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  1. Good morning everypony! I hope y'all have an awesome Wednesday! :)

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. DashYoshi


      Good morning, Twisted Cyclone, have an awesome Wednesday yourself! :raritysillyhat:

  2. I keep my wallet in my back right pocket. As for my phone and other stuff, I switch them between my front left and right pocket
  3. So net neutrality will be gone in less than 48 hours.... Great. :/


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    2. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      I don't tend to get involved with politics but this Net Neutrality thing is serious to me. 

      Typically, I stay out of politics entirely. 

    3. Fennekin


      @Kyoshi and @Twisted Cyclone

      Unfortunately for us, politics is like a video game. People will only learn when they screw up.

      However, ive been given two different narriatives, and i am badly suffering from "both sides have a point"

      So, like ive been saying, this is a wait and see issue. 

    4. Liquid
  4. It is a COLD 45°F where I live right now.
  5. Good morning everypony! I hope y'all have an awesome Tuesday. :D

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. DashYoshi


      Good morning, Twisted Cyclone, I hope y'all have an awesome Tuesday yourself, too! :D

  6. It's time for me to get to sleep. Goodnight everypony!

    1. Valencia


      Night twisty :P sleep well! 

    2. DashYoshi


      Goodnight there, Twisted Cyclone, sleep well and sweet dreams. :raritysillyhat:

    3. Mint Chaser
  7. Science

    My house has been in 3 close calls where a tornado hit within a mile or two away. My dad on the other hand was directly hit by an F4 tornado back on April 3, 1974 (the same day where 148 tornadoes touched down in 13 states in the US). The scariest part was that he was in a car when it happened.
  8. Good morning everypony! Happy Monday to y'all! :)

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    2. Deae Rising Shine~
    3. SolarFlare13


      I'm alright :lol: I'm feeling A LOT better than I did a couple of days ago :catface:

      Although, it's been quite hot :rarity:

    4. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Happy Monday Twisty! 

  9. *Gives A Cyclonic boop back*
  10. Me whenever someone messes up a heist on GTA V....


    1. A.V.


      Me whenever someone does anything in GTA V:



  11. Gaming

    I know this is an old thread but it's the most fitting thread to show off my past and present GTA Online rides.
  12. It is freezing cold so I'm just gonna lie in bed and snuggle with my Rainbow Dash plushie. Anyways good morning everypony!

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    2. Kyoshi


      I might do the same thing in a bit, but it will instead be the Xbox One 4. :3

    3. Twisted Cyclone
    4. Deae Rising Shine~
  13. Spoiler

    This is quite an interesting question. I dunno. I'm guessing that her tail would be soft.
  14. Mega Thread

    Known for a human avatar Known for a human avatar Known for a human avatar
  15. Probably not. Sorry.