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Princess Moony

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    Daughter of Celestia
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    Canterlot Castle
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    There is such thing of true friendship,you just need to look harder
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    Drawing,Videogames,Star Wars,and Creepypasta's

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  1. *rides you* where are we going

  2. What do you think the future looks like?

    Something like Star trekif ww3 will ever happen
  3. Food What was the last thing you ate?

    A Kraft Mac n Cheese yep.....
  4. Food Hungry

    French fries like always x3
  5. *boop* :3

    1. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      eep! >w< 

      *boops back* x3

    2. CinnamonPop


      Woah, hey there. No boopbacks.>c<

  6. Would you like to spend a day with Daybreaker :fluttershy: ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WWolf


      Oh ya know, the other version of Celestia :P .

    3. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      ehhehe:lie: Nope?.....:lie:

    4. Snow


      Are you up to date in mlp moony? :/

  7. Would You Like to Tickle a Pony?

    I might look for Pinkie Pie if I wanted to tickle a pony >.> they will be a'lot of laughing going on tho xD
  8. Would you pet Daybreaker?

    Nope! D: She might burn me to a crisp! X-x
  9. A Christmas Drawing ^^;

    I actually this before Christmas!anyway,I crammed everything I can into itand a few easter eggs too
  10. When was the most scared you've ever been?

    Watching Markiplier closed a door in Fnaf game I thought that he was safe until a second later,the freddy fazbear jumpscare blasted out of nowhere x-x How the @%$*!!!!! did that bear get in???? Dx the door was closed!!! @w@
  11. Make up a lie about yourself

    I really hate luna! Dx
  12. Do you still teach colts and fillies :wacko: ?

  13. What is the dumbest way you have ever injured yourself?

    touching a small electric capacitor,that was smoking on a science project of minesIt burned my finger badly
  14. What do feel like eating right now?

    French fries!with melted cheese yep