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  1. Hey everyone! Welcome to my commission shop! I just thought that it would be fun doing it that's all so why notanyway Here's a list of stuff I draw and prices for each of them If you are interested on commission me,just pm me so we can get started Link to payment: Chibi Car or Any Vehicle Drawings: $5.00 A Full body Pony Drawing: $8.00 Bouncy Ball Pony Drawing: $6.00
  2. Is a old drawing of a flower that I made up
  3. I think is bad cause ww1 is over a long time ago!hope that they remove that silly time schedule soon!
  4. Happy sunshines and rainbows where everybody and everything is happy for eternity!!
  5. I have noone to talk to,so is just me talking to spirits in my ouija board >_>

    1. Kujamih


      :worry:Sad... Heres a broof for you:)

    2. Bas


      Hm, you OK? Wnat to chitchat?

  6. Used to be in lost interested and too broke to get a new console) None other then this site then nope
  7. My ouija board owo what makes it special is,it is the only one in the world that only talk to friendly spirits ever since the "gods" or whatever you call it makes it safe to use
  8. No fansjust good ol fashion wind that is blowing through my window!
  9. I was trying to finish a drawing of minesbut I been doing it for a week now!
  10. I have a military grade gas mask that I got years ago so I'm good >.>
  11. I like burger king cause of the coupons they have