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  1. This remix is simply divine!~ (Seriously though, this is probably my favorite remix of this song).
  2. Web

    I love this~
  3. Web

    I think I'm addicted to this... LOL
  4. I'm currently listening to this song:
  5. Food

    Pizza~ (🡩 = Pretty much me whenever I see pizza, xD)
  6. Web

    Ugh, I LOVE this meme~
  7. Is it okay to say that I actually really like this song? xD (Also this song is so Pinkie Pie, like it honestly would fit her perfectly)
  8. Web

    I love Steven Universe, honestly, but yeah, even I have to agree that the fandom can be kind of cringeworthy and chaotic at times. (Specifically, the Tumblr and SJW parts of it. Or at least any social media parts of the fandom, lol)
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    I think I've found my new waifu. xD
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    It's Gonna Get Weird Animatic
  11. Happy April Fool's day, everypony! xD

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    A pretty good video that explains exactly the reason why I hate Mary and Gary Stus/Sues. (Or at least some of the reasons, anyway. xD)
  13. Web

    This honestly should've been a scene in the show, it's hilarious~
  14. Web

    UPDATE: This and the rePEARLsted meme are the best memes ever: Ugh, I love these memes (and this show/Steven Universe) so much~