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  1. @TheRockARooster Well there's the most commonly known one which is Hard Rock Hallelujah, but two of my ver yfavorites are: Bite it Like a Bulldog and Blood Red Sandman. i also like Man Skin Boots
  2. @Dynamo Pad Cobalt just chuckled a little "We had just gotten here, but with the absence of Sora and you wondering out loud to yourself, it was pretty easy to put two and two together" he says, but then shakes his head, "We need one more" he says "I don't think, no matter his current state of mind, he'd want any of us to go alone" he says, just as Whinny speaks up. "I still need to finalize things for my store, so that could eliminate that problem" she suggests
  3. I feel as if though @Dynamo Pad might have something to say about this
  4. @Renegade the Unicorn "well after the Red Queen wanted my head, and I was judged guilty for something I didn't do, all the inhabitants of Wonderland, whom I had thought were at least acquaintances of mine, hunted me down until I managed to wake myself up" she says "See, Wonderland seems to be a figment of my imagination, albeit, a very, very real figment"
  5. @Renegade the Unicorn Alice would smile while petting Cheshire "If you think it would be quicker to see this other princess first, then perhaps we should do that" she says and then shudders at the sound of Canterlot nobility "sounds a lot like home, Wonderland a bit different" "You mean a lot different" Cheshire corrects her "It's completely nonsensical"
  6. @Renegade the Unicorn "Giving a coward the honor of knighthood?" Chess would ask "Certainly the polar opposite of the Red Queen, she would have had your head, and then you would be most dead" He would say, and Alice nods "Do you think that this Princess of yours would know of our worlds?" she asks then nods "I would very much like to meet her"
  7. @Renegade the Unicorn Chess would look up and emit an almost purr like noise "A good pun can be appreciate, pony, even if the pun is on me", he then goes back to Alice and nods "I trust this one" he would say, climbing into the girl's arms. Alice would nod "I see, so Dragons aren' destructive as they are described to be? that is curious" she says before smiling a little at him "And you said, that there's this..Princess Celestia that rules the land? Is she a good ruler?"
  8. @Renegade the Unicorn "A..knight-errant?" Alice repeats to herself as Chess just smiles at Renegade "Ah, a do-gooder then?" he would ask, pawing around the stallion and sniffing at him "Curious.." Alice just looks at him "you say you do what knights do? So that would be rescue women in distress, kill dragons, find treasure and the sort? At least, that is what happens in the books about knights where I am from" she says, "What do you sense, Chess?" Chess looks at her "I sense no malice, miss Alice"
  9. @Kronos the Revenant OOC HERE It was an early morning in the small town of Ponyville, when a young mare found herself there from some other place she had been. The mare's name was Alice Lidell, but she had the appearance of one of the residents of Ponyville, one Pinkie Pie. She was dressed in boots, a beige dress with a black corset over the top. She had a somewhat mangy tabby cat sitting next to her. "I do not recognize this place from any of the doors" Alice would say to the cat, who just grinned and replied "Indeed Alice dear, but I have a feeling, we have nothing to fear" and just like that, they were off, exploring the town.
  10. @Renegade the Unicorn Alice would look to the unicorn, he was the one they first passed and she had been glancing at him, "Well, as I've been telling everyone else, my name is Alice Lidell, despite me apparently having the appearance of this Pinkie Pie I keep hearing about" she would say, "As for where I am from, uhm that's a bit of a story" she would say "How-ever, long story short, I am certainly not from this..dimension or world" she says "I come from a place called London" Cheshire just grins "I am a guide of sorts, name is Cheshire Cat, or Chess" he says, for once not really speaking in rhyme.
  11. @Renegade the Unicorn The pair would pass the unicorn by, "It would seem that while they have human features, the residents of this place, they have a equine face" Cheshire Cat would remark to Alice "Curios-er and Curios-er" Alice would remark in reply, as they continued to walk. Alice would occasionally glance back at the stallion but then shake her head before continuing walking around the town. A few ponies would stop her and ask if she was Pinkie and why she was dressed that way, to which she would reply that her name was not Pinkie Pie, but it was in fact, Alice Lidell.