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  1. I was going to get my friend to do it. They aren't a hairdresser or anything, but they went to cosmetology school and have done it before. If it takes that many times to bleach it properly, then I really hope my friend knows what they're doing.
  2. Honestly, I want to do that, but around me, even if it's not a full on dye, it costs ~$60 for a dye. It's probably because they get the expensive stuff probably, so it makes sense I guess. Although if I can't get that extra cash, the original plan was for my sister to do it. I think she knows what she's doing, but yea, I don't really want to take that risk.
  3. Hello. So I made this post because I want to dye my hair, but have no idea what I'm doing. So first off, I'm a guy, and my hair is kinda decently long, and I was going to get it cut only a couple inches and dye it in some way. The way I want to do it is kinda like how Boyinaband has it, but not necessarily with the color. Weird picture of him down there. v So kinda like that, but the difference is that my hair is parted on my left and not so near the middle as his is, and mine is really dark brown instead of black. I was originally thinking having it like that though, but just a bleach streak until I decide if I like it enough to add color at some point idk. I want the advice of someone who knows what they're doing and saying about this because I have no idea. Sorry to have to make you visualize this, but would that kind of bleach streak look good on ~1.5ft dark brown hair? I think it would and some people don't think so, so I'm conflicted. I've tried looking for pictures to show them what I mean, but I can't find literally any person with the kind of dye streak boyinaband has. So, if you know of any way to find pictures of it or anything, I'd ask you could plz send those too. Sorry, I really have no idea what I'm doing or even looking for here =P Thanks for the help
  4. I love Zootopia. I like almost every singly Disney movie (some where huge flukes *cough* Frozen *cough*) ​and Zootopia was so well made in all aspects. ​My favorite character is probably Nick, but there's a lot more characters that were really cool. Nick is the first because of the humor with him and how you can see how he changes throughout the movie. ​My favorite scene has to be when they did the act with Nick being night howlered because that was one thing I wasn't expecting them to do then. ​I think we'll get a Zootopia 2. But it might be years away from now and might be focused on different characters other than Judy and Nick, but I doubt that myself. ​I think FiM is similar to Zootopia in a couple regards, like with the overall meaning at the ends, etc. Zootopia is only a movie, and FiM has much more to go off of as it has more showtime for backstory and stuff. But, with the time that it has, there's a lot of detailed backstory and detail for the main characters and Zootopia as a whole, which is impressive in and of itself. In recent FiM, I think they could have more big conflict, rather than a lot of "Go here. Solve a friendship problem." Even with that, I love FiM, but that's going to get old, even with a few different kind of episodes sprinked inbetween. ​But either way, they're both really good and I enjoy both of them.
  5. I know I very recently just said I was gonna be more active, but my internet is being a brick in a bathtub again. So I made a personal Twitter for myself that I urge you to follow. It'll be much appreciated! ( www.twitter.com/rivuletmlp ) Thanks! <3 <3

    1. Rivulet


      btdubs, I will be back on here and as active as possible as soon as my internet gets sorted out. So I'll be active on here and on Twitter. <3

  6. I don't sleep one way. I'll go to bed a random way, and like 2 dozen times during the night will move. Like sometime's I'll get out of bed, take everything and move it to the other side, and get back in without remembering a thing. Though somehow, I fall asleep and wake up clutching the same throw pillow.
  7. Me: I want to start getting back to social media and stuff. My internet: lol what u say fam? 'cause i aint bout that. [i hope it stays working this time -_-]

  8. I've taken so many hiatuses from a lot of social media lately. But I hope this is the time I come back at least for a little while. I want to have a place to post some poems and things, so I made a DevArt. When I have it set up, I'll link it. (I feel like I'm talking to myself rn XD. If you comment, then you rock <3)

  9. I've been trying to draw recently. Nice to know that skill set hasn't evolved since 1st grade. One day soon I will draw a half-decent picture of my OC and it will be the fabulous.

    1. Rivulet


      "the fabulous." Not what I meant to type, but let's roll with it. <3

    2. The Diver

      The Diver

      Lol I can't even draw. Everyone is better at arting than me. :P

    3. Snow


      im striving to do the same thing ^-^ to speed things up im just gonna use pencil and paper and try to get it done digitally by a pro for free :P it might take a while for me to get the skill let alone the equipment

      but one day i hope to be really good at drawing ponies digitally :D

  10. True. I just hope it's not Glenn, Daryl, or Carl, and I'm 99.9% sure it won't be Rick. Now that I think about it, the last shot was looking up at him at an angle, so it is probably someone kneeling down. But other than that, yeah there isn't much given to investigate it or look for clues to anything. I can't wait for the episode to come out.
  11. Yeah, more than likely, they will switch it up and do something nobody'd expect. I'd bet some money saying that he doesn't even kill anybody kneeling. It'd be a bit anticlimactic if he like killed one of his own men to try to scare them or something. I tried to do some detective work. I made a diagram of where everybody is in line in order to see his positioning in front of the RV to guess who it might be (ie If the RV was in the right of the frame, it was someone from Negan's right side and vice versa), but you can't even see the RV in frame at the last shot. I also tried to count his eenie meenie minie moe thing with the people, but nothing came of that. They legit have me so intrigued on who was actually killed. It's a really well-made episode imo.
  12. So recently, having a random spurse of free time, I finished watching season 6 of The Walking Dead on Netflix. Those who are also all caught up until the 23rd, I want to know what you thought on it. Most importantly, who do you think Negan killed? Personally, the season overall, it's great. I hated when they stayed in one place for a while at the prison, because it seemed a little boring and stale 80% of the time for me. But staying in Alexandria just let's so much more go on it seems. Something my sister and I argued on was if Negan just beat somebody half to death, or if he did hit them until they were completely dead. I think he did beat them to death, personally. But what my friends who watch the show, me, and my sister argue about is who he killed. I don't think it was Carl based on the one "Feed his other eye to his dad" line, because the basically tried to pull that earlier with if Glenn died. I think it was Glenn though. Evidence being, when the victim gets hit, you can hear a girl scream, and my best guess would be it was Maggie. Also, in the comic series, Negan does pick Glenn as his random victim, and with Maggie having a baby, it would make the plotline for her interesting dealing with all of these problems she has. But, I wouldn't put it past them from doing something different from the comic to keep it interesting and unpredictable. What do you think about all of it, and who do you think Negan killed?
  13. Actually having a night with nothing I HAVE to do, and having friends come over is nice. I love just going places at night for no reason at all. Too bad this rarely ever happens, but it's nice to have right now. I'm honestly just overly-happy rn and it's kinda freaking me out XD