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  1. Realy agree on about the friendship games!:grin:    Probably the worst one!:okiedokieloki:

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    2. ajtabs


      Have you seen the mlp move?  The one with ponys not humans :mlp_yeehaa:

    3. Rikifive


      You have just asked that, didn't you? :derp:

      Or did you have another movie in mind before?

    4. ajtabs


      Oh I had a diffrant one in mined

  2. I feel like sun set shimmer is bossy in the friendship games...she is alot like starlight glimmer
  3. And after big Mac takes pound cake and pumpkin cake to see Trixie's show a man is painting him look at his cutie mark!
  4. cool my favorite one was the bat man T-shirt !!!
  5. I found some weird ideas for this comic!!!!!! first of all i think we all agree granny needs her ears checked.... and second why is so many mares into big Mac i mean shore he is hansom but that much?(SPOILER ALERT ABOUT SHINING ARMOR!!!!!!!!!) what happens if shining armor is not married????? and if you look at princess Luna shirt it keeps changing!!!! Is it just suppose to be a cool trick? Or is it magic
  6. i found that Twilight is a lot like starlight glimmer the Equestria twilight.
  7. I liked it, but it was the worst of them all. Well that's what I think.
  8. Twilight sparkle is an amazing character, I love how she improves and reflects on her self and and started up that journal , but some times her friends helps her improve herself
  9. ajtabs

    2 Best

    I relay like this move because sunset shimmer relay is sorry and tries to move on, not like twilight 2 in the 4 move. And twilight 1 helps her well at least treys and sunset is thank full of it . PS:If you have not watched the 3 move or 4 you will probably wont under stand
  10. I love Equestria girls but I think the 3 was the worst
  11. I want to know about pinkie pies house, so she lives on the top floor and the cake store is right under,but the episode with the yaks {I forgot what episode was called} she has an under ground party planer! But I guess it is pinkie
  12. Twilight sparkle is an a amazing student, but with star light glimmer I am happy she is all so becoming a grate student as well,but i miss Twilight sparkle moments
  13. ajtabs


    I am a BIG fan of my little pony, I have watched it for 7 or 6 years now and iI thought it would get boring but I was wrong
  14. Hi, I am Tabitha, I am all so a BIG fan of my little pony. And Pinkie Pie is one of my favorite pony's. PS: Twilight Sparkle is my favorite!