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  1. @Scare Effect @megisawsm417 Briarstar looked down "Look, how about we just all agree to watch and see what happens with this kitty pet?" she asks, "Who have you got to train her, Robinstar?" she asks him with a slight purr @Scare Effect Willow just took jinx to the prey pile "Come on Jinx, eat up"
  2. ARG is short for Alternate Reality Game.. think along the lines of Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve, EverymanHyrbid and Cicada 3011
  3. @Scare Effect @megisawsm417 Briarstar purred slightly "A kittypet? Well your clan does have a pension for taking them in" she says with a soft meow, while Ravenstar just grunted "Better train this one better than the last one you had then" @Scare Effect Willow nodded and nuzzled Jinx reasurringly
  4. So, I am hoping to start a Horror Youtube Channel. It will have the usual sort of thing you'd expect. Analysis of creepy youtube videos, creepy pasta readings, etc.. the question is, and this is what the first poll will be, what should I start with?
  5. @Scare Effect @megisawsm417 Briarstar paws up to them "Prey has also been good for Windclan" she says, "We've caught enough prey to hopefully last the season" she says, as Ravenstar looks up from her spot "The TwoLegs leave enough trash lying around that our prey is also good" @Scare Effect Willow just sighs "She'll calm down, kits will be kits" she says and goes over to Jinx "she should have yelled at all of us, it was on us all to look after them" she sighed once more "But it's no wonder Red left her"
  6. OOC Thread is located HERE @Scare Effect @megisawsm417 It was a mild, sunny morning when Annalise was let outside by her human. At first, the beautiful feline was quite content with just rolling around in the grass, and pouncing at the small bugs and insects she would find, hiding within the grass. But after a while of chasing bugs and insects, then eating some of her wet food that her human had put out for her in her bowl, she grew bored and had decided to jump onto her fence and search for the neighbor's kitty pet, who was her friend, but of course, he was being a lazy cat and enjoying the indoors life. With a huff, she went back to her fence and sat there, just gazing into the forest that backed onto her human's yard, separated by only the fence.