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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. oh i've been loving them! as wonderful as one-shots are, if we get 6-parters of this quality, i'm all for it! The background on stygian and the team has been lovely. Meadowbrook has been especially enjoyable to read about, and her part with the dragons was the highlight of the series to me so far.
  4. happy birthday to you!!! and me!

  5. the reason to integrate is the same reason it is risky to have homogeneous ethnic groups on earth. fear/ignorance of the other leads to prejudice, while people that live in close proximity have the chance to get to know people from other cultures. It obviously makes no sense to uproot and move all the dragons to canterlot in one afternoon, but closer contact allows for friendships and understanding. it is obviously more complex than that in real life, and needs to be done carefully, but it is ideal that individuals from lots of different cultures can celebrate those together. --- I thought the comic was a bit disappointing, but that was because of the lack of focus. i loved the cultural aspects of it.
  6. well, i started at the beginning of the 2nd season, so it's just been 6 years for me. but my reasons have evolved. at first, it was becuase the show was so refreshing in it's purpose and themes. But now it's because of the quality community that I enjoy thanks to the show, most especially the brony club that I started over a year ago.
  7. ah, how refreshing! there seem to be so many episodes where the ponies do something really boneheaded and reckless, but things work out anyways, and then they ignore the leadup to the resolution... but in this episode, they didn't let it go! thorax confronted them afterwards! love it!
  8. well, it looks stunning, well done.
  9. the comics have many virtues that make them, on average, more enjoyable to me than the show. they are written for a slightly older audience for one thing. For instance, the young twilight/baby spike issue, where they make an analog for a young mother trying to get schooling while taking care of a baby, is not something we'd ever see in the show. That issue is one one of my favorite canon stories. in a similar vein, the writers are more willing to make adult references to shows, movies and books that are just too old for 10 year olds to get. for another thing, comics are FAR better than episodes for showing what individuals are THINKING. For instance, there is a killer 2-parter where we got TONS of thought bubbles from big mac, and it very much adds to his character. We also get a chance to read maud pie's diary, and that was also fascinating. the comics are also great at showing relationships that would be tough to show in the show. For instance, those in the past, like starswirl and celestia, or the sombra and the pony friend that he used to know. I'd say go for it. If you tell me one of your favorite ponies, I can recommend some good comics for you featuring them.
  10. an alright episode... until twilight FINALLY showed off her earth pony powers by making crops grow faster! woooooo! I've been waiting so long!
  11. so, did you actively braid that piece of tail, or did you sculpt the braid into the tail?
  12. wow. that just takes it to a whole nother level. did you learn anything at your new job that got you there?
  13. so, we've seen maud happy before...but have we ever seen her smile before? the happy things she's said and done you've had to GET. but we got an actual, if very tiny, smile from her this episode. they've done such a great job with her character that this was pretty spectacular to me.
  14. starlight was a treat she really let her hair down, and seemed relaxed for like the first time ever. also, when she was talking to pinkie pie in bed, it was fantastic to see her town between telling the truth, and not hurting her friend's feelings. It was very relatable for her to feel bad afterwards, and pulling the covers over her head in shame was fantastic! "friendship lesson learned" was a cute way to show it! also, they've fleshed her out a bit mroe in other ways! The whole kite thing totally fits her! I like that she has a fun looking hobby to nerd out over.