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  1. Pip plup

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    How do people make their own ocs anyway.
  2. Pip plup

    We should have a Halloween special next year

    That wouldn’t work because then we wouldn’t have time for Starlight and Trixie.
  3. Pip plup

    We should have a Halloween special next year

    Yes and include Starlight and Trixie in it to.
  4. Pip plup

    Gender Race

  5. Pip plup

    Food Ice cream or donuts?

    I love both way to much to decide.
  6. Pip plup

    General Can you imagine the forums without our staffs?

    It would be the end of the world.
  7. Pip plup


    Hello @Yashiru I’m doing alright how are you? Welcome to mlp forums. It’s always great seeing new people join here everyday. Please feel free to make yourself feel comfortable here and don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  8. Pip plup

    General Do You Like Mondays?

    I hate Monday’s so much that there are not even enough words I can describe to say how terrible Monday is.
  9. Pip plup

    Trick or Treat Game

    Treat Donuts
  10. Discord: I wish I was Fluttershys daddy Rarity I hate drama: Twilight: Books are the most boring thing in the entire world. Applebloom: Why did I have to get my cutie mark I love being a blank flank. Spitfire I hate yelling.
  11. Pip plup

    Midnight Gets Pissed

    Awesome sketch bro I love it.
  12. Pip plup

    General Do you wear pajamas to bed?

    Of course I wear pajamas to bed who dosent. The only time I don’t wear them is in summer.
  13. Pip plup

    General What's in your bag?

    Wow sucks bro if you had your own computer every day in school you could look up things that are not school related every day. But then again that’s why we have phones.