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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you were banished. I didn't know you, but when you return eventually I hope to get to know you.

  2. sounds a bit ironic to be banished for your age considering that this show is targeted to that demographic to begin with :( 

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    2. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      i understand why it happened,i just thought it ironic due to the nature of this particular forum,anyway i bet cherryacorn just made a new account and never revealed the age this time(or at least thats what i would do i think)

    3. Steve Piranha

      Steve Piranha

      Well, I dunno if such ban can be lifted when they become 13, as I recall, that's the first thing they ask you in every forum when you create your account. So I guess that's a big rule broken. But yeah, my experience in forums taught me thar most banned users bypass the ban by creating another account 

  3. I'm sorry to see you're banished, I hope that you come back again next year, haven't really gotten the chance to know you... :sunny:

    1. TheTaZe


      I'm guessing they got banished for being underaged? Damn, what a shame. :fiery:

  4. Hope you can comeback

    1. Sherbert MGS

      Sherbert MGS

      In February...

      But don't openly admit you are 12 on a forum that forbids your age group

  5. oof

    try again next year my dude

    laws n stuff :crackle:

  6. Name: (Do we need say it?, fine: ) Age: 12 Gender: Female Country: Brazil Likes: Chocolate, Coffee, Foxes, Wolves, Cats, Dogs, Nice people, Dragons, Changelings, Purple.... Dislikes: People who dont like my gramma and keep trying to ''correct'' me, fake friends, traitors, pink things, people who like say bad about newbs -.-, Altastrofae (banned user, i dont feel confortable at her forums), scammers, animal jam users.... Hobbies: I love play on computer, i love watch TV, i love make parodys and musics cause im the only one who will hear it, i like caring of animals.... Other Info: I am shy, i have a terrible mental health, i am ugly, my mental age is 2 to 6, i am crazy, i like crazies, personally i dont like fandoms (DONT KILL ME!), i like pokemon but i prefer yo-kai watch, i am insecure, i am pessimist and i have interest of being a moderator.
  7. Sadly i am 12 but when i get 16 maybe i try (RIP im needing patience lessons)
  8. But i will need first get alot of ranks before i am really lazy At least i will need post only more 1100 times (totally not thinking that will die before) Wish they could update the ranks to become a way easier to get on it x3
  9. Heyo!~ Soo im a way curious, how can we become moderators? I know im not a new pony anymore but just wanting to know Do we have to get no warnings before? Like... Have a perfect comportament? :3
  10. Of course! My life is much boring and i would love be a changeling or a pegasu or a dragon or a parasprite
  11. I am traumatized and have a terrible mental health