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  1. If u change ur ringtone into farting noise that fart every 20 seconds, and put it into the pocket in ur pants, u'll have a much lesser chance of getting caught, supposing u're not allowed to turn ur phone on in school like my school do.
  2. I'm not sharing my emotions, but I'm still here to show how I appreciate the post writer to make this kind of post. This kind of post can help many people a lot, really.
  3. A cutie mark design for my oc. It's a moon, a spear/compass-shaped chaos symbol, and the moonlight
  4. No no, I drew it in 3pm instead. But I frequently sleep at around 3:30 to 4am these two months, and I literally felt like dying that day. So I drew this the following day. Another reason it's called "3am drag" is, I post it to amino first on 3pm(equivalent to American time 3am),and than the first comment came like "aka 3am drag", so I thought, "It sound nice for a title!"
  5. Thanks! In that case, I should keep this page in great maintenance. For a head start, I'd post my own oc first. She's a night-themed unicorn called Moonlight Toccata
  6. Yup but let's just a night-themed fan club here. Or maybe I should change it into Lunar Republic fan club, or maybe night-themed oc club?
  7. Same when I'm in my Math lesson lmao Also thanks!
  8. I'm surprised not to see any night-themed pony fan club here. Then, let's start it here! All night-themed pony and characters are welcomed, including Luna/Nightmare Moon, thestrals, and any other ponies which design is based on things related to night. Rule : Please post night-themed ponies only. The defination of night-themed ponies : ponies with darker shade of colouring. Moondancer don't count as night-themed ponies, even though her name has "Moon" in it.
  9. Yes,Nightmare Night!The pony equivalent of Halloween! As I big fan of Halloween,of course I would join this fan club too.
  10. I'm joining.Her design is very unique compare to the other ponies,and her idea appeals to me a lot.
  11. Excuse me,do I just sign up here or on the other pages?
  12. Same Tbh, but mostly 3am Thx!
  13. It's my oc Moonlight Toccata