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  1. :wub: Happy Valentines!! :wub:

    Well ... it's not yet a valentin, but I wanted to inform you that I'll be available for romantic commissions for such a nice date! Do you want to give something to that special pony? It's your lucky day!

    more because I have a special promotion of 1 full color drawing for only $ 30! all this for the month of February!


    besides that I also have an open auction, do you know the movie '' Ponyo ''? I made this drawing as a base, if you win the auction you will get this drawing but with 2 ponies of your preference starring in the drawing. 

    the auction starts with $25, some interested? If you do not like this drawing remember that I also have open commissions as mentioned above, this for those who want something more personalized.



    without more to say, I Wish you a beautiful month of February full of love! :fluttershy: