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  1. Hey guys long time no post... Here's my arrangement of the talented StealingShad3Z's acoustic rock piece "Here For You"
  2. I know, I know. I was being really sarcastic in my response. I would never use such a convoluted Guitar set-up, tell Vaceslav that he can't sing, or cut all the highs on my drums lol. I'll try and put a disclaimer when I'm joking next time.
  3. Thanks for checking it out. I'll try not to sound too defensive in responding, 1) Nope, I really don't think that adding any of those effects will benefit the guitar track (less is more). If anything my distortion is too wet. Hmm.. maybe a couple of noise gates with some phaser and flanger, a compressor or 2, and some automated wah. 2) Yep, I'll let Vaceslav know that he needs to upgrade his mic 3) I'll take unclear chord progressions as a compliment meaning that I'm being progressive and non-cliche . 4) Sure, I'll keep that in mind I'll make sure to low-pass them next time, maybe add about +12db in the 0-800 Hz range.
  4. Here's our track from the new P@D album Starlit Flames: be sure to check out the other talented artists on this album!
  5. My bad on the genre... I should've called it post-hardcore or metalcore. I gotta agree that I tend to take the less-is-more stance on guitar effects Mesa Triple Rec->Tube Screamer->Lexicon Ambience reverb->Dimension Expander Vst with some delay for leads. As far as the lyrical content goes: it's a song about someone close to you slowly dying from a terminal illness and the helpless feeling you get seeing that person at their weakest. Thanks for checking it out.
  6. Here's the collab Stallionslaughter and I cooked up!
  7. Unless you're doing clean guitar, clean guitar (for whatever reason) sounds fine when you fake it with delay
  8. Based on the picture he posted it looks like Shadez just copy-pasted the same guitar take onto the three separate tracks resulting in one very mono guitar. Shadez you actually have to do three separate (I usually just do 2, hard left and hard right) guitar takes (unless you wanna go the lazy route and add a 15-20 ms delay onto one of the other tracks). Your tone is really, really mushy too; try using an EQ similar to this to cut out all that rumbling st0ff on your guitar track bro
  9. How long have you been uploading music on youtube? Popularity isn't something that happens overnight. I recommend having your friends share your music with others and occasionally submitting your works to Equestria Daily. Also, try and be as outgoing as possible in the music community; Make connections and work as a team with other artists who are also starting out. Subscribers also tend to like volume when you're starting out (I.E. releasing new stuff fairly often). -idkQuicksilver (instrumentals for Luna Ticks)
  10. Hey guys! Been a while, schools out and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Have some ska!
  11. Here's our new track featured on the Ponies at Dawn Celestial Planes album! Be sure to subscribe to me and VaceslaV on youtube to keep up with out latest releases
  12. Firstly thank you, I appreciate the feedback . I can assure you that there are definitely some chord progressions there, as far as the arrangement being all over the place: that's kinda how the genre or djent/melodic hardcore tends to go >.< haha.