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  1. - Overwatch (Cus I think she would like it) - Team Fortress 2 (Hats... Just Hats xD) - You Dont Know Jack (Quiz Game) - Tea Party Game....? - WWE 2K16 (Cus she likes gettin her hands dirty) - The Crew (Fast Cars)
  2. Pinkie Is Best Pony So i enjoyed this episdoe ALOT
  3. Well They are all getting theyre happy endings But for me... im kinda sad I really love mlp its become most of my life right now (wow such a low life xD) But if it does end.... whats next... I will be so confused as mlp has opened a new door in my life ive made so many friends But I will be lost again like i was before So what do you guys think? is the villians getting theyre happy endings for making room for more villians? or is it because its the end of mlp...
  4. Guess Whos Baaaaaaack :D

    1. crispy fries

      crispy fries

      Uhh... Micheal Jackson?

    2. LimeHeart


      Umm... Sure... Buddy.....

    3. Johnny1226


      Welcome back

  5. i wanted to ask if anypony has got news or info about the movie big or small i wanna hear it

    1. Luminance
    2. FlootahBabby


      Applelion is the best costume on the whole show.

  7. Best Background Pony? Applejack. xD

  8. MLP: The only show were background characters are important too :3

  9. I Am Back ;3

    1. Stardust Balance
    2. LimeHeart



      Which means thanks :D

  10. Couldnt Get To Sleep So Im Doing An All Nighter... Yay Lucky me

  11. Going To Bed Now Its 01:18 In England *Yawn* Night EveryPony!

    1. twiia


      Good night!

  12. Welcome To The Forums (used luna cus u like luna :3) Im new here too and i settled right in So i hope you will settle in too
  13. LimeHeart

    Howdy Everypony!

    Welcome To The Mlp Forums Im New Here Too Ive Settled in just fine So i bet you will too
  14. LimeHeart

    Hi, or something.

    Welcome To The Forums Im New Here Too Enjoy your time here I am Also British I just dont know how to show that
  15. I Wonder Who The First Member Of This Forum Was

    1. twiia


      I bet it was Feld0, the site owner.

  16. LimeHeart

    H-hey Everypony

    I feel very welcomed already :3
  17. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: M-my friend told me about these forums so i came and visited How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I use to not like MLP fans but i decided to watch it one day and i became hookednow my whole room is full of ponies and posters :3 W-well im shy when i meet new people and big crowds make me uncomfortable Im loyal to those who are loyal to me once i get use to y-you im actually quite.. Uh... loud and annoying? Heh... Sorry if im being to shy or too... i dont know But anyway Pinkie pie is my favou
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