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  1. Sugar ordered an iced mocha with skim milk and she sighed, looking around the cafeteria. It was pretty full, and she didn't really know where to sit, or even what to do. She looked at Dogboots. "Well, I guess we should ask someone where the principals office is, huh?" She said sadly, taking a small sip of her drink.
  2. i have a dog, and she is old, today i left to go do some errands and when i came back in the house (i forgot something), i found my dog trying to eat a almond joy... i yelled at her, and she is hard of hearing, so she didn't hear me until i yelled, andshe jumped up in surprise and dropped the chocolate. i cannot believe her. the chocolate was on the freaking table. she knows better!! ugh i think she is trying to commit suicide srsly .
  3. "Wait, you're a janitor?!" Sugar sqreeched, opening her eyes wide. "I'm sharing the room with a janitor?!" She looked at the floor in anger. "Oh My God... I cannot believe this." She turned and sighed loudly. "Yes, let's go to the cafeteria, I need to find the principal. Lead the way, Mr. Janitor." She said angrily.
  4. Sugar sighed, she didn't know where the principals office even was. She looked up sheepishly and smiled nervously. "Um, I- well, I'm new here, and I don't even know where the principals office is." She shook her head.This was pretty embarrassing. She felt bad for her outburst, it wasn't his fault anyway, and it wasn't his fault that she'd left her panties laying everywhere. "I'm sorry."
  5. Sugar took the paper and looked it over. He was in the right room. "Well, maybe, um. We should go see the principal." She sighed and noticed him looking at her blankets. "Uhh, nice sheets you've got there. I'm assuming your name is Sugar?" Sugar blushed and made sure her panties were covered. "Yes, it is, and they aren't sheets, they are blankets." She said sharply, assuming he was making fun of them. She was very defensive about them, seeing as her dead grandma had made them for her. Glaring out at the room, Sugar stood up. "Let's go to the principal. I can't share a room with a boy." She said angrily, sighing.
  6. Sugar stared at the male that was in her dorm room. "Um, hello? I think you have the wrong room.." This was the female dorms, after all, and she couldn't share a room with a boy! Sugar laughed nervously and threw a blanket over her panties, which she'd been putting away in her bed side drawer. "Uh, I- uh. Panties." she said, and laughed nervously again. God, she sounded like such an idiot, not to mention a creeper. Slapping herself in the face with her hoof, she sighed and sat on her bed. "What room are you looking for?" She asked quietly, staring at the floor.
  7. i think its just when someone says they like u and ask u out, like my ex bf asked me "would u like to go out with me" and then we were bf/gf, and my new bf asked me "would u like to be my gf" and i said yes and sooooo now we're dating
  8. my best childhood memory....? probably riding in the back of my friends pickup truck worst memory??.. when i was forced to french kiss this older boy and he tired to follow me into the bathroom after creepy...
  9. oh my god, that is really scary.. I personally have cried and been sad for a while after a character dies or gets broken up with, but suicide is too far.. i think if you watch a show all day, every day, and don't eat or drink, or you start copying the character exactly, that is too far. i understand a few episodes a day, and maybe wanting some cosplay, but there is deff. a point you need to stop.. ps: you always come up with good topics, shank.
  10. my neice, (2 yrs old) watches it, she loves pinkie pie!! she has everything pinkie pie, she even went as her for halloween! and my nephew also likes it, but not as much..
  11. Sugar sat on her bed, looking around the empty room. she wondered who her roommate would be, hopefully someone nice. She had arrived a bit late, the family needed help on the farm before she went off to college, but the college was okay with it. Sighing, Sugar got up and walked to the window, it was a nice day out. Her bed had her special blankets on it, her grandma had made them for her. They were made from cashmere yarn, and had her name stiched into them. They were Sugar's favorite blankets, because a year ago, her grandma had died, and they had been her last gift to Sugar. Sugar's eyes welled with tears as she thought of her grandma; it was a painful subject for her, and she thought about it often, though it caused her pain, she tried to think of the good times. Gardening with grandma, grandma making her soup when she was sick... Tears spilled out onto Sugar's face, and she shook her head. "No, Sugar. You will not cry. You will. not. cry!" She said to herself, and turned her thoughts to school instead. She wasn't sure what she was going to do now, her classes weren't starting today, because she'd just gotten here. she'd probably have a buttload of homework, but she was usually good at catching up. With that positive (almost), thought, she smiled and opened her suitcase to begin unpacking.
  12. I hope my rp skills will be good enough ^^;; i'm sorry ahead of time if they are not.. here is my character, i just made her when can i jump in the rp?
  13. i know that it says ooc, but can i join? it sounds really interesting, and of course ill have to make a character, but i can do that fast.