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  1. Meh. I'm not worried. I have no doubts that if it does affect cosplayers and youtubers and all that, they will all speak up about it. And that's a lot of people. You can't keep a law when almost everyone is against it. Usually. It reminds me a lot of SOPA and all that. Especially in the sense that the only reason that SOPA didn't pass was because everyone in the universe ever spoke up about it. And, like this law, they tried to keep SOPA a secret(last time I checked, passing laws without permission from the people is, like, the opposite of democracy. Maybe even fascist, actually ._. ), bec
  2. Hey guys, OP here. long time no see. Again. In fact, most of you have probably forgotten me, but yes, it is the OP here. I have a bit of news about the original post of this thread, and some other random things. News first; I’ve decided to get off my butt and finally update the original post of this thread to be a bit more sane. I’ve always disliked the previous one, as it seemed very rushed and didn’t give that much information, but I just haven’t found much motivation to change it. In fact, actually, I’ve found no motivation to post here at all, as well as answer questions and stuff. I thi
  3. Don't know what you're talking about. When did I say that? My wonderland experiences are not clear at all. Though really, I don't care. I don't need them to be clear to know what is going on. No, that was directed at pretty much anyone that bases their tulpa off of a fictional character, such as a pony or someone from a cartoon, etc. Not just Rainbow Dash. when I see someone say that their tulpa is based off of a character they really like, what it says to me is that they don't actually want a tulpa. They just want to meet that character. People can just say, "Oh but it's just a b
  4. Well looks like you're in luck today. I thought I would come down and write a quick update on us because why not. Wonder if Brisino has posted recently. I'm most curious about how he, Tia' and the others are doing. Also, I've read almost nothing from this thread since last time I posted, as I can't be bothered to read through 50 pages of stuff I've missed(I can see now why many people are asking questions that have already been answered in this thread(Though really you should at least use a quick search to make sure)) so if there's something important I've missed, or some of you have some
  5. Normally I would say that's impossible. Tulpas are entities that exist in your mind and your mind alone. They cannot just be pulled out of your mind into reality, if that's what you're talking about. But, this world was founded on ideas that were once thought impossible. So instead of burying my head in the sand like a medieval peasant being introduced to witchcraft, I'll be inquisitive instead. How do you plan to pull your tulpa into reality? And if you do it, how will you know if you're actually doing it and not just feeling like you're doing it? Perhaps he's just talking abo
  6. *Pokes head around corner* Did somepony say... tulpas? Well, -_- I'll have you know th- Crepuscule: "NO! Bad Rizoel! *Boops him on the nose with newspaper* Everypony and their mother's cat knows you have a tulpa. You were the one that introduced this nonsense here in the first place."
  7. I wouldn't say that my tulpas are a 'replacement' for real-life friendship and relationships. If anything, my tulpas actually encourage me to meet and be with real people. And I think it's for the best; I would be missing out on many new experiences if my only close friends were beings in my head. Now, that's just me and my tulpas; other people might think differently. I'm sure there are a few people who will use tulpas as replacements for real-life friends. But all in all, that's their choice. If they have really lost hope that they can find love with a real person, then that's how it wil
  8. Everyone is crazy. Everyone. Do you have a sexual fetish, Xanatos? If you do, you're crazy. If you don't, you're a liar. Everyone has a sexual fetish. What I'm trying to say, is that everyone is crazy in some way. Crazy is a word people made up to feel good about not being open-minded.
  9. Well, let's be honest, what is 'mentally healthy' is really open to interpretation(Is that the right word?). If you had lived in the city for your whole life, and never knew what was outside the suburbs of the place, and then one day you were to go take a walk into the Amazon Rainforest, stumbling upon an Amazonian tribe, and seeing them all doing tribe things, like walking around naked, and perhaps killing and gutting animals for food right in front of everybody, even in front of the children, who in turn probably don't bat an eye. That person, would most likely say that everyone in
  10. Yeah, what Lugia sai- FAQman's guide. ..Yes, Rizzy, he's using FAQman's gui- Please kill me. His guide - while SOME of it is good advice- is also- Incredibly outdated. We know. Lugia literally JUST said that. Exactly. So why is he- BECAUSE HE'S NEW AND DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THE BUCK TO DO!! JUST LIKE YOU WHEN YOU FIRST FOUND OUT ABOUT THI- AT LEAST I DIDN'T RUN AROUND ASKING THE SAME BUCKING QUESTION EVERYPONY AND THEIR MOTHER'S CAT'S HAMSTER HAD TO ANSWER EVERY FIVE SECON- *THWACK* ... *Thud* ... Thank you, Rosie. No problem! *Ahem* ..I'm really sorry to anypony
  11. ..Rizzy, I don't think that's how the meme goes. I know, but it seemed fitting, thanks to the parrot. (Get it? Parrot? As in parroting? No? Nevermind.) Anyway, I know that people have already answered your questions, but I'll give my thoughts on some of them anyway. If you're too lazy to search through a list of guides that I linked to on the very first post of this thread, I don't think you have the patience to make a tulpa. Not gonna' happen. Not because of the fact that I don't have patience for lazy flanks like you and I won't give them to you(even though tha
  12. Well, let me just say that you cannot 'accidentally' puppet or parrot your tulpa. If they do something, and you did not consciously intend for them to do whatever is was they did(as in, you weren't thinking about them doing it before they did it), then it was them. Plain and simple. Wait, why do you think she doesn't like it? Only if your tulpa wants to respect your privacy. Which they almost certainly will if you treat them well and if you respect their's. However though, if they sometimes don't, it might not be because they're nasty. It might just be because they want to ha
  13. i no, im so gud @ riteing stowiees am i doin it rite? ..Rizzy, you just went full derp. Never go full derp. I think I know why his name is Riz. When people make tulpas, they often tend to take details from things they've seen in real life, and apply them to their tulpa. Most of the time they don't even realize it. That's because most of the time it's subconscious. This can be anything like details in their form, backstory(recommend you DON'T give them one), personality, and in your case, names. Your subconscious thought, 'hey, 'Riz' is a good name, let's use that.' and t
  14. Lots of replies again, some quotes from a week ago even, but whatever. Yeah I think that's actually where I found out about the word Crepuscule. I looked up the word, and it basically meant the colour of day after sunset, which is also what the word twilight means, since I was actually using Twilight Sparkle as a base form(sue me, Mindrop's Twilight) for her before she deviated into who she is today. By the way, we don't really 'have a song', but if I were to pick one that reminded me the most of that purple devil, it would have to be the one I've linked below. It's not really my fav
  15. It's possible to feel a tulpa as well, if you impose the feeling of their body on your skin. I like to think that demons and spirits are one of those things where, if you believe it hard enough, it'll come true, albeit in your mind. Which is very similar to what I think of tulpas being. Your mind wants to believe in them, so it makes them real to it. I'm sorry, I'm not really a spiritual kind of person, despite living with a being that closely resembles what many people would call a spirit or demon. I tend to try and take a more scientific approach to these kind of things. But, it is nonet
  16. Interesting. Sounds almost like my tulpa... Crepuscule: Yeah, 'almost'... *Licks back of Rizoel's neck* ... ..E- except... I never intended for her to be the way she is. You know you want this. Eeep!
  17. Not at all! I've posted my favourite guides a few times, but they often get lost in this big thread. So I understand. JDBar's Guide to Visualization My favourite visualization guide. It has pictures, which is amazing in and of itself. JDBar's Guide to Personality Forcing Doesn't really focus on one specific technique, but rather gets the basics down for a multitude of them. Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide Less than 100 words long, but it worked for me. After I asked Crep to surprise me, she basically jumped at my face and went 'BLAHGHGH!!' making me fall out of my ch
  18. If you were trying to make it look like that's a guide that you wrote, you're not fooling anyone. Not to mention that guide you copied is very outdated. Like how it says "This takes more than 100 hours" when it talks about how long in total it takes to make a fully sentient and imposed tulpa. Now that time has passed and we now have a better understanding of tulpas, we now know that that's just not true anymore. There's nothing stopping someone from making and 'finishing' a tulpa in less than a month, perhaps a week, or even a few days. I myself don't mind you posting this guide here(if yo
  19. Hm. So, if he's saying that making a tulpa will make you insane, basically, he's claiming to have knowledge and experience regarding interaction with tulpas himself, or has at least researched the concept. Or, he is speaking out of fear and ignorance on something he refuses to understand. How much research has he done regarding tulpas? I ask because, would you rather listen to the guy that read the book half-way though(you), or the guy that read the first page and drew up conclusions as to what the rest of the book would be like(your brother)? As far as I can see it, you are the on
  20. ... ..Do I have to spank a filly? Now now, Crep. There's no need for that. She's just new to this, that's all. When you say, 'create tulpas of their own', do you mean that your tulpa will create a tulpa that only it can see(and you can't)? And then that tulpa will create one that the previous one can't see, and so on? If so; No. Well, I don't mean, "That's not possible." I don't see why it couldn't be possible, but as Mindrop said, they wouldn't do it without your permission. And I doubt they would have any reason to do that in the first place. As a (rather sexy) t
  21. Good. Now the only people that will make tulpas are people that are skeptic of how it's possible to make something that exists entirely in the mind a physical being, and then they'll research tulpas and realize it's april fool's, and then probably make one for themselves in the name of science and/or companionship. AKA no more idiots will create tulpas and make sex slaves out of them. HURRAH!! Unless the host is the slave. Like me, apparently. *Cries* [silly] Your face should shut down for the day. *Raspberry* [/silly] Yeah, and then you won't actually learn anythi
  22. Rizoel & Crepuscule

    Just Imagine

    I think what he's trying to say, is that the things we do on the internet, are about just as impactful on the world as staring at a brick wall. Playing on console video games and watching TV are not very different either in that regard. I do agree with what he's saying; there are a lot more productive things I could be doing with my time instead of playing video games and watching cat videos. But at the end of the day, doesn't the fact that whatever it is I do on the internet is about as impactful on the world as staring at a brick wall, also apply to pretty much everything else as wel
  23. Oh my god!! Guys I need help! I don't have time to explain, but Crepuscule has somehow gotten loose from my mind!! She's REAL, as in physically! I don't know how it happened but she's about to do some bad things and I don't know where she is!! I just woke up not 10 minutes ago with my hands tied to the bed, but she didn't do that good of a job so it was quite easy, but anyway! I found a note written in purple ink next to the bed saying: ----- Hi Benny, just going to quickly skin your family alive. Then I'm coming back to molest you. I'm sure you'll love it. Make sure you're nice and we
  24. Well, this guide Rizzy found a while back has been very helpful for us. I hope it'll help you too. --- Hey guys, it's me, Crepuscule. Just a quick update on some things that have been happening recently. You might be wondering why I've decided to be the one to start off this post instead of Rizzy. Well, that's because I'VE SEALED HIS CONSCIOUS AWAY AND I'M CURRENTLY IN THE MIDST OF POSSESSING HIS BODY!! ..Well, okay no, I haven't actually sealed him away, but he IS letting me temporarily possess his body so I can type this very message! I'm not kidding, this is SO AWESOME!
  25. Oh, so many sex jokes, I don't know which one to choose. *Sigh* No, it hasn't really improved that much for me. Same vagueness. ... *Stares daggers at BlackJack* ...*Evil grin* Oh my, BlackJack, I didn't know you liked going THAT low on ponies. OOOHHH!! Oh dear! Oh yeah, can you feel that BURN BlackJack!? OR...! Maybe she's even... gone low on some MARES!! OOOHHHHHH!! OH MY GOD!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I- I... um... *Realizes no one else is laughing* I um...*Ahem*... I uh... ... ... ... T-too soon? *Pupils shrink in rea
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