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  1. ~C. Discord~

    How old is Thorax?

    He's very shy and inexperienced with all manner of things, only having really improved recently after becoming a leader. I'd say younger than the Mane Six but still a young adult.
  2. That C stands for Creamy, doesn't it?

  3. ~C. Discord~

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    I don't like Ocellus all that much. True, I'm bias because best bugs are already Thorax and Pharynx, but Ocellus's two most notable character traits thus far can, and for me do come off as largely generic and overused, especially within this show. She's a bookworm, or maybe a book bug. Haha get it. Too bad Twilight's character has already beaten that trope to death since S1. So far it's served little development or humor for her character. She's cute - for the same sort of reason people find Fluttershy cute, she's quiet, shy, etc. Compared to how many other characters come off as appealing and cute in thier own way, Ocellus's feels a bit like an overused trope. Suffice to say she has the potential to grow on me, and I do like aspects of her personality, but overall she's been very underwhelming by comparison to how the fandom treats her.
  4. The generic villain expressions and the overrated new character? Pass. I'll get Thorax emotes just as I'll get use of certain other Thorax things not yet revealed, just you wait.
  5. Eh, don't care if I'm late. The lack of bug emotes is soroughly lacking, and seeing as Chrysalis limits herself to 'I'm shocked' and 'I'm being evil' expressions, I recommend the most expressive bug to date. 'Aww, what a cute post. You think you're actually contributing!' *intense realization intensifies* 'Let me tell you why that's bullshit adorable.'
  6. ~C. Discord~

    Golden Oaks Suggestion Box

    If one of the issues, a minor one tbh. The big reason this died is the lead left at the drop of a hat and I'm too busy to be an active lead, as are most of the admins. As Jeric said everything regarding management needs to be looked at again.
  7. In other words let's not be a convention panel Q&A.
  8. ~C. Discord~

    Snow Wars!

    Oh you think you're so clever. Let me show you all how an anime character has a snowball fight. Sūpā aisu fisuto! @Jeric @PathfinderCS @Artemis @Passion@Dark Horse@ImAtWorkAndCantLink50PeopleRightNow
  9. From Your Brother, with Love - Slice of Life 5.5k words - Complete Summary: Thorax never gave up on him, even when everyone else had. With Pharynx now transformed, his cold demeanor has begun to thaw, presenting Thorax with something he's never had, before - an interactive, albeit slightly irritating older brother. Facts & Why You Should Read: There is a lack of Thorax & Pharynx sibling relationship stories in the fandom, so enjoy this one! Fluff, changelings, humor - what else are you possibly looking for in this life?
  10. ~C. Discord~

    Music Songs That Make You Feel Better

    If you're looking for feel good music, look no further, dearie.
  11. ~C. Discord~

    Adopt a User

    It's the cover art of a story I just finished. PM me if you're interested! You can never have too many bugbros...as that is the idea of a swarm.
  12. ~C. Discord~

    Adopt a User

    My goodness I remember you! I adopt @Derplight Sperkle because he is a cute buggo who sits on couches and goes plbt. He is quite huggable and has no qualms about getting squeezed for his cuteness. *lays out the master plans for the greatest couch pillow fort ever conceived with him* Here's cute buggos to go with the cute buggos.
  13. You guys, At the Gala is so overrated it wasn't even that memorable.
  14. ~C. Discord~

    Ariida-chi's Art Shop

    Hullo @Ariida-chi, I just wanted to see if you're currently accepting new commissions. I'm shopping about for an artwork cover for a oneshot I'm writing, and decided to consult the forums as opposed to DeviantART or Derpibooru, this time. Do let me know!
  15. ~C. Discord~

    2018 US Mid-Term Elections Chat Thread

    Finally some balance restored, at least for now. Having one party majority in all three government branches is counterintuitive to the whole point of having three branches in the first place - checks and balances. People across the country are waking up and voting, and a lot of them are blue. Trump was right, he certainly will make America great again, and he'll do it by causing such a ruckus with his terribly run administration that he motivates the whole nation to get involved with voting.