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  1. Banned cause you just broke the fourth wall
  2. the leg prison (aka pants) robots or zombies
  3. I want to hold her and squeeze her and tickle her cause she is so adorable and cute O3O
  4. three cause im a rebel. should i wear my black leather jacket today or my cosplay nemesis trench coat
  5. *wakes up* " god i forgot to feed the cat last night. ughhhh.
  6. Whats a "reputation"? What does it mean? Did i break it?
  7. i have a princess twilight sparkle body pillow that i snuggle up to every night, so yes, if that counts why don't they sell more purple skinned potatoes
  8. Hello there, welcome to the forums, I just know your gonna have an epic time here
  9. give that pony a sandwich, ponies love sandwichs

    1. TheLegoBrony


      oh oh oh oh me me me me me *licks your nose*

  10. Feeling better now. surgery went fine and the wound is healing nicely, though i still wont be on full time until it heals comletely.

  11. give me chicken lo mein or nagato sushi or shepards pie or a gyro. those are all delicious so eat them.