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    The Mythical Lands of Canada
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    Everything is edible if you try hard enough!
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    Being social (or at least try), my lovely friends (online and off), cartoons (including MLP of course), Nintendo, jazz and Mid-20th Century music, drama and theatre, Broadway musicals (and just musicals in general), info-tech, food, collecting playing cards (I have around 15 different packs so far), foreign languages and cultures (but I only know 3), messing around in MS Paint, procrastinating (more of a bad habit than an interest, really.), and brackets (that was a joke)

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    Cloudsdale Colosseum

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    Twilight Sparkle!
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    ...I'm sure you know...
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    [as stated above]
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    Saddle Row Review
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    Apples To The Core
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  1. Hello, do you remember me?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SuriPolomare


      I was surprised to get an answer that fast. I returned here a few months ago. I miss you.

    3. Wannabrony


      Heh, well I do have email notifications on for mentions and status updates, to make sure I don't miss anyone who might be calling for me! Glad to see you back and I'm happy to see you too!

      Always happy to see that this place is still bustling. :yay:

    4. SuriPolomare


      I am happy to see you again! *hugs you tightly* I hope we can talk more soon!

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