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  1. Oh yeah, true. I'm still holding out for a Pinkie Pie/Fluttershy episode, but it'll probably never happen. I've also noticed Rarity has been changed to Rainbow Dash in the post. Now if there's one character who's already had enough episodes, It's her.
  2. 2014? That's passed, I think you mean 2017. Well, It's not like these toys sell well at all and I'm hoping for a continued narrative of the show, or at least links to it like they did with EG.
  3. "Yeah, so, um... I don't mean any harm..." Fluttershy assured, before remembering something important. "Oh my, I almost forgot! The Summer Sun & Moon festival is tonight, and I need to meet my family there! Oh, It's been so long... They say Celestia and Luna are gonna show up for the ceremony here in Ponyville!" Fluttershy giggled with glee. She didn't like being in crowds of ponies who might have it in for her, nor the chance of Luna and Celestia talking to her, but she'd do anything for her family.Who knows, maybe she could see an actual, real life animal rather than just looking at the
  4. "Oh, um, sorry for being in your way. My name is Fluttershy... Hey, your flank! I guess you must be from the same universe as these two." the pegasus greeted, the other two nodding. She was certainly starting to warm up to talking to folks, though she was still extremely shy.
  5. Yeah, I'm thinking she secretly feels guilty about her methods but won't admit it and can't find another way.
  6. Cool, go ahead and make your first post in the in character post and introduce yourself to the story.
  7. Just so you know, this is supposed to be a story where your OC gets transported to the alternate universe from Equestria, but if you wanna use a Disharmonic version of your oc. go ahead.
  8. Absolutely! Who will you play?
  9. "Um, to answer your questions, I've never seen anything like that before. And i get frightened easily. Things aren't well here though. Everypony's miserable, there's barely any fruit around, the animals are running amok like wild... This must be much worse than wherever you came from... I'm sorry you ended up here." Disharmonic Fluttershy apologised, blushing.
  10. None others that I can think of, other than Starlight, but she was already reformed. Well, I hope your reforming goes well XD Love the LeafyIsHere reference. Congratulations, you're the next Russel Howard XD
  11. Well, I mean that would explain why they're so similar, It's just a theory, I never said it was fact.
  12. "I can teach you to control your psychic powers." XD (anyone who guesses that reference gets an imaginary cookie!)
  13. Second universe? Buddy I have NO idea what you're talking about...
  14. Heh. You know what, as humorous and weird as that sounds, It's sadly true. If world peace means converting everyone on earth into a brony... Well, we're screwed.
  15. Well, that would make sense, sure. Eh, no offence but I prefer Sunset. There's more to her character than Starlight.
  16. "No, I've never seen anything like it!" Fluttershy gasped. "Are you a new breed of pony? And Cobalt, you seem to be looking at me like you know me... But I never come out of my cottage... Well, apart from when I go get animal posters...". Fluttershy knew there was something strange about wherever they came from. She looked up at the sun and moon in the sky and sighed.
  17. "Um... The name's Fluttershy... And what about the other one there?" DF asked, slowly starting to come out of her shell. "You don't seem like you're from here. I'm no scientist or anything, but if I were to guess you came from another world. You both have odd marks on your flanks and you're so much brighter! Um, no offence..."
  18. This is a theory that I've been looking over for a little bit now, and I wanna see if It's actually legit. I'm hoping Legend Of Everfree might say something about this, but looking at the trailer it probably won't. Basically, looking at Season 5 of the show and the Equestria Girls movies, I've noticed what's kind of a parallel connection between Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer. I'm gonna seperate what could prove this theory and what could disprove it. The reasons I'll provide will start small but get bigger as it keeps going. FOR the theory: 1. The two characters names sound VERY
  19. Fair enough. it's a little tiring, I guess. But, ya know, kids show, so... Well, they can't really kill them off.
  20. Not a problem, take as much time as necessary.
  21. True, I wouldn't have it any other way, though sadly I doubt they'll ever bring back the Mane-Iac unless Spike finds another cursed comic book.
  22. "Sorry... I'm still more concerned about who you are. I c-can't trust anyone. Everypony hates me here, and wherever you two are from, you probably hate me too..." Disharmonic Fluttershy sighed, brushing her mane from her vision while quietly shuffling her front left hoof.
  23. I never watched the generations in my younger years, I only came about the franchise a few years ago, around when Season 3 of G4 was finishing up I belive. But I honestly don't plan to watch. Looking at the art I've seen, the art style just doesn't appeal to me.
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