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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Emi Pony

      Emi Pony

      Wow! Thank you! I didn't even know I had one of those! OH!!! Wait, you mean for my Birthday...Well, thank you then! XD

  2. Hello everyone! As an update...I would just like to say I won't be on the MLP Forums for a while. You see, I am currently working on studying for my GED, and this will more than likely occupy most of my time. I may not have time for a lot of socializing like I used to. :adorkable: But don't worry! I'll get back on every now and then to reply to messages and so on! :ph3ar:

    Thanks for reading! Bye for now! :squee:

  3. WOO! I'm back baby! XD

    1. CoconutCake


      Welcome back!! :mlp_yeehaa:

    2. Emi Pony

      Emi Pony

      Thanks!!! :squee:

  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

  5. Since there's no way of deleting messages when talking to somepony else on here..I will simply replace my original message with the word "deleted." That way people will know I symbolically deleted my message.

  6. I'm looking for some 3DS gameplay buddies at the moment. My 3DS friend code is: 3625-8905-9777 3DS games I play are: Animal Crossing New Leaf, Mario Kart 7, Super Smash Bros, and Story of Seasons a Trio of Towns.
  7. Well...Okay. So I came back sooner than I thought. I missed this place to much. Lol

    1. WWolf
    2. Emi Pony

      Emi Pony

      Okay, I deserved that..Anyone who thinks they have to leave, and then only stays gone for 5 hours deserves to be virtually bonked. :lol:  

    3. Amys-pmvs


      Yay you know what this calls for?


  8. Deleted.

    1. C. Thunder Dash

      C. Thunder Dash

      I'll have to hear the samples of music first before I decide as a human being. I want the best quality of music for your game, so people wouldn't be turned off just because of the music. Music is a very important aspect of the game, and me being a musician of 17 years, I would like to hear the samples first so I can critique them and decide from there on.

    2. Emi Pony
  9. Sure! The more the the MAREier! I'll need all the help I can get with this project! I'm currently making good progress with the script...Soon after, I'll try and round up some artists to help with the pony avatars in the game, then I'll make a video that will explain how I picture the game working for the player! Then game designers can get started from there! And...Like you..I might also decide to playtest the game as well. After all, it would be amazing to see my game idea come to life!
  10. I've seen some Rpg maker tutorials on YouTube actually...But while it would probably take most people a month to complete a game on rpg maker, for me, it would probably take more like 3. While I realize I MIGHT be able to figure out Rpg maker myself, I would much rather someone other than me use the program, someone with a LOT more patients than me, who CAN get a game done within a month. Again, for me it'd take me 3 months. Maybe even longer. Lol Mainly because, if I came across a technical snag of some kind, I'd be pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to fix it, and probably wouldn't know how. Also...I'm just not a very patient person when it comes to dealing with technical things. What I AM doing for the game however, is: Writing the script and explaining the many different steps and phases in the game, designing the expressions of the characters that are in the game as well as the characters themselves, picking out the music for the game, and designing the look of the game's background. After that, all the game designers would have to do, is put it all together. Which I'm sure is going to be the hardest part, and if they can pull it off, make no mistake, I will give them the biggest thank you ever for all their hard work. Because I would know that the game wouldn't have been possible without them. Anyway, I am glad you brought up the idea of an Rpg maker though! Thank you! I never even considered that! Now all the game designers/programmers would need is the same version of Rpg maker or something, and they could all work on/design the game! It's perfect! So again, thank you for making this suggestion!
  11. It is! Lol! And that's okay, I appreciate your honesty. Thank you for letting me know. =) And yeah, me too. Hopefully I can get most of it done before the end of July...If I'm lucky then maybe that means the game will be done by August! Er..I hope. Again, this is my first game, and I'm still trying to figure out how to organize everything and make it work. Also, I didn't even think about how all the programmers might have to be using the same type of programming system, in order to make the game...Guess that'll be something I'll have to consider as well...Hope everypony has the same or similar systems, so that anything they create for the game will all work together! :-o
  12. Sadly no. Lol I guess it turned out to be more work than I thought it was going to be. But! I AM going to finish this project! Even if it is late! I'm sure my Dad/father fig will like it anyway. As far as work on it is concerned, I've made some progress with the beginning of the story. (I figured if I started on the story first, it would better help me decide what items the ponies are going to trade to each other.) A friend of mine also offered to help with this one art piece I need in the game...So, that's good...Oh! And I've found some awesome pony artists, who would be great for making the anime/manga art styled pony avatars I'm looking for! Anyway, that's the only update I have for right now... Thank you for being so patient though!
  13. Great news everypony! I'm starting on the script for the game today! Soooo many ideas are rushing through my head right now! Good thing I drunk a huge glass of coffee earlier! WOO HOO! Lol! Anyway, I'm not sure the project will be able to get done by Father's Day like I had hoped, as I was having trouble figuring out what pony would trade what item to another pony, ect...But I'm feeling a bit more creative now! So, hopefully I can finally get the ball rolling! Wish me luck everypony!
  14. Thanks! Did you only send 3 songs or 4? Because if there is a fourth one I can't see it. Anyway! My favorites out of the 3 I did hear, was "Rainbow's First Wonderbolt Flight" and "Sweet Days." I'll post my examples of the type of music I'm looking for later, but from what I've heard so far of your music, it sounds like some of it would work perfect for some of the cutscenes I have planned for the game!