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  1. This day was fun! :-D

    Me and classmates and buddies build and create a water tag boot and it all went great, in closing time we we're last ones to play in our very own water tag booth, firing waterguns, splashing buckets, pouring cold water on them from behind. 
    I will never forget this day


    But hearing the news of my buddies and classmates moving away next year, made my heart ache in sadness.... :sunny:

    But they gave me their waterguns as remembrance of what we have done this year, thinking of them that we have fun together even we didn't reach our budget goal but we all had fun together... 

    And I will never forget this day of moment...
    I will keep this memory till the day I die...

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm glad to hear your day was amazing! :yay: I hope you can still see those friends sometimes – and I'm sure there are ways to keep in touch! :kindness: