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    Everyone’s my friend here be cool stay positive and kind.
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    Mlp, Meeting new people, Following others on the forums,Making new friends, Sofia the first ,Disney, Nintendo, Star vs the forces of evil. . Soccer, Swimming, video games, singing, MARIO, chating with others.

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  1. Nightmare glim

    What grade are you in?

    Oh that’s cool what’s college like ?
  2. Nightmare glim

    Movies/TV Do you like Dora the explorer

    Me to In fact Im watching dora on youtube right now.
  3. Nightmare glim

    Movies/TV Do you like Dora the explorer

    It does actually.
  4. Nightmare glim

    Assume the Avatar Aboves Gender.

  5. Nightmare glim

    Tv shows from A-Z

    Young Sheldon
  6. Even thou Im 15 I still loved Dora the explorer it was my favorite show from when I was a baby up until Mlp took over when I turned 9. She taught me spanish and thats something Ill never forget. I am also planning on seeing the new Dora the explorer movie next year. And even thou I dont realy watch it anymore I still like it for how it taught me spanish. And I think its very educational. And is indeed the best Nickeloden show. I think it should still be on.
  7. the explorer man or the explorer boy.
  8. Nightmare glim

    Tv shows from A-Z

    X factor
  9. Nightmare glim

    Asked Nightmare glim

    I think for the most part the staff here are pretty cool.
  10. Awesome new profile pic bro.

    1. Tacodidra


      I agree, it's simply adorable... ^_^

  11. Nightmare glim

    Asked Nightmare glim

    My top 10 favorite ponies are 1. Starlight glimmer 2. Sweetie Belle 3. Scootaloo 4. Princess Luna 5. Trixie 6. Pinkie pie 7. Fluttershy 8 . Rainbow dash 9. Spike 10. Derpy
  12. Nightmare glim

    How are you feeling

    Im feeling great Just find out my debate has been moved to tommorow.
  13. Good new everypony the debate has been moved to tommorow since nobody was ready for it today. It must be my lucky  day.

    1. Cypherhoof


      Is that really lucky though? now you have to get nervous again tomorrow, all over again.

    2. Tacodidra


      Yeah, @Cypherhoof has a point... But at least this gives you more time to prepare for it! :kindness:

    3. Pink Pony

      Pink Pony

      Oh nooo. You have been banished! How.

  14. Nightmare glim

    Asked Nightmare glim

    When I was 9 and in 3rd grade my best friend Kaylyn told me about it. And a couple months later In started watching it and then I became in love with the show ever since 6 and a half years ago.