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  1. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "Well a pony who is.....generous,has a kind heart with an amazing sense of right and wrong and if you need any help at all she will jump at the chance to lend a hoof " AJ thought she had given a good and detailed description of the white and purple unicorn,she tried to give the dryad a good impression on Rarity. AJ looked at the sun and squinted, "i think we are at midday right now so that means i have some free time....would you like to go visit the town with me, see how pony reacted to your new body?
  2. @Superplay64 hey i know that he wasn't on ur list but i can do a pretty good Snails voice! also i can produce some music if that helps at all
  3. Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  4. Respond with a picture

  5. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom AJs heart started to race,she started to pace " dragon dragon dragon" she mumbled under her breath, this was very strange..even by ponyville standards....AJ stopped and realized what she was doing and took a couple of deep breaths then turned towards her guest " whatever it is thats going on it'll have to wait till tomorrow.Apple bloom,my sister is sleeping over at Rarity's house so you can sleep in her room " Then she began to lead her guest up the stairs and began making the bed " if you have any questions sugercube you go ahead and ask " said Aj as she straightened out the sheets on the bed.....
  7. Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Blitz Boom @Randimaxis Tracker Hoof stumbled over weeds in the dark forest,mud and maybe some blood stained his flank. every single tree he past looked the same, he looked down and realized he was about so trip on a root, he tried to move his body but all his joints screamed in agony so he allowed himself to fall, pain jolted him as he landed and he looked back at the massive sting mark on his back.A few days ago he was trying to observe the very rare Bugbears,apparently he ended up to close for comfort and one of them rushed him,the beast was able to sting him before he turned and ran, the bugbears were chasing him,the chase made Trackers heart race effectively spreading the toxin throughout his body. He collapsed some where deep in the woods and fell into a deep sleep,he woke up a few days later in a very not desirable mood,he was starving,he rigged in his saddle bag and pulled out the last of some crackers he brought with him and started walking,this brings ups to now,desperately trying to remember all the survival techniques he memorized as a foal........Then out of the corner of his eye something... a small twinkle,it took Tracker a moment to register it....."Light"Tracker whispered out loud has energy shot through his body,he struggled to get and begin limping towards the light,as the trees started to deminished he could start to make out where the light was coming seemed like some sort of quarry is a better word for it, it was more open and big,not just a hole in the ground, but deep down Tracked did not care he just hoped that these ponies where nice enough to help, all of his body was withering in agony as he ran, he couldn't take this much long, he finally broke though the trees and saw a big gate as he's eye sight started to go fuzzy....the gathered enough strength to utter "help" weakly as he collapsed, half unconcious . he just hoped that some one heard him.......
  8. YAAAAAAYAAAAY thanks @Randimaxis and @Blitz Boom
  9. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "if ya find pony fascinating then you'll find this pie delicious" as AJ slid a pie of a pan and in front of lyric " eat up!" AJ furrowed her brow as she realized her flawed logic, she was trying very hard to hide her concern with this.....Dyrad......,she herself was also very intrigued by Lyriel,Aj decided that once the had gotten this....ponys...storys she will let her sleep here the night and then take her into town for a proper welcome "ya said dragon right sugercube,it can't be spike sooooo.. did ya know the dragon who talked to ya?" she looked at the clock on the wall,granny would be home tomorrow.....AJ decided that she will cross that bridge when they reach it!
  10. What is the weirdest phobia?

    I've heard of a phobia where ur scared of PENUT BUTTER STICKING TO THE ROOF OR UR MOUTH Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth omg (no judge btw people can be scared of anything)
  11. Post Something Beautiful.

  12. Would you like to live in the middle east

  13. Would you like to live in the middle east

    GUYS GUYS GUYS ur looking at all the negitives, yes i know that places like Afghanistan are super wartorn and Sudia Arabia is basically a feminists worst night mare but places like Cairo,Dubai,Abu Dubai,Doha,Bahrain are very beautiful (yes I've been to all the ones i listed). Dubai for example has the worlds tallest building and one of the biggest if not not THE biggest mall in the world,it also has some of the worlds biggest waterparks ,Doha in the small country of Qatar (look out this is gonna be bias cause my brother-in-law lives there) is probably one of the chillest city ever. Look at the pic and tell me thats not beautiful (btw i am not arab i just have family that lives there)
  14. hail and well met my dudes!

    @peachy Heya! enjoy ur time back! feel free to dm me if ya wanna talk or questions or anything in between! HAVE FUN!