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    Even if someone is better than you, it'll make you work harder.
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  1. Anyone here going to pax east 2018???

  2. Does anyone know why @Sione disabled messages? I'm confused

    1. rainbowtrashmammal


      she got banished and her xbox accounts got hacked so i have no way to talk to her if u know any way that i can contact her plz message me


  3. I dont really understand why people ask if anyone wants to be in a relationship over snapchat like... bruh... anyway back to weebing

  4. I finally finished Assassination Classroom Season 1, and it was awesome! Definitely going to watch Season 2. 

  5. Mega Thread

    Hmmmmm you If you had $1,000,000 how would you use it?
  6. Just a message before I go to bed. 

    @Sione is my Umbreon I caught her first. Have a great night everyone :)

    1. Sione


      Aww, you too, goodnight!!!

  7. It's ok I had a glow up after high school, now everyone thinks i'm attractive
  8. I'd love to learn Portuguese since it would make sense with my ethnicity being brazilian
  9. General

    Furries are not bad. Its the same thing with people hating gay people. It's fine as long as you don't shove it in my face is all.
  10. A shot of tequila because I'm a stupid college kid
  11. Mega Thread

    Fantastic because @Sione is online
  12. What can I say I love deadman wonderland
  13. High School kinda sucked for me because I got bullied for being too short
  14. I can't have anything go my way.

    1. Sione



    2. Divide


      Yeah really....

  15. I have absolutely NO clue how I have 377 followers.... if only all of you could follow me on instagram instead xd

    1. Hierok


      Maybe many people like you. ;) Works for me.