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  1. Jackie Snack

    Anything You DON'T Want to See in Season 9?

    What I don't want to see? -Spike -Post S2 Pinkie Pie Short list.
  2. Jackie Snack

    Where would you like to live?

    Either here: [youtube] [/youtube] Or here:
  3. Jackie Snack

    The user above you is hungry,What will you feed them?

    Just a whole spoonful of this
  4. Jackie Snack

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    Jailed for trying to TOO MUCH of the whiskey. For shame.
  5. Jackie Snack

    Guess a hobby of the user above you!

    Stacking Jenga towers and gluing some of the blocks together
  6. Jackie Snack

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    -Spike is just an all around bad character (oh wait, this is UNpopular opinions, my bad) -show quality started dying start of S3 -once S4 hit, it was a chore to watch -Pinkie became a one dimensional joke around end of S2
  7. Jackie Snack

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    459907 @Dawnchaser Rarely, but I did just finish my second chapter for one of my fics. I finally broke my dreaded 'one chapter' streak
  8. Welcome back, Jackie. ^^

  9. Jackie Snack

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    459871 Sorry, didn't even realize you said 'hi', Dawnchaser. Hiiii lol
  10. Jackie Snack

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  11. Jackie Snack

    Is Spike the real main character and hero of FiM?

    Nah, I don't think so. Don't y'all remember the leak where Spike was originally going to get killed off? It was cancelled at the last minute due to production time and they felt it was easier just to leave him in there.
  12. Rainbow Dash: Wow, Spike, that was totally awesome! Thank Celestia you were here to help us out. Twilight Sparkle: Right? What would we ever do without him?
  13. Jackie Snack

    G5 name changes?

    Twilight Sparkle = Reads-too-much Rainbow Dash = Speedy McNeedy Rarity = Snooty Booty Fluttershy = Scared-of-own-shadow Pinkie Pie = Spokespony for the Center for Diabetes research Applejack = Apple A. McAppleton Spike = Useless
  14. Jackie Snack

    Name an iconic duo

    Salt and pepper.