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  1. I usually don't do replies on this topic since It's just for opinions and all, but your answer in particular intrigues me. I mean, a character doesn't HAVE to have a meaningful story to get people's attention. Sure it helps, but It's not exactly a requirement. Heck, I'm sure some people just like certain ponies for their looks and don't care for their character. Also, while it might not have an effect on you, I find that when a character is like person watching the bond between the viewer and the character is strengthened and you start caring about what happens to them, even if it is just a TV
  2. (NOTE: This ask a pony thread is set right after the season 2 premiere) H-hi everypony... Sorry if I'm coming off a little nervous. I'm very shy if you couldn't tell... My friends said I might be able to be more confident socially if I start using these strange forum things, and um, get you "human" creatures, to uh, ask me questions and I'll answer them... I-if you want me to that is... WARNING: INTRUDER APPROACHING Hey, you funny looking stickmen! I'm not sorry if I'm coming off a little mean, COS I AM! My so-called friends are being stupid right now, so I''m gonna mess around on
  3. This is just a little thread I made for the heck of it, and I'm interested in people's opinions. Who's your favourite Mane 6 member and why? I originally always found Rainbow Dash as mine, but nowadays I can't decide between her and Fluttershy. Also, while they aren't the main focus, FIM has a lot of cool non-pony animals in the series, from dragons to bunnies, that I think need a lot more respect than they get. So who's your fav of those too? (Oh, not really related, but I thought of another question on the spot while I was writing. What's your favourite Element Of Harmony? Yeah, It's che
  4. Well, I don't consider any of the seasons I've seen as terrible, but that's just me.
  5. Thanks man. (Brohoofs and smiles)
  6. Exactly. It's mainly for experimental purposes.
  7. Hey, does anyone know where I can find an Android APK for the 1.0 (Oldest version) of the My Little Pony app on the internet? I've been searching for the past half an hour and I can't find anything.
  8. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. That DOES make sense, but it would be nice if FIM ended on a high note is all I'm saying. I won't jump to conclusions, I'm not sure whether it will end the show or not, but like you said, they could start another show if they do. Well, yeah, but look at the Simpsons now. It's nowhere near as good as it used to be for most people, and It's cow is basically milked now. The same might happen to MLP if it keeps going too long I think. What I'm saying is It'd be nice for the show to last another season or two, or at least go out on a high note with the m
  9. So I guess that confirms it has a continuity then.
  10. OmegaBeamOfficial


    That... Is the cutest thing I've ever seen!
  11. That's hard when you have as little time as I do, but I'll try
  12. Makes sense. I don't care for the toys anyway though, so it doesn't really effect me. Well said, I guess. It's gotta end at some point.
  13. Yeah, I get what you mean, the age doesn't really transfer over. It's OK. It's more or less my fault for not being able to catch up fast. Yeah, I guess It's something you need to go in with an open mind about to really... Get.
  14. Well, I honestly think It'd be less hassle to just continue FIM instead of creating a new G4 show. FIM's perfectly fine on It's own, I doubt making another show would make that much of a difference.
  15. Equestria Girls Isn't canon to the series, at least that's what I hear. Plus, considering It's a spinoff, I doubt they'd end off MLP with something that different. Yeah, I'm just thinking about the future. If the creators and writers of the show stop working on it, things might go downhill. Considering that Season 6 is still going through, I doubt they'd have revealed whether Season 7 was coming or not. One thing, what you said is sort of off. You don't want G4 to end, yet you want FIM to end. FIM is G4. It just doesn't make sense to me. And why do we want FIM to end anyway? It's a gr
  16. I wouldn't really call the ponies professionals rather than just friends with special talents, but I get where you're coming from. Taking adults and putting them in a high school environment can come off a little weird. I am up for new things though, who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised, or severely let down. Sounds appealing. If this spin off can have as much of a pull and thrill to it as the show itself then I see no harm in taking a spoonful of medicine. Yeah, I guess It's a love it or hate it kinda thing. Able to avoid? Well, that's a long story. I was sort of forced to l
  17. Really? Interesting opinion. How come you want it to be over? Only time will tell I guess. Well, I guess It's a possibility, but FIM will end eventually, there's no denying it. As long as we can squeeze in one more season, and the movie turns out good, I'll be happy. I don't mind if they don't, but hey, 7's a lucky number to end on right? MLP: FIM is the only Hasbro franchise/generation I'm really into, so I'm not familiar with anything before them. I don't mind if it does end soon, as long as it ends on a good note.
  18. OK, so having just found out about the movie last night, I started thinking a bit. It's kind of odd that after so many years of sticking with the TV Series, you'd have expected something like this to have been made sooner. But why only now, after a full 6 Seasons and a Spin Off movie series, an IOS and Android game, tons of merchandise etc., did they decide to make a movie out of it? My theory is that they wanted to make the movie from the beginning, planning to use it as the grand finale of G4 when It's decided that the franchise has run It's course. What do you guys think?
  19. Sweet. Sounds good to me. I'd actually prefer if they were canon though. I don't really mind the human designs of the characters, besides that's supposed to be the movie's whole shtick, so if you don't like those you don't like the movie I guess. Sounds interesting. Believe it or not the other comments aren't that different. Most people seem to be mostly in favour of Rainbow Rocks. Gotta love the dynamic between the characters in this show, if that's still there then it should be interesting at the least. 6 times? Wow, you've got to love that one. I mean, a lot of answers have alre
  20. Oh, I don't blame ya there. I can't even stand the toys for the show, let alone the EG ones. Bratz is still worse though. But, thanks, I guess I'll just have to see what I think.
  21. Well, yeah, but if you're going by that logic the original shows promos do that too sometimes. I don't think the promotional material directly affects a TV show or movie.
  22. True, I guess if you put it that way it sounds kinda... Sexist? Nah, I wouldn't go that far, but still, what exactly they're wearing doesn't bother me, it gets the job done it seems. As for the out of character stuff, I'll probably need to watch first to get an opinion on that.
  23. Sounds good. Usually most movie series I watch get worse with every sequel but not here I guess. Sunset Shimmer seems interesting, though they don't reveal much on her in the trailers. I guess it wouldn't hurt to watch. Oh trust me I'm not expecting a masterpiece or anything. I know to set the bar at a reasonable level. The common thoughts are that it's getting better with each sequel, so that's nice. I think we can all agree the cafeteria song is awesome. Well, honestly I don't see how having clothing added is really a,problem. I doubt anyone would want them running around naked.
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