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  1. Hmmmm. I'm working from five to nine tomorrow, so I'll only be there for the first forty-five minutes or so, since I need to leave with enough time to get to work :c
  2. Fantastic Four and Thor are my two choices :3 Thor will help me understand Avengers from last week more, and I never saw the Silver Surfer.
  3. Avengers? I will definitely be there for that, I still haven't seen it yet, and I'm sick of hearing how good it is from the entire world without having had the chance to see it. Oh, and how about people who are able to, stay after the movies for ponies, instead of just leaving the second the movies finish? :U It's what most people used to do, and there are still some like myself who want to see it happen more often like it used to.
  4. Still don't' get why no one ever stays after the movies anymore to watch ponies. I enjoy that just as much if not more than movies. If work and school are intruding too much, then I guess that's understandable and I can suffer in silence due to it, but almost any other reason I do not approve of :c
  5. Pocahontas is a classic that I haven't seen in forever, so I chose that. Couldn't find a second one I have a preference for, though xP; Dunno why I even vote .3.; I don't even turn up to these things these days cause I'm asleep or busy xD; Will try to show up this time.
  6. Wall-E? Great movie. Hunger Games? Never seen it. Curious to how it is considering I hear about it or see references of it everywhere.
  7. See, this is what happens when Discord doesn't come to the movies lately. All you ponies lose your cool and start being all spammy. I can take a hint, I'll try and be there tomorrow. Tron, eh? Meh. I'll float about, that is if I go to bed a decent hour tonight and don't end up sleeping through the middle of the day tomorrow.
  8. Lion King and NatM? Cool ^^ Defintely sounds interesting. I'll pop in for a bit for sure. I can't believe it's Friday again already. It literally feels like just yesterday we were watching Spaceballs.
  9. Well, THIS one I should be attending, I don't believe I have any plans tomorrow, and unless my mom randomly decides we're taking a trip somewhere, I should be good. A good line-up. Spaceballs is hilarious, and I don't believe I've ever seen the other movie before.
  10. A Spider-man movie? Animaniacs? Spaceballs? Some nice selections this time around for sure. Look forward to what gets picked.
  11. YES. HOLY GRAIL. Asides from that I'm going with Roger Rabbit. That was a good movie and I haven't seen it in a while.
  12. Sonic the Movie *not a big fan of it but I'm a Sonic fan so I am obligated <3* and Scooby Doo, Zombie Island. Really classic and good movie.
  13. Jesus, movies just assaulted my eyes xD So many. And ironically, I don't really have a preference for most of them. There are quite a few I haven't seen let alone even heard of, but don't sound interesting to me, then there are others I've seen but really don't care if we watch them or not. I like Megamind and voted for that, but honestly, whatever is picked is gonna be picked I suppose, I don't mind. I'll be hanging around for the ponies that occur in-between and after no matter what is chosen, so~
  14. Sorry deagle, but I am against you on that one xD; I've never seen Tangled, so I'd rather see that and not Incredibles that I've seen two billion times. But if you win, I'll be happy for you nonetheless =p
  15. Figuring out timezones makes my brain hurt, so can somepony simply tell me the amount of hours away it is from the movies being played? I have another obnoxious graduation rehearsal I need to go to for a few hours, and won't be back for two to three hours.