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  1. That was a highlight for me as well. I really liked this episode, and thought that it was an excellent way to end the series. I've always been fond of these flash-forward series finales in shows, and this was a really humble, low-key, but still nostalgic and emotionally potent episode that I believe sums up the events and the purpose of the show very well. It's not perfect, no episode episode is in my opinion, but it's a bloody good finish to one of my favorite TV shows of all-time, that I think that anybody in the fanbase can (and SHOULD) enjoy. Very reminiscent of the finale to Parks and Recreation (one of my other absolute favorite television shows), and I mean that in the best way possible. It's odd to me, thinking that this is to be my final episode review of the series as we know and love it. I deduce that my next episode analysis is going to be that of the G5 premier, which I'm sure is going to be interesting to say the very least.
  2. As legendary as "The Smile Song" is, I must admit I'm a bit surprised your favorite MLP song isn't one performed by Rarity. :wau: Do you have a favorite Rarity song? Mine would have to be "Rules of Rarity" – such a great melody, with best pony singing amazingly (as always)! :grin: As for my all-time favorite MLP song, I still haven't been able to decide...

    Also, great choice for best episode, my friend! :D

    1. Rarity the Superior

      Rarity the Superior

      Thanks a lot @Tacodidra!:grin:

      Rules of Rarity is in my top five, and the margins between those five songs are razor-thin. As much, as I love Rarity, "The Smile Song", I must confess, just left such a profound impression on me after listening to it for the first time. That said, as with every opinion in the history of the universe, I am willing to reconsider.:rarity:

      As for my choice as far as my favorite episode is considered, yeah...even today its still not really THAT close for me. I LOVE "Twilght's Kingdom".:wub:

    2. Tacodidra


      You're welcome, my friend! :kindness:

      It does capture Pinkie's adorable personality very well! :wub: She was my favorite pony for such a long time, and all her songs were a big reason for that. :yay: The songs from the early seasons in general are truly something – and they're already a bit nostalgic for me, even if it's only been two years since I joined the fandom. :please:

  3. Rarity the Supreme, is that you?

    Yayy! Welcome back!  :D

    1. Rarity the Superior

      Rarity the Superior


      Yes, it is I, @Rarity the Superior, with a new name, but the same old rascal from before.:grin:

      So nice to see you again, my friend!:wub:

  4. Well, all great things must come to an end, because it's back to school as per usual tomorrow. Oh well, one more day until the weekend isn't so bad, I suppose.:rarity:

    Anyhow, good night everypony!:grin:


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    2. Sparklefan1234


      Goodnight, My Friend. :rarity:

    3. Tacodidra


      Good night, my friend! :grin: I hope you have a good day at school, and an amazing weekend! :kindness:

    4. Phosphor


      Have a good night  :fluttershy:

  5. Although I'm not really one who cares a great deal about the "issues", particularly those involving education, I completely encourage my teachers to campaign and riot to their heart's content if it gets me more free days off.:grin:

    Currently consuming a mini-cheesecake.:squee:


    1. Tacodidra


      Another day off? Yay! :yay:

      Sounds like another fine day, for sure! :grin: I didn't get around to watching "Holidays Unwrapped" yesterday, but that just means more fun tonight! :pinkie:

    2. Twilight Zone Sparkle

      Twilight Zone Sparkle

      This is exactly why teachers shouldn't strike. They should be unable to, just like police officers.

  6. The power to turn other people's innards into spaghetti.
  7. You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth. Seriously, how is she NOT the fan favourite?! It IS October after all, so I think that I should keep this post nice and spooky for those looking forward to Nightmare Night.
  8. How do I feel about this show ending, and thusly, no more Rarity? I'm fine. I'm still in denial.
  9. Nice seeing you all my friends, but now, I must make my departure for Dreamland.

    Good night everypony!:grin:


  10. Okay, I know that I'm pretty late to the punch with this one, but I'll just give my very brief opinion on the episode(s) anyway. Overall, I very much enjoyed *The End of the End*. I thought that it's plot was compelling, that it was suitably dark for the final conflict of the show without forgetting the fact that, at the end of the day MLP:FiM IS a kid's show and I enjoyed the villains a lot, and I thought that keeping them from being reformed and then being turned to stone, was a suitable ending for their so-called "Legion of Doom". Now I know that one of the largest talking points with this two-parter was the reveal at the beginning of the episode, in which we discovered that "Grogar", the presumed villain of the season, was in fact Discord, attempting to to puppeteer Twilight's coronation and an epic battle between her and the three villains, thus bestowing upon her great confidence that would help her rule Equestria in the future, with Discord himself acting as a self-proclaimed "safety-net" of sorts. As explained in the episode, it is then easy to deduce that this entire season, Sombra's attack on the kingdom included, was all staged by Discord for the purpose previously described. This has been a polarising topic amongst the community, with some enjoying the twist and deeming it to make sense, and others arguing that it makes Discord look like a complete and total dullard. I'm somewhere in the middle with this whole debate. You may recall that I mentioned not finding "Grogar" to be a very intriguing villain back when I did a mini-review of *The Beginning of the End*, and I maintained that viewpoint of him throughout the rest of the season to be honest. I didn't find him to be very entertaining, intimidating, really anything. I didn't think that he was a terrible antagonist, but I was very much thinking "Okay, take him or leave him, I've seen this character before, but he's fine, I suppose". The beginning of the episode had me surprised, even though I knew that something was going to take place between the arch-villain and his supposed minions. And I prefer having The Legion of Doom as the antagonists over Grogar, as I just find them to be far more entertaining personality-wise than Grogar ever could be. I don't think that he was squandered potential in that aspect either, nor do I think that explaining the bell's origins or what became if the ACTUAL Grogar enhances this episode's plot in anyway, since that was clearly never it's focus, intention or responsibility. Now that being said, I do think that this twist DOES somewhat paint Discord in an unflattering light. It makes sense retroactively, and I don't question his motives, as Discord himself says, I'm sure that they were pure, but it does seem to be pretty careless on his behalf, and it does seem that a little bit of thinking ahead could've spared the rest of the kingdom a whole lot of trouble. It very much reminds me of my chief complaint with the episode *Shadow Play* two, in which I thought that Twilight's decision to free the Pillars of Equestria was totally stupid given the context behind it, and it completely undermined the rest on the entire episode for me. It's sort of the same case here, although I will say, nowhere close to the same extent, since I see Discord's intention here a great deal more than Twilight's back then, as it much makes a much greater deal of sense for his character. Twilight is a calculated academic who should have known the risks to her actions as their repercussions were totally expected given the linear situation, while Discord is a emissary of chaos, like a child in the way that he doesn't know his own strength, but at the same time always believes that he has an easy way out with his magic, and so, even though this episode did kind of make him look like a little bit of dum-dum (pardon my French), I personally don't see it as being too out-of character for him. A bit face-palm worthy perhaps, but nothing more. My only other problem with the episode is that I felt that it was SLIGHTLY rushed and/or cluttered. Maybe it could've benefitted from having one more part, but it's nothing too serious, as I do believe that it's perfectly adequate as it is, even with the lofty expectations that it had to live up to taken into consideration. So, as mentioned, not a perfect episode by any means, slightly rough around the edges, but, for the final two-parter of the show, I think it definitely works. Not my favourite of the bunch, but definitely in my top five, if not my top three. Overall, I would give this episode a rating of 8/10.
  11. Good afternoon everypony!:grin:

    I'm currently curled up under a blanket on my couch, eating frozen yoghurt and watching Mario Kart videos. Can't think of a better way to spend my day off.:D


    1. Tacodidra


      Good afternoon, my friend! :D Sounds like a very relaxing day. :grin: I'll probably watch the new EqG special (the last one :sunny:) tonight, besides that I have no real plans. :muffins:

    2. Rarity the Superior

      Rarity the Superior


      That sounds like a pleasant evening.:grin:

      I'll have to get to that one (Holidays Unwrapped) myself in due time. It sucks that it's the last one though.

    3. Tacodidra


      I'm sure it will be! :yay:

      Yeah, it's a shame they couldn't do the season 3 they had planned, or even a final special to conclude the story. :maud: But I'm sure it will be a fun one anyway.

  12. Thank you for the follow!:grin:image.png.25142218b85936f0752878d99cfa28c9.png


  13. Hey everypony, I've got to head out for this little quality of life assurance that we college kids call "lunch".:grin:

    Au Revoir!

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    1. The Demon

      The Demon

      Have a great lunch, my friend. ^^

  14. Boops @Rising Dusk and @Sparklefan1234 for their endless generosity (and I thought that was my element). Boops @The Demon for being such a quality friend.
  15. I learned inner confidence, and the ability to be who I am really am inside. I learned to let go of the past, and to be positive (or at least MORE positive). And with Rarity, I learned that my own identity is not defined from where I came form, and that it's okay be whoever it is that I want to be. Yeesh, I am not used to being this corny.