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  1. The season finale was amazing.

  2. Feeling awesome, I can't wait till christmas comes I'm happy for you. Happy birthday man
  3. Manjaro Linux is best linux :D

  4. Harambe.

    1. Kyoshi


      I am seeing this word everywhere it seems and I am just lost. :o

    2. Rainbowdash_82
  5. What a awesome episode, I LOVED it!!

  6. I have bronchitis :(

    1. Bojo


      Hope you feel well soon c:

    2. Rainbowdash_82
  7. Tomorrow is Thursday

  8. Wow! McDonald's served me the Mcgangbang!! I thought it was just a myth , but I was WRONG

    1. FFF


      Oh... Okay

    2. Rainbowdash_82


      Lol its a hamburger from their secret menu, its basically a double cheeseburger combined with a mcchicken, it tastes surprisingly delicious!!

  9. My anxxiety is driving me crazy!! Now it doesnt let me go to sleep UGHHH !! :(((*

  10. Only 4 more days till the new episode and after that 1 more week till the last episode for the 1st half :(