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  1. @Pastel Heart Kronos simply watched in curiosity as the gruff old coot went ahead and talked to everyone. He was pretty amazed at his stoic attitude given his rude reception. Nonetheless, the old pony seemed just as good company as his granddaughter. Chipper old geezer, isn’t he? a voice asked. I suppose it runs in the family. Kronos laughed to himself. At the old pony’s mention of a legacy, Kronos’ already keen curiosity of Pastel was heightened even further. Perhaps he really SHOULD keep close tabs on the little filly, and maybe her grandfather for good measure. They appear to be very valuable allies.
  2. At first i was excited about getting messaged by Ice Cube on Twitter, but after a few messages, I’m getting suspicious since he had to assure it was actually him.

  3. @Samurai Equine @Pastel Heart Kronos was quick to leap up to his feet and drew swords. However, the gruffy old stallion was quickly identified by Pastel as her grandfather. Almost as quickly as he drew his weapons he retracted them. He tilted his head slightly to the side watching the old coot embrace his granddaughter. Aww, a voice in his head told him, How sweet. Her grandfather came all the way here to see her. How the hell did that old bag of rattling bones even get here? another asked, Must've been quite the trek. Well, Kronos thought, At least we know we can trust this one. He sat back down, swords sheathed, and removed his mask and slid his metal “hat” onto his back, revealing his face to everyone once again and resumed eating more pizza and observing the debauchery on the sidelines.
  4. @Samurai Equine Kronos had to shake his head a little bit as he got slightly disoriented during another teleport. Ugh, he thought to himself, We’ve really gotta get used to that kind of crap. He then proceeded to enter Samurai’s house. After he heard Samurai clap and call in some ponies, he was shocked at first and had his claws right on his sword ready to draw. Fortunately, the weird ponies dressed in all black did not seem hostile after observing them. He then hears Samurai mention pizza. He snapped his head towards it and helped himself to a slice and simply sat down to observe the festivities, not really sure how to act besides remaining stalwart and on guard.
  5. Same. There’s really nothing for Kronos to do, unless he can interact somehow with some of the patients in the hospital.
  6. We have a kirin in the RP now? Awesome!!! I’ve been find of kirin since i first saw them. This guy seems interesting. I think I’ll keep tabs on them.
  7. I, too, am waiting for something else to happen. I honestly dont know what i can do other than show more of Kronos’ thought process, which i think is kinda boring.
  8. Back in elementary school, i was a “Grammar Pirate” and i played as both a “Punctuation Pirate” and a “Cursed Pirate”. In middle school, i did a Hans Christian Anderson Law and Order play called “Big Bad Musical” where i played as one of the three little pigs named Two, though my character pronounced it as To-oh because he and One, or Oney, were dumbasses while Three was the smart and distinguished one.
  9. “Hold on, I’m going under you” ”But i prefer to be bottom”
  10. @Samurai Equine When Samurai teleported Kronos to the hospital, he looked around and saw all the ponies that were queued for treatment there. Aww, all these poor ponies, a voice said sadly, We should help them. It’s not out place nor our jurisdiction to help them, another replied, leave them be. The best we can do is grieve.
  11. Old enough to drink, but i look older than i actually am if i dont shave every day.
  12. @Samurai Equine @Pastel Heart @Dynamo Pad As the winners were announced, Kronos gave a proud grin as if the winners were his own children. He gave well deserved applause and praise for everyone that made it onto the podium, regardless of how well he actually knew them. Despite not being a fair sport himself during the race, he was glad that the race ended up the way it did, as it seemed fair for the most part all things considered. You did good, little one, Kronos thought to himself as Pastel was awarded for second place, I may not be your father, but I’m proud of you.
  13. Im also waiting on Samurai to continue the subplot he’s involved with me in.
  14. @Samurai Equine No problem, my guy. I love doing these RPs. It really gets my creative juices flowing and allows me to expand and develop my own character. I love RPs like this.
  15. @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ Kronos sheathes his sword and gave a low growl. He cracked his neck to the side and gave a contended sigh. “Sure,” Kronos answered Samurai, “Lead the way, comrade.” I still think we should be wary of this one, a voice told him, obviously alluding to Shadow. Her intentions and suspicions are rather valid, in our defense, another voice retorted, We are technically outsiders to Equestria as a whole, after all. Gabriel is right, Kronos thought to himself, We are foreigners in a new land. We expected lots of suspicion from locals since we crossed kingdom borders. This should not be a surprise to us at this point. Let’s just take her along and try to play nice with her. Agreed, his voices said in unison. He then unsheathed his face plate and gave a friendly smile to Shadow.
  16. @Windy Breeze ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ @Samurai Equine 🔥🔥 When the mare appeared into Samurai’s arms, Kronos pulled out a sword and pointed it at her. “Why are you here?” Kronos interrogated, “What business do you have with him?” A lover, perhaps? a voice asked in awe. It is a possibility, another answered, I mean, just look at them. They’re practically a couple. I doubt it, Kronos told them, They don’t talk like a couple and that’s just how Samurai talks.
  17. A few years ago, i went to a party at this restaurant with my family in San Jose. We went to some huge buffet. My cousins had the bright idea to mix chocolate milk with all the drinks from the soda fountain—yes, INCLUDING the lemonade and orange juice— and if THAT wasn’t disgusting enough, the proceeded to add HOT CHILI SAUCE, KETCHUP AND MUSTARD INTO THE DAMN THING. The unholy concoction they made smelled rank as all hell and tasted worse than it smelled. The one cousin brave enough to drink the damn thing vomited for five minutes.
  18. @Samurai Equine 🔥🔥 @Windy Breeze ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ Kronos simply nodded at the mayor and went around to leave when he heard a vase crack. His ear twitched towards the sound. He then began to sniff the air. This scent is all too familiar, a voice told him. Indeed, he thought. ”Who’s there?” Kronos demanded, “Show yourself!”