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  1. I am afraid not. Can ChromeOs execute Windows apps?
  2. Thank you, I very appreciate that Wow.Honestly, I didn't heard about that game. There are thousands mlp games, so I couldn't check them all. But anyway this is certainly my fault, that I've got a very similar idea for game. Answer to your question-no, I haven't use any assets from it. Your remarks very important to me, thanks. You said "like my own fangame". Does it mean that you are the Friend from Dream Valley game's developer? In this case, may I contact with you to discuss some questions?
  3. Thank you, I am going to upload a new update this month, so some of that issues will be fixed. If you want, you can help me and send the list of all issues that you found, it would be cool.
  4. My Little Pony: Adventure Of Friendship* Introduction Good day, MLP community! We are happy to show our fan game called My Little Pony: Adventure Of Friendship. This is a puzzle-platform game and it is just demo-concept at this state. Game Twilight and Pinkie just comming to Ponyville when they found that town is empty! What could it be related? Solve the mystery and find how to get back all ponies to the Ponyville! Warning! In that version the game is just a demo and the plot is not fully revealed! Screenshots: About development [outdated]{This is a game, which is developing on Unity. As I said, this is a demo-concept game and it isnt a completed version. Just for now we are working as the small group of 2 persons. In future,we will add other three ponies, a lot of new interesting levels, uprade our sound collection and graphics. But we are searching for help! If you're interested in that project, you can help in development by any way! This game especially needs artists,animators, sound engineers, image editors.} Thanks a lot for all who tested this game! But I must admit, as HereComesTom said, there already exist some other games with the same idea, so we find reasonable to stop our development, and try something else. But don’t be sad, I suppose you could see my other creations in the future. Download a game To download a game you just need to click the link below(For Windows) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_llsUXiM3lvbl9wbEFEMzczbnc Thank you for your attention.