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  1. After the knowledge that a friend of mine is preparing his thesis, I drew this art on a whim
  2. I tried to draw a royal portrait for Twi This is the first time I attempt to draw digital oil painting, without references(second time if counting with references) Since I personally prefer Twi pre-timeskip, I drew this version instead
  3. I first intend it to be just sketch. But later on, I somehow managed to finish the whole pic (lul, I was supposed to do my homework instead of drawing an RD)
  4. Thanks for the art critique provided! I will surely test the brushes later on I didn't follow the traditional batpony one when I designed the eyes. I took references from Screwball, Neferpitou from hxh to derive a maniac and whimsical feeling. So Ivd like to keep that way for now
  5. I just recently tried the free trial, and bought Clip Studio pro Here is my first art rawn with that app The character here is Vesper Flare, my ponysona
  6. Last Thursday was the annual dance performance in school. As usual, I decided to do something more unique than those K-Pop dancers, so I went with the hat kid smug dance and meme path. The result was quite satisfying. It's great to see some of my classmates were able to recognize the meme, since AHIT is not a mainstream game, and I'm living in a Asian city. To celebrate this, I decided to draw my ponysona doing the smug dance
  7. The colour is a bit off cause there's something wrong with my PC monitor Time to buy a new monitor (I've already tried my best to make it into the original colour I used, but there's still a few differences. For example, the coat should be dimmer and the mane should be brighter)
  8. *Struggling chicken noise* Yup it's a joke related to cuckoos in Loz The two are my ocs, Stormy Squall and Moonlight Toccata
  9. I have to admit that she do is the life of a party, but not much collage party since she's just a filly It's just that her playfulness and extroverted side aren't her primary characteristics. She's more defined by her curiosity and ambition
  10. Thanks! She is partly inspired by Cozy Glow tho I have to admit. Actually, I still keep a Disky Bolt. But now she's a unicorn with a darker shade of Stormy's mane Imagine this but as a mare, also no vampire there