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  1. While I get that, I do, but it still causes a big issue with why Starlight was there yet didn't do anything. It would of worked to help write her out. And while yeah she DOES have other options, it's a split second type decision and she could of just 'acted'. Nonetheless, I still wish they had a way to explain why Starlight was written out. Granted, I think they should of just not shown her at the festival at all, or if done so, have her cameo at the end of the movie (as in during the concert back on track) cuz then we could just assume Starlight was just simply away during the attack and didn't get back until after it was over.
  2. JCKane

    Sunsets home life

    I should point out that Deleted scenes may or may not be cannon. Some times scenes are removed because they were made before the storyline changed. Also, if I remember correctly, they have shown their money which seem to resemble EQ gold. Though I mean they also reuse things like Hay-Burgers, unless they really do have a more vegetarian diet.
  3. JCKane

    Art Contest - December

    Ooh, sounds fun Well, there are a few traditional differences, like the dolls. But it's more like if I had text saying "Merry Christmas" wouldn't want to get counted off for it.
  4. JCKane

    Art Contest - December

    I'm pretty sure the word "Children" was used in the show. Though I should ask. Does it specifically have to be "Hearth's Warming" or we allowed to do a Christmas theme?
  5. JCKane

    November Art Contest Winner

    Better than what I can do, I promise you that But seriously it was well done.
  6. JCKane

    November Art Contest Winner

    You're looks pretty fantastic... and seriously at least you actually drew yours... I just made a banner (granted had to adjust some things and wasn't originally what I had in mind but ) Also, @Hardway Bet Very nicely drawn and funny! Congrats no the win. Seriously though, I think I'm the only one who didn't actually draw (rather digitally or by hand) their submission.
  7. JCKane

    Art Contest - November

    ok thanks.
  8. JCKane

    Art Contest - November

    When and where will the winner be announced?
  9. JCKane

    Art Contest - November

    So, submitted my entry... Not what I how I was originally going to do it but the thing I needed to work didn't work so... I got an error saying I'm not allowed to view the content... error code: 2T252/2 That is normal right?
  10. JCKane

    Art Contest - November

    when's the due date for the contest?
  11. Can't say I agree with this theory. Seems more random in my opinion with no otherwise reasoning for it. In fact, it's also a bit strange how in the EG movies they found the human world strange. Just I feel it doesn't point to it is all. Possibly, though I mean, there ARE bi-pedaled creatures who DO have 'hands' as seen in the MLP Movie... so I'd honestly feel that's more the reason for it than anything tbh. See, my issue with that is that there are multiple other objects that have been 'ponified' to fit with the lore yet teacups are left with their handles, despite it not being needed. And I'm pretty sure you could tell it's a 'teacup' without a handle. If I'm not mistaken, not all teacups IRL even have handles.
  12. JCKane

    Art Contest - November

    ah ok.
  13. You do realize you're proving my point. If they grip the handle they would have to 'balance' the teacup as they are griping it off center. Thus grabbing the entire thing would be much easier. For example. Go find a glass with a handle (rathe a teacup or not) then pick it up by the handle. Next pick it up by holding it by the brim of the mouth, or even at the bottom. Notice how the cup seems heavier when you pick it up via the handle vs the other two ways. The handle allows for a better grip, but does not help with the weight of the object. And when it comes to levitating. I'm pretty sure it'd be easier to apply it more to surround the entire object then to grab it just by the handle. (plus, most ponies actually grab it by the entire object, and not just the handle.)
  14. I mean IRL reasons they probably just did it because teacups have handles and they prefer to just leave it in there... But I dunno. I feel like levitating the handle only would be harder than levitating the entire teacup. Since levitating the teacup itself they could set it in the middle or what not and not have to worry about anything. Levitating the handle would cause more of a problem as it's off center of the item and thus would require more effort to make sure they keep the teacup up right or else it'd just have the handle up in the air with the teacup itself on it's end.
  15. I mean most of the episodes with gryphins show them using normal cups of some kind. And I didn't say they don't ever do, I said they don't tend too, meaning there's not enough of them that do (nor enough of them compared to the pony populous) for teacups with handles to be made because of them. also if I recall, wasn't there an episode with RD's friend (forgot her name :/ ) dissing teacups or something like that? One of the things I thought about tbh. Them being brought in from before Equitria was founded... Though I mean... aren't most teacups stored without the use of the handle?