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  1. Overwatch. wait this game doesnt get any hate. cos its the best game ever. :P :P Bully: all my friends say it was a horrible game, but it was fun to mod and be a huge part of the community... until i got banned.
  2. The world could always use more heroes

  3. brushing my teeth but still didnt sleep lol
  4. woke up at like 3 and was playing some overwatch.
  5. I have a new york accent mixed with a california accent (i know they are complete opposite) but i'm mixed with both of them. i don't have a speech imped and i can usually stay on topic
  6. i feel like crap still this may be my last post i ever make anywhere
  7. Linux or Windows? im not feeling any better from last time i posted here. i did however talk to a friend who talked me out of...something.
  8. behind the toilet there was some blood-like stuff and "SAVE ME" was written there in chalk or something
  9. im very sad right now and have been sad for weeks now and i dont know what to do about it cause i don't have anyone to talk to right now.
  10. Wondering what this site was like since i didnt come on for a few weeks.
  11. I used to be happy, not a worry in the world. Mommy or daddy tells me something about the world? It's true! Mommy and daddy would never lie to me! (srsly tho) Then I got older, found the internet, went out more, became un-isolated, and found what the world really was: nothing like they'd told me. I've gained a huge interest in computers, programming, and making music. My music interest increased. Suffering horrible anxiety and depression all the time. :'( I have to hide my mood now, and act happy. I don't trust my parents as much. My voice obviously. i've gotten into things i shouldn't have. annnnd becoming a dumbass in school, and by all the "older folk", saying i follow the wrong crowd.