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  1. @@Yoshikupo, @@Unicorncob Stormy nodded and smiled,"Well I don't see why not but we need to be careful I'm use to going into the Everfree forest cause of different things I or other can't normally find from just everyday exploring." she said and pulled out her map of Equestria,"Ok so here we are in Baltimare....wow Chain must have just came here for something and back tracked or took the train past Pony Ville to make a stop some place else first and had planed the take a path to Everfree to get back to Pony Ville...but either way we can't really be sure so I guess we'll just fly following the train tracks till we see Rambling Rock Ridge then we can cut across to Everfree and see if we can either spot him of meet him there." she said trying to think of the quickest course of action. Equestria Map
  2. My tastes are super weird I eat like a lot of weird stuff like things that you'd never think would taste good together like steak and mint ice cream! or one of my new favorites fish cake (the little pink and white slices of fish you get in ramen) on Habanero chips so yummy!
  3. I'm gonna go see a digitally remastered version of The Last Unicorn this weekend I hope I can get Peter S. Beagle to sign my book!

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      I have it too X3 but my Bf has never seen it so I want to take him and as far as I know it's a traveling event and it's gonna be playing in multiple place but the weekend in AZ it's playing for like one showing in like 3-4 different theaters and I'm going to the one in Surprise.

    3. The Professor...8D

      The Professor...8D


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      I hope so.

  4. @@Yoshikupo, @@Unicorncob Stormy smiled and bowed too the two standing before her,"Stormy Clouds in case you didn't hear." she said smiling,"And it's nice to meet both of you and I hope you like the book Dusk." she said before looking to Banner and frowning a bit and took the bag of food from her and placing it in her own bag,"I will take Chain the food for you if he's not use to going through the Everfree forest or this is his first time he's more likely to get into trouble than to not...I should know." she said and nudged at her half missing ear before hopping into the air and hovering there,"I'll send word once I've gotten Chain safely out of the forest so don't worry ok." she said smiling as she started to fly off.
  5. Stormy thought for a moment,"Hmmm may I suggest you read a book called Meek Magi it's a book of unusual spells and other works of magic found by a group of ponies who traveled all over documenting what strange and unusual magic they could find it's rather good I even got to meet one of the writes once it was kind of cool." she said smiling as she thought.
  6. @@Unicorncob, @@Yoshikupo Stormy smiled a bit,"Oh yeah...he was nice..and well I'm glad he helped you he did seem very nice when we met even if I kinda did duck out on him still feel a bit bad about that...and yes it's a good read I would suggest if you're having some trouble with your magic to read Elwick's guide to basics it like like a kids book but it's not it's actually a very good read and will help you out a lot cause some of the spell books such as the one you have read like VCR instructions and Elwick actually went the extra step to break things down in a way anyone can understand them really I'm sure if you read that you could be doing higher level magic in no time." she said trying to offer what advice she had and felt a bit bad since the Stallion she met just seemed to be standing there,"Have you ever read anything on magic?" she asked curiously.
  7. MY SOUL! Part of it just died....
  8. Thanks @[member=Unicorncob] And OMG! Just Died a bit inside Leonard Nimoy died today
  9. @@Yoshikupo @@Unicorncob Stormy just shurgged,"You can say it I've got a thick skin I'm not gonna be wounded by the fact I don't have anything really special about me it sucks but I stopped letting it hurt me a while back." she said as she looked at his flack and covered her's up more with her wings before looking rather surprised by the mare that came up from the nic nak stand,"A friends of mine....did this friend have a name?" she asked curiously.
  10. I has Returned!

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      Welcome back! =3 How have you been? :)

      *hugs* ^^

  11. Sooooo hey guys! I think I finally got everything worked out now got rid of the Malware (hopefully for good) also some of this has also been internet issuses which I've been working out as well so hopefully no more of those but I'm just glad to be back and will be posting soon! Thanks so much for your time guys!
  12. Gah!!!! I'm having such a hard time finding work!

    1. The Professor...8D

      The Professor...8D

      Get a Job!............oh wait your trying to.............GOOD LUCK!

    2. The Professor...8D

      The Professor...8D

      GET a JO....................Oh wait you're trying to...............GOOD LUCK!

  13. "Correct!" she said simply,"Because Ponies have already come up with different methods of travel to get up to the different cities in the sky by hot air ballon of even using gliders off of montain side so even if I lost the use of my wings I would still be able to be in the air I know it's not as affisiant but I'm sure some day there will be no real lines to separate our kinds from doing what others can do with the difernt way they work to come together." she said thinking.
  14. Stormy was having a bit of fun with this now but her blank expression didn't lead on to it,"Yes I'm quiet sure I'm far from any kind of princess material. Also says who? Why does my lacking of a horn have to keep me from accomplishing the same feats as any Unicorn? I do not have to have the strength of an earth pony to know that I can still buck a tree to make the fruit fall down too me so why should magic be any different there is magic in everything we touch it's simply how you learn to use it that changes things for you." she said wondering what he's take from that.
  15. Stormy rolled her eyes a bit,"You pick up traits you didn't think you had after being alone for so long....and yes I know that’s what most ponies question me about, but to be honest what I can do shouldn't have anything to do with the lack there of. Not having one doesn't stop me from being good at stuff taking the time to learn how to down things properly is what makes me good at them. Really if you think about it most Ponies are good at a lot of things it's just there Mark seems to be based on what they are the best at....also what can be said about those who excel at more than one thing what makes them choose that that's what they want to do for the rest of their lives that that's their destiny...but isn't that point of us having destinies is that we’re not supposed to know what they are and that part of life is just getting the clues to live them out." she said and gave the older Mare working the stand a few bits and took the old beat up pendant along with a few other obscure objects. After she was done she looked to the Stallion next to her,"Hope you got what you wanted...but I got more work to do so good day." she said putting her things in her bag as she started to walk away.
  16. Crawfish eating contest at the Westgate tomorrow I'm so down!

  17. While the Pegasus was looking things over Stormy walked up right next to him seeing what he was looking at,"So do you have Nack for just being every where I am or do you just like following me or something....and before you ask I probably wouldn't have noticed you as much if you weren't trying to hide behind the same actical every time." she said and pointed out the news paper her was carrying around,"I saw you reading that back at the Cafe when I was looking around at everyone...Sorry I had a couple of Unicorns Following me around the last time I went to a town it was weird...so if you please have a good reason or just be a passer by." she said as she kept looking at the different Nic Nacks.
  18. Stormy sat on a bench thinking about different things, she had a lot of bread but would need something else to eat with it cause she didn't want to get all plump again cause bread was easy to store and travel with she knew she'd have to go get some other food as well but it did save her some money since she got it for helpping out so not she'd just need to get some things to have with it and then she should be fine and guessed she could have a bit more fun around the market for now. As she left the park she went to a stand that seemed to be selling all kinds of different nik nacks and old antiques taking particular interest in a rather old beat up looking necklace she found and was looking over it carfully trying to decided if she should get it out not.
  19. After the line calmed down Stormy left from behind the counter and spoke with the two Ponies for a moment before coming over and wiping there chalk board sign clean of all the writing and specials to put down a new message that read,'Our Translator is out sick today please only ask for the kind of bread you want and how many! We're sorry for the inconvenience!' she wrote and put the board where the line would start as open of the opens not sat at the counter and the other gave Stormy a large bag of bread and baked sweet which she happily thanked them for as she tucked it into her saddle bag. After leaving the Bakery Stormy continued to make her way through the different stands and stales seeming to be looking for something in particular but wasn't sure where to go so she decided to take a small break at the little park that was near the park so she could collect her thoughts and figure out what else shy would need to get by.
  20. Honestly I think Blueblood is big fat liar and is indeed not related to the sisters at all since Luna had been trap on the moon for the last 1000 years or something like that and even if she did fall in love and have a kid in the span between the time she was freed and the time of the Gala he'd just be a baby honestly like I've heard from other theorists. That blue blood is actually probably just a kid of an upper crust family who spread those rumors to make himself seem more high and mighty and well I guess popular with the ladies but at least that's what I think.
  21. Stormy was glad when she made it to the market and just walked along the different stales trying to find the things she wanted. her first stop was at a book vender guessing now was as good a time as any to pick up the book she needed but she seemed rather particular to what she was getting and turned down most of what he was trying to offer her until she found a old hard cover with blank pages it seemed kind of ragged and he couldn't understand why she wanted it but sold it to her any ways. Her next stop she made was too a bread shop where the two bakers seemed to be getting into an agument about something rather than taking care of the customers it didn't help that they seemed to be yelling in a foreign laungage the customers weren't up to figuring out what they were say to help things along so Stormy walked up and snapped at the two for a moment in the foreign tongue making them stop there fighting and spoke with them for a moment before just sitting at the counter for them and simply saying,"Next~" she called out to the line.
  22. Stormy quitely enjoyed her lunch until she was done and let a good tip for the waitress when she paid before getting up and heading out the door and back off into the city she need to go and get some supplies she needed inorder for her to travel any further. As she headed to wards a rather rushed looking young colt carrying lots of papers and things ran right into her droping and scatering all his papers and books all over making him panic more and even started to cry. Stormy simply just patted his head as it seemed that she was speaking with him and pulled her book out pulled and old beat up book mark out of one of the pages putting the book back in her bag she she swipped the book mark over the papers and and tossed about booked and they all gathered back up into organized piles that she helpped him get back in his bag before she put her book mark away and went along her way the greatfull colt happily running along. Now that she was back on track away to the market place she went she hoped she wouldn't have any more little mishaps today but really it was little things like this that kept her day going and always gave her something to write about it she always found that even the little things gave her joy when she wrote.
  23. Isn't that always the case and man I was like I got nothing! Magic pen! ok I'll go with that!
  24. Man this was my brain the whole time I was try to write I was having a very hard time thinking XD