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  1. request shop

    @Tangle Your request has been completed! Enjoy!
  2. request shop

    It's closed atm, but I'll open it after I finish my current batch of requests
  3. request shop

    Okay, whatever you think is best
  4. request shop

    Ah okay, will do Ahh tysm! But I apologize that I'll have to deny the request, or at least hold it until I finish my current box Feel free to visit again when my request box opens again!
  5. request shop

    Declined, sorry Maybe next time specify what type of art you'd like? Accepted! Would you like me to draw her with the armor or without? Accepted!
  6. request shop

    Okie, accepted! I'll try to get it done asap!
  7. Queen Twii has returned with a lil bit of somewhat decent art. Some of you may remember me, the notorious post spammer who pretty much posted everywhere. I've changed, I swear. I'm not 12 anymore. I apologize for all the crap I posted last year, and I'm going to make it up with a request box that I'll actually complete. Yay... I'll just show some art examples. More examples can be found on my deviantart page, Headshots - Halfbodies - Fullbodies - Chibis - Icons - Okay, are you interested? If so, let's continue. Rules - 1- Don't rush me. I have a life outside requests. 2- Don't disrespect anyone, obviously. 3- I have the right to decline a request. If I decline yours, please don't pester me about it. 4- Don't ask for a request when they are closed/ all the slots are taken. 5- Fill in the form below or your request will be automatically declined. 6- Put the code word 'Twilight Sparkle' in the 'other' section of the form. Form - Screenname - OC name - OC reference - [required to have one, as I can't go off descriptions alone.] Type of art - [choose one of the following- headshot, halfbody, fullbody, chibi, or icon ] Pose/ Expression - [not necessary, only if you have a specific pose or expression in mind. ] Other - [misc. info] Slots - 1- Mentis Soliloquy 2- Maple Bat 3- Here you go and happy requesting!
  8. I can't use this site anymore


    everything's extremely comfusing

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AetherTwii


      As in, its completely different than what I'm used to. I can't even navigate the site as I used to.

    3. Babyyoshi309


      Yeah, I have no idea how to work it now. Before it was very user friendly, but now it is just a chaotic mess.

    4. Silleh


      Hmm, it really is that confusing, huh? I gotta admit, while it took me a while at first to figure out how to get a list of recent status updates (which I'll admit is definitely less user-friendly now) and change notifications and such, I don't really seem to experience anywhere near the kind of difficulty I keep hearing people have... on the whole, things seem about as standard as usual, nothing much really strikes me as all that far away from where it was before.

      Don't get me wrong, I do consider how the forums were before the update to be more user-friendly than it is in its current state, most likely that's something that will need to be improved in time. And there are other things that'll need to be addressed as well, I've seen valid criticisms of the overbearing whiteness for one. But the update being called a 'chaotic mess', it's not something I really understand so far. Which isn't to say that criticism is invalid, I just don't really relate to it too much.

  9. Thx for the advice Thx, and I'm pretty sure your art isn't that bad And now, I finished an art trade over on dA. I decided to experiment with shading and stuff
  10. I feel like posting some of my shit art, starting from when I started drawing (last June) to now or whatever. So I guess this is kinda an art dump and to show how much I 'improved' (got worse) during the ages. Also, feel free to leave critiques or thoughts. My deviantart- Who's interested in some art? First I'm going to post the old stuff, on this post. Then I'm going to post some new drawings when I finish them. Just showing some main moments when my style changes. These were in June/ July/ August, when I first started. I used an art program called Krita. Moving on to September/October/November. The art still looks like shit. Now it's like, December. This spoiler contains art from December/ January. Also, I bought an wacom tablet around Black Friday, so at this point I stopped drawing over my traditional art and sketching digitally. February was a month for change, I guess. I got Paint Tool Sai and ditched the Krita program. In March, I tried working on my style anatomy and shading. It still looks crappy though. Finally, theres crap from the previous week. Feel free to leave thoughts and feedback on this. I will be posting some of my future art in this thread.
  11. rip Ni's laptop- 2015-2016

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    2. Stormfury


      It's OK to have a laptop on all the time - just be sure to keep it where it won't overheat. I recommend that you buy an external hard drive instead. If you have any questions, send me a PM. =]

    3. AetherTwii


      thx for the advice

    4. Stormfury
  12. I know I said I was going to be inactive, but... There's this site that has been stealing art from me and others. I clicked on the site, then found this page, warning people to not click on the site. I did... And now I think I might have some kind of malware. My laptop is acting up again, and I don't really know what's going on.

    1. Stormfury


      Download Malwarebytes, yo.

    2. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      I'd recommend running 2 or 3 virus scans, but that's just my over-the-top levels of caution when it comes to viruses/malware.

    3. AetherTwii


      Thanks for the advice. I saved all my files in a flash drive, and now I might try running a scan or two. Worst case scenario- reset computer again