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  1. Thanks for the critique! I hindsight, I do hear some opportunities where I could have broken the alberti base pattern. I think part of me imagined the piano part as an unchanging music box, with the other parts decorating it.
  2. Thank you!! You can check out my YouTube Channel or my Bandcamp Page. I try to write something new every week!
  3. I felt I needed to write something that apologized for the atonal craziness, that I uploaded to my YouTube channel, last week. Download from my Bandcamp Page!
  4. Maybe when I find myself doing another electronic piece, I'll seek out your help.
  5. Since electronic music isn't exactly my forte (music pun), I pretty much just left the controls for the sawtooth in their preset values. Next time I do something like this, I'll try playing around with it a bit more.
  6. Thanks! Not sure what you're hearing in the sawtooth voice or percussion, but I do have reservations, in retrospect, with the sub bass (especially at 2:57).
  7. Really cool and intense! Definitely heard the "Oh Fortuna" influence. You've got to find someone to sing this because I'm now very curious as to how the lyrics fit in! I would challenge you to spit that piano part into more orchestration. There are some great opportunities for string runs, as well more brass.
  8. I wrote this music for the latest episode of "Pinkie Tales". Pretty simple and straight forward, though I had fun writing the fashion show music.
  9. I thought the mix was okay, but do bring up some good points. Normally, I would go all out with other instruments. However, this was a commission and the guy couldn't afford anything past piano and vocals, but I was nice and added the bass and drums. It would have sounded really empty otherwise.
  10. I'm already back with more MLP music! This time, I'm spreading some Christmas cheer in July...
  11. Thanks for the thorough review! I'll definitely keep those points in mind, when I start on my next piece.
  12. If you end up making anything with it, I'd love to hear it!