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  1. Jeric when I send him a topic draft seeking feedback: Jeric when the topic gets posted and I come on later to see three full-scale replies: We'll be right back, after some technical edits.
  2. Welcome, my ponies. Three years it's been, and yet, here you post before me, as though it were only yesterday. We are all of us going through a turbulent time, these days. The current pandemic is of a scale not seen since the times of WWI, one hundred years ago, and it continues to sweep the planet. The stress it has brought all of humanity has acted as a catalyst for civil and political unrest across all spectrums and definitions, all of which we, simple pony-loving lasses and lads, are subjected to by the media ad nauseum. For most folks who at all keep up with social media on the regular, it can feel very inescapable at times, bringing about drama and stress in places they'd rather be free of such things. Get on with it, ya daft chimera! ~ @Dark Horse, probably It's been brought to the staff's attention that pockets of politics and alike topics have been cropping up in blogs, status updates and other locations around the forums as of late. Repetition of this has lead to complaints, even the unfortunate leave of members over a lack of interest in dealing with said politics and drama. And so, here we are. I'd like to make two points very clear. Though not toxic in all forms of discussion, topics like politics, religion, etc are well-known for their uncanny ability to spark drama, arguments and stress. Even more so, given the current global climate. It is understandable that some folks seek to alleviate their own stress over said topics by publicly venting about it on their local pony forum, but not doing so with tact will do more harm than good, because I'd wager an even larger amount of people are browsing a pony forum to get away from the trials and tribulations that come with everyday life. And so, I'd like to bring attention to the Debate Symposium. Long ago this unsightly little place was torn from the earth and molded into being for the express purpose of housing such topics. This is where these topics need to stay, for the sake of everyone's mental health. The human mind can only put up with so many existential crises per day. Ask someone who has an anxiety disorder, like yours truly. But Discord, reading is hard! Fret not, little peach. *ahem*. Please refrain from talking about politics, religion and other highly sensitive topics in blogs, status updates or topics that are not located inside the Debate Symposium. Doing so defeats the entire purpose of the subforum, and tends to needlessly agitate ponies all around the site. This will be added to the Global Rules henceforth, so that there shall be no confusion or overlooking, in the future. We are human beings. It is sometimes inevitable to bring some human drama with us wherever we go, even to such a pure thing as a pony site. But please, for everyone's sake, let's keep MLPF a friendly getaway for those who are here to unwind and relax. Keep Calm and Pony On, Everypony~
  3. Nope. Have no patriotism to speak of for my backwards-run, greed-ridden country, and even if I did, I'm a creative who would absolutely detest being told to step in line and become just another unit on a team. Shelving my creativity, mind and interests for any length of time as is typical of the military would be an antithesis to who I am. I'm already upset that I'm stuck with a non-creative job while I go through college.
  4. @Pathfinder because deer fren :3
  5. Lightweights, lightweights everywhere! Ya'll should assume everything you read is fake until proven true on April 1st.
  6. Looking better~ As asked I shall give some pointers on continued efforts! I won't point out everything in the tale, but I chose this sentence in-particular because it's a good example of the two or three things you can find riddled here and there. Consistent capitalization and periods to truly define the start and ends of your sentences I think is your biggest area of improvement, left. The rest, like sentence structure, etc, will improve gradually the more you write and the more feedback you get. Keep going boyo~
  7. If you enjoy the base game, definitely splurge for the expansion. It's literally a sequel disguised as an add-on. I have not seen another company that takes care of their fans as well as Capcom does. So worth the money. Also expect a PM because we're totally hunting together, now. :p I'd be happy to help you with hunts along the story. Endgame gets redundant so helping friends brings infinite replayability for me while I'm we're in-between Iceborne updates. Your confidence will build! I'm on PS4 unfortunately so I can't play with you. I actually only hunted solo for a good long while, partly because I was anxious to play with strangers and partly because I wanted to be good at the game before I started playing with others. I'm all melee lol, I can't get into the bowguns at all. I've been a Hammer main for a couple months, now.
  8. I think physical food provides nutritional benefits that they don't get from love, but other than that it's mostly for fun. After all the only example we got of buggos eating normally was through the potluck lunch, which was a part of a greater recreational movement Thorax was starting. Normal food is like vitamin tablets, but all they need to keep up thier energy and not die is love. If all changelings had horns I'd say the horn could be a sort of conduit through which changelings use thier transformation magic, but since not all of them do I'm of the belief that buggos shapeshift innately, and those with horns have the capacity to learn simple spells like levitation, and maybe weak pew pew lasers.
  9. I believe the Badlands are where the hive is and the maps were never updated. The hive's location doesn't make sense anywhere else, considering the desert at the bottom of map was introduced via the movie, and it's a different terrain.
  10. That was an amazing analysis about the Changelings you wrote.

    I couldn't have written it any better myself! B)

  11. All of the main characters have gone through complete character arcs, there wasn't much material left to come up with. This is why G4 is ending and G5 is coming out next year - Hasbro wants to continue the hype train while also getting a chance to reset thier story resources.
  12. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/424821/from-your-brother-with-love