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    I love art,Zelda series, art crafts,and to live stream my work
    witch can be found here https://t.co/Vpc0t2y3hL I stream usually on Friday and Saturdays. I always post on twitter when I go live.

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  1. hey all sorry for not being active on here I been on but been a hermit due to a lot happen in my life I moved out from my old place to a new one for a few years got a job at nights at the same time. dated my roommate who I now have a son with sadly passed away before he found out what we were having. Moved back into my family place to help raise my now soon to be 9-month-old son also got a new job at a daycare so I am home when he is when he gets older. so to still pay bills and make extra on the side I updated my store on here to help.

  2. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    have you though of your commission yet?
  3. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    of couse i can just do that just go to my shop and i can work on it for u.
  4. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    well for detail background cyou could do the extra charge of background witch is 20 but that's up to u .
  5. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    sure thing dark just send me the info that you did and the info you want me to do for you .
  6. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    I got the conferm that I was added
  7. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    I got confirm that it did.
  8. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    Sorry I drop my phone that's my only way of Internet. I am asking the admins to add a extra charges for more OCS and detail backgrounds . so if that gose there u can buy normally.
  9. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    sorry for not replying I been moving so been off line for a bit. it would be a three doller extra for another oc. If the new change to the shop is put in my the admins.
  10. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    ok working on sketch of it now on stream just pm the image of your screenshot and i will send u the sketch for ur ok
  11. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    I will start I when I get home and please PM me it so then I can send u a ruff sketch of ur painting. Thank you for buying from me.
  12. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    1. I don't have additional price for an additional character or background witch i should if the amount of characters are more then two and if detail for background is big,but for now i don't have additional price. 2. i just need proof that you bought art from me. the forum would send you a message saying you bought art from me. i just need a screen shot of it and sent it to me in pm so i know that you bought it.
  13. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    thank you any pose you want ?
  14. 11newells

    Little commission shop

    12.00 for now idk if i should charge extra for extra ponies
  15. 11newells

    Little commission shop