice and cool person.

  9. Twisted Cyclone

    What are your names in real life?

    Madison, or Maddie for short. I really don't care which one is used.
  10. Twisted Cyclone

    How do you all relax in your alone time.

    I just go on YouTube and other sites, play video games or listen to music.
  11. April 27, 2011 will be a day this weather pony will never forget. I remember how busy I was with tracking the thunderstorms and listening to the up to the minute updates. Hopefully we don't have another day like that in our lifetime.

    1. Snow le Canard

      Snow le Canard

      I'm ready for more storms. SKYWARN rep!

    2. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      Well, spring is almost here in about a month or so.

  12. Classic 80s music! <3


  13. It's a rather depressing day for me today...

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Everything ok? If you need to talk about it, I'm here. 

    2. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      I'm just kind of down because a lot of my friends are with their special someponies today and I'm not because..... yeah. 

  14. Hooray for being forever alone on this day.... *sighs*

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      *huggles back*

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      You're not alone, you have us! That counts for something, right? :kindness: