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  1. Anyone want to chat with me? ^^ I an talk about life,games,drawing practically just about anything! D:

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    2. ShadOBabe


      Yeah I would love a pet bird, but most are way too shrieky.

      Yeah pretty much! It’s like watching someone react to MLP, but instead they’re reacting to a video game.

      I haven’t drawn in a while. Haven’t had a lot of inspiration. But I’m try to make something for the Forum’s art contest.

    3. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      Like a huge macaw or even a peacock?:mlp_icwudt:especially Peacocks since they are super loud! xD

      Yeah,I'm not a fan watching gameplays ^^; I kinda find them a bit boring o-o sorry! D:I watch a few out of curiosity that's all o-o There's a contest going on? >~>

    4. ShadOBabe


      It’s okay! It’s not for everyone! I just end up having to enjoy most of my favorite fandoms alone, so I like to watch reactions and playthroughs because I really love to see someone else excited about the things I like.

      And yup! Here you go:


  2. Does anyone here played that game to? I'm just curious that's all,cause I just think the game is fun to play with even tho it have a'lot of sad moments,great story for me and also I really love the soundtracks in itSanta Monica Dream makes me sad >.> And it somehow makes me rethinks my life that other games never made me o-o
  3. WW3 >~> cause instead of sending troops to invade,they will just be sending nukes at each other instead! Dx
  4. Thinking about why am I still living with my parents and also why didn't I start making youtube videos sooner than last year ._. like when youtube just started while I was just playing games and wasting my life until now ._.
  5. Anyone who wanted to chat in here? >~>
  6. Looks like Lyra like to bounce around in here beetle while Bon Bon is like *&%$%&@ xD
  7. So what do you think about it??? OwO is my drawing been improving?? o-o Is a old drawing I know x-x
  8. I prefer alone but my parents make me to eat with them! Dx I don't even like it since I don't get along with them like at all
  9. I never been to other forums,other then the bungie one which I haven't gone there ever since I quit playing halo reach o-o
  10. I stay up until 4 in the morning o-o cause I was playing that 1 online game which doesn't exit anymore ._.
  11. I hate hot! Dx cause it makes my body sweat and I can't even sleep at night! Dx I prefer cold weathers,like blizzard cold! OwO you can call me the Ice Queen if you want! xD I even take cold showers to (yea I'm weird) ._.
  12. Seeing boys in pain is bit funny >.> sorry!!! D:
  13. I have no one to talk to about drawings,paranormal stuff and some mobilegames I'm playing ._.