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  1. @Ganondorf8 has been making polls and such on the regular for as long as I've been back. They sometimes fall under the radar, so perhaps more promotion is in order, but they are definitely there. Check out the Forum Events subforum.
  2. * The World Cup, which spands months and has dozens of topics, custom banners and artworks, and this past year, even a few animations. * Trivia and polls every week, run by one staff member diligently. * Appreciation topics and impromptu game events. Keeping in mind, of course, that no one here is paid to do anything. This is a volunteer job that comes after the other tasks of life. If you can look at how much effort Jeric and the other staff have poured into events of all kinds over the past two years, and still dismiss them so readily, I don't think you're the sort of person who will ever be satisfied. Personally, the overhaul in community focus and events is why I returned after a several years hiatus.
  3. But where will half our moderation reports come from now? Think of the busywork!
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    I know almost nothing about you. I keep seeing you in 2012 posts I am going though.


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  6. Fuck me if I have time or energy to make a big response before work this morning but great to hear from you again! All three of my Bcon attendences will stick with me for all the cool people I've met. 😌 We got a new big boi, Alatreon in MH:W. If you ever find time with all your schooling and find interest in the game again, I'm always around.
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  15. Some of the creative websites created for ponies are still some of the best and most active of thier kind. Namely Fimfiction, which will still net you more feedback than unfocused dinosaurs like fanfiction.net or Wattpad. As such, I'm still writing horse words, not just because I still have stories to tell with certain characters, but because for my fanfiction hobby there's no greater feedback for me than Fimfiction. Outside fanfiction I'm also involved in a fandom project or two on Discord. That's about the extent of it.