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  1. I get along with guys a lot better than I do with my fellow females, so I certainly hope they can just be friends.
  2. I like reheated foods cuz they get softer. But french fries just get all dry, so they don't really do well when reheated. :s
  3. Definitely laughter. Helping people have fun and be happy is my goal in life. X3
  4. Depends... if there's a farmer's market, I like to go see what kind of unique things they have. But if I find one of those huge, awesome malls (especially if there's a Rainforest Cafe inside!), I'll probably wanna check that out too. I don't go to either very often though, to be honest.
  5. I need to find a way to be able to go to an Mlp convention. o3o

  6. Yikes. sorry about your tv. Last thing I broke of my own was a little felt bag designed to look like a poptart. The handle came off, but I didn't really need it anyway. ^_^'
  7. Ooh... I like this theory. I kinda have a similar one, but I didn't think about how going back in time could potentially change other universes. I just figured time was relative between universes, and one universe could exist in 2015, while it could be 1993 in another universe, 2701 in another, 1312 in another and so on...
  8. Even though I do love pizza (and I'm a major TMNT fan), I've gotta go with burgers. I've never had a burger that was too greasy, but I've had overly greasy pizza. And I love hamburger, so.. yep. XP
  9. I think I'd like to start out as a heel, and then eventually become a face. I like the whole anti-hero thing. XP
  10. Those leggings are awesome, and they look great on you, so you go for it! Anyone should be able to wear anything they want. XD Go ahead and rock it!
  11. I did! XD I got Pinkie's cutie mark on my right leg, and I love it. I hope to get a matching one on the other leg when I have enough money.
  12. Got my very first tattoo today. XD

  13. An earwax-flavored Bertie Botts Every-Flavored Jelly Bean. Gross. :s
  14. Here's one from my sister that my family repeats a lot: "Three people can't elope... cantaloupe!" (you know, cuz it sounds the same..)
  15. Of course men can cry! Everyone should have the right to express and acknowledge their own emotions. It's a fundamental part of who we are.