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  1. Disky Bolt

    Shading test

    This is a shading test,as I'm trying to develop a more dreamy and clear style.So I post this to get some constructive criticism. The pony drawn is my current ponysona,Moonlight Toccata.As she's still in development,constructive criticisms are also welcomed.
  2. Disky Bolt

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    "Former" Team Moon?What happened to the team?
  3. Disky Bolt

    resolved Characters delete

    Thank you very much..
  4. Disky Bolt

    Luna Fan Club

    Thanks for mentioning me there.And greetings,everypony.I shall draw an art for Luna tmr.
  5. Excuse me,may I ask that how do I delete characters?I accidentally post two posts for a character.
  6. Disky Bolt

    Moonlight Toccata(Fugue)

    Moonlight Toccata(Fugue)
  7. Disky Bolt

    Spoiler The thing about Cozy Glow

    I see the act of sending her to Tartarus not a keen act is not because of her young age,but the fact that how she value teamworks,and the possibility of teaming up the notorious and hazardous villains there.
  8. Disky Bolt

    How old are ponies when they get their cutie mark?

    New info:in Pinkie Pride,it was revealed that RD was 21 years old,as there was 21 candles on her b day cake.So the mane 6 are by no doubt young adults.
  9. Normal would I think the answer as something elementary-aged.As the colts and fillies look so young and child-like,with most of them getting a cutie mark on such a young age. However,once I found this on the mlp wiki,I started to doubt myself. "A "cute-ceañera" is celebrated by those who have recently gotten their cutie marks. The name of the celebration is a play on quinceañera, a celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America." (http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Cutie_marks) Which could actually make sense.Come to think of it,let's take a look at the fillies and colts.Seriously,what they do seems to exit what a real elementary-aged kids could.Like car-driving,making a car,etc.Also,not many people can learn their destiny within 12 years old,right?So could it be possible that our fillies and colts could be somewhat like,a young adolescence,middle-school aged? Now let's take a look at the mares and stallions.They may look like teens,but it seems that beside of fashion and mane-style tastes,teens and young adults sure don't share any differences.(We can see that in Call Of Cutie,Cheerlie don't much different in her teen years than recent.Tho the show didn't specify which stage of teen year was she in. The mane 6 may look teenish.But in fact,while Twilight being Celestia's student and in research,I could assume she's University-aged,or even on her stage to getting Master or PhD?Also the mane six all seems to have jobs,and it seems perfectly normal(Fluttershy's brother got blamed for not getting a job).It's obvious that the mane 6 aren't teens. It's is said that horses grow rapidly once they reach their puberty.Can we assume that ponies,also,are like so?Can we assume that the CMCs are actually teens,rather than children?And,thus,can we say that ponies usually get their cutie mark on teen ages?What do u think?
  10. Disky Bolt

    Could Pinkie Pie be autistic?

    Right,a few people might find this question obvious.What?How could Pinkie be autistic!She's so outgoing and love to socialize!How could she be autistic?However,ASD is more to just "living in their own worlds",especially when it comes up to the high-functioning one,for example,Asperger's Syndrome. Here's a few thing that make me doubt so: 1.Extreme memory(remembering everypony's name and birthday in Ponyvile) 2.Strange behaviour(Pinkie Pie is always some kind of crazy.We all know it,right?) 3.Special interest(Partying.Tho not sure do this count,since many others have one too.) 4.Gifted in a few area(Music:Learn the play pipe organ within 5 minutes,compose a song to remember the history of Wonderbolt.) 5.Difficult to pick up social clues(Did't realize that she's annoying his friends,didn't realize her friends'plan on a surprise party for her.) However there's also some probability there.Pinkie might just have her attention elsewhere,not on her friend's facial cues and behaviour.And her interests don't seem to be narrow too compared to other ponies,but actually rather wide.So what do u think?
  11. Disky Bolt

    Young six IQ score?

    What do u think the Young six's IQ score are?
  12. Disky Bolt

    Ponies MBTI type?

    So,how would u fit the ponies into the MBTI category?Ponies like Twilight can be easy to be defined(E/INTJ),but for ponies like Pinkie it seems harder to.
  13. Disky Bolt

    Who is the smartest pony besides Twilight Sparkle?

    *Intelligence* Pinkie of course.To be honest,I think she's even smarter than Twilight in some ways.Here's the proof: -Knowing how to drive away the parasytes -Understanding Twilight's interdimentional portal(Proof that her intelligence is at least comparable to Twilight) -Learning pipe organ within 5 minutes in Castle Man-iac -Knowing many magic-knowledge and lgends,always the first one to pop up with ideas/find the right book when mane 6 face difficulties -Forth wall breaking -Question about her own existence in Too may Pinkie Pies We can see that she's far more intelligent than most ppl and pony think.While Twilight is known for her intelligence due to her great presentation skills and oppoturnity(born as unicorn,live in Canterlot and have high-class parents),Pinkie Pie don't know how to express her intelligence in a way other understands,also has less oppoturnity(born as earth pony,live in rock farm).Plus she don't really care much rather others think about her.Her only goal is to make others smile regardless of her intelligence. Compared to Twilight,she don't seems to be the one who organize and lead other ponies.But we can see that everytimes when Twilight have difficulty,she's the first one who give ideas and those "aha!" moment to Twilight.Also here's the evidence: Twilight:No need to ask her Spike,she will of course says she's the real Pinkie. Spike:(Walks to Pinkie):Are u the real Pinkie? Pinkie:Heck do I know?What if I'm not the real Pinkie?What if I came from the mirror? *Wisdom* Applejack and Celestia for sure.Guess I don't need to explain much. *Creativity* Rarity,really not need to explain right? And RD is the jock,the typical cool popular girl in high school.Fluttershy is average.
  14. Disky Bolt

    Furry discussion thread

    Bronies and furries are just so similar.I'm a brony and furry.It's not strange when somebody being both brony and furry.So yeah,to me,furries are pretty cool. I'm a brony when I first come to internet.Yet soon(when season 6 released) I went to the furry fandom.At first I tried to make an fursona but find it's pretty difficult to make an original one without adding strange-looking unatural colours(red,neon blue etc.) on their pelt.Plus the fandom simply have too many sex staffs.So I went back to the mlp fandom and using back my ponysona.But still,I'm a furry and I still like animals walking with two legs,making me always do those ponies-stand-on-two-legs art. BTW ur art's shading look relastic.I highly appreciate it. (Sorry for bad Eng XDD)
  15. Thanks everyone.Now I understand how it work like.