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  1. potato chipsand alot of it
  2. When I was in Elementary School I forgot what caused it tho
  3. I'm not even sure if they are even chibi's cause is my first time drawing them Here's one from a game called Fire Emblem Heroes: Here's one from a anime show call Konohana Kitan:
  4. I want to go to japan ^^ cities like tokyo,kyoto,osaka, they even have fox village,cat island,deer park,and a town with koi swim in clean sewers >.>
  5. Animes,videogames,youtube,and potatoes I think there' more but I'm not sure tho
  6. I store them in a secret place my room like the people who lived through the great depression Gimmie some? xD
  7. Darn itI thought that you wouldn't spot corsola hiding in that coral