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  1. I actually know nothing about the DnD pixies, going to look them up ;^^
  2. Thank you, they can be multiple different colors.
  3. Hell I Have been working on a species and would like some ideas and critiques on it before I add more to them. http://gemfae.deviantart.com/ You guys are so great at giving critiques I decided this would be a good place to get some good feedback! Thank you for your time.
  4. I just watched the end of 6 and I am so HYPE I honestly want Starlight to become a princess now??? unpopular opinion probly...
  5. Thank you, it has been noted U u U Oskar was actually my first animal inspired pony. They are colored after a type of fish (which i swear i wouldn't remember my own name if i didn't hear it all the time)... Was thinking of making it like a different original species, but don't have enough story in mind for it personally other than i like the colors. I like that for BlueJay I'll draw something to make it more obvious to see how i feel about it and have the wings and face be paint/dye For Oskar it could be like a vest or shirt of some sort or even a cloak. I know what you mean about red and black... tho I feel since i'm not really running in the edgey type direction it could be ok? hmm I'll play around with the clothing idea thank you!
  6. I agree with the above comment. A choker would make her definitely look cuter than she already is.
  7. I have two OCs and I love them and plan to RP with them, but am worried they won't be accepted I could and plan on adding cutie marks to their flanks. But as far as appearances go, would these be ok? For their bios http://cuddlyspider.deviantart.com/art/neighton-Oskar-658168185 http://cuddlyspider.deviantart.com/art/neighton-BlueJay-658166161
  8. This all depends what you are defining an opinion as... Let's keep in mind that Beliefs and Prejudices are NOT opinions Opinions are personal view or judgement about something. This varies from person to person and does not effect anyone else but you. Example: I do not like bananas, so I do not want them in my smoothie. This does not impact a person who likes them, it only impacts you since you are the one receiving a smoothie without bananas. Beliefs are based off an individual's culture, faith, and values Example: It is your belief that Gods are real. This also can/should only impact you. If your neighbor does not belief in Gods, it does not effect you, nor should your belief in Gods affect them. AKA, not one belief is more correct than another, similar to opinions. They are both personal. Prejudice is based on insufficient or unexamined evidence. A prejudice is testable, unlike beliefs or even opinions. They can come from culture or environment around the individuals. When the media, family, or culture influence a prejudice, the masses tend to take it without question or regard for detailed evidence. These target a specific person or a group of people. Example: Women are terrible drivers. This is obviously testable, but unfortunately since this culture is biased towards this prejudice, the evidence and statistics are insufficient. Statistics are not something to be taken seriously, they are not the end of your research to find evidence. Who created the statistic, where did they get their data, who/where did they survey/test? Asking questions is good, always ask questions. In short, I'm assuming by opinions of opinions you mean something like "People who like Pop music are obnoxious" That is not only a vague and variable statement, but is is also a prejudice. It targets everyone who likes pop music, and labels them as 'obnoxious' Which of course, liking a genre alone does not define you as an individual. EDIT: What is your understanding regarding those words?
  9. hmmm I really love my raccoon skull! Still debating what to make with it But also love this cracked deer antler and a little bird skull I painted Can see awful phone camera pictures of it here Sorry just super proud of my collection (still have the rest of the racoon and a squirrel buried in the back yard... almost forgot to check on them EDIT: btw I loooveee your icon! Raven is amazing
  10. stahp it I agree tho, the core messages of the canon show are wonderful! And so are some of the fan comics I keep up with more reasons, hmmm how about willing to accept me despite my different beliefs and views respectful when I request certain content to be hidden under a spoiler Understanding when something has upset/hurt me Not feeling like I am invisible or ignored, ever (for here at least) How the value of friendship is understood so everyone is willing to be friendly and respectful to anyone
  11. -nods- only an issue when you go knocking on someone obviously not into your thing like "have you heard the good news" ... it's like please stay in your own space
  12. oh i know! I can understand their aggression, since it is stressful to always be pushed down There are plenty that are more friendly and post educational...posts tho they do have their moments like any human where things get to be too much for them and they have a bad day so the vent Personally as a white woman I did not understand racism and denied it's existence for a long time and got frustrated on tumblr when my gf posted an angry post about white people (she is black) After I got me fumes out, we discussed it Turns out people daily threaten and yell the N word at her, and throw glass bottles and other painful items at her So that day she just hit her limit and vented From that day one I put time into researching the matter and she helped me find calm educational blogs To be honest, I became super angry when I started noticing these things in everyday life when I was newly exposed to it But that's not what this forum is about, so if you want me to find some nice blogs I'll be more than happy to They do get irritated being asked the same questions over and over again, so put them in faqs And don't get me wrong! I am all for expressing your interests! make all the smut/gore you want! just be courteous and respectful of others by doing what you can to ensure it is properly labeled and hidden so only people who want to see it, see it, and not people who don't That is the only issue I have with some of it
  13. :c omg I got teary eyed from reading that! Honestly I told my little bro to turn off comments if anyone starts talking shit on his videos because of jerks like that! They are like a disease that plagues our lives :v gross But yeah I feel Tumblr is like any other site from reading these replies Gross rude side, and the decent human beings side just gotta know where to go and how to navigate to avoid em On Facebook I had friends who posted nasty "get back to the kitchen/ go back to africa" like jokes... I decided one day to just unfriend them instead of avoiding facebook By newsfeed looks so much nicer now!
  14. Laughs so hard I spat on my screen I can't breatthhhh but yeh typically the going thing now apparently idk, I don't follow those, just hear about em
  15. bones/dead things for their bones.... I'm serious >.>
  16. bad attitudes are kinda everywhere tho sadly :/ But is good to practice pretending they don't exist and ignore them (idk why but not acknowledging someone for their poor behavior more of than not tends to be more effective they trying to talk back)
  17. oh oh oh probably would definitely be a spiderkin <3 I have always connected with them in and spiritual way and understanding way mostly for the "we are both denied by society" (for me being mogi mostly) pluss still find it cute how spiders visit me when sitting outside EDIT: hope i'm not making this sound like a joke really have strongly felt spiders are my spirit animal for a while
  18. possibly Taking advantage of someone for pleasure is harmful and still not really accepted as a violent act (might be legally, but not so much socially) So jokes about it is terrifying... I mean people legit get hurt physically/emotionally for life from it, so to put the into a cute little kids show is horrible. Should be setting an example to kid to not do these things instead of treating it like it's a normal, whatever thing to joke about... sorry went off... just... really wish legitimately harmful subjects were not joked about like that since it tends to make them look like no big deal (murder is a different story since society already agrees that is a no) I have trouble looking the other way in serious topics like that But I don't blame ya r*** gets treated as a joke/not serious thing unless it is a physical struggle :/ so it becomes more than the act that hurts the victim, it's all the victim blaming and victim jokes
  19. I'm a little confused I understood otherkin as more of a spiritual identity than like a mogi identity (lgbtqa+) Like you spiritually feel/be like a dragon, but you can also be any gender/orientation along with it
  20. that does explain a lot :/ but i don't get pissed just defensive feeling (in this case)
  21. yes we did c: just needed more input since still was feeling uneasy around here when I realize there was no reason to. Just me still being prejudice based off of my bad experiences/witnessings so wanted that last little nudge to help calm me into helping my subconscious see that it's ok here who? me? am I 'that woman' Honestly whenever I went on EQD before all I saw was molestia, murdershy ...and i forget the others...but some idea :/ was brought to my attention that i just have shot luck been leaving eqd open and di notice that I am just unlucky But tumblr i guess is like any other community online, just gotta know where to look/go to see the good stuff (non hostile stuff) tho some do sound harsh during personal bad days, then apologize later and then are fine OH NO Don't want to do that at all!! I guess i'll just use the wording "____ tends to cause this auto emotion/thought for me" or idk if you have suggestions
  22. hahaha so this is not blood in and blood out... in the wrong forums then (joking)
  23. Triggering can just mean it triggers a negative emotion/thought It is way more woman than males sexualized in fandoms (other than homestuck from what I know), lets be honest But that's not the point of this same with me labeling myself as such I simply feel really awful about how my mind auto jumps to think brony means some insensitive jerk is all Labels can help people feel less alone Not everyone needs one to feel that way tho
  24. I came off all wrong my bad It mattered since it sounded like op was using it like (brony)boy vs girl And am already fearful about getting pushed out am just so tired of people using flaky statistical data as proof of being like "see this is our fandom" Sure that's not what op is intending, I immaturely acted too quickly I apologize OP, my wording was poor and hostile sounding now that I reread it :/