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  1. CherryAcorn

    Finding your next best friend

    Name: (Do we need say it?, fine: ) Age: 12 Gender: Female Country: Brazil Likes: Chocolate, Coffee, Foxes, Wolves, Cats, Dogs, Nice people, Dragons, Changelings, Purple.... Dislikes: People who dont like my gramma and keep trying to ''correct'' me, fake friends, traitors, pink things, people who like say bad about newbs -.-, Altastrofae (banned user, i dont feel confortable at her forums), scammers, animal jam users.... Hobbies: I love play on computer, i love watch TV, i love make parodys and musics cause im the only one who will hear it, i like caring of animals.... Other Info: I am shy, i have a terrible mental health, i am ugly, my mental age is 2 to 6, i am crazy, i like crazies, personally i dont like fandoms (DONT KILL ME!), i like pokemon but i prefer yo-kai watch, i am insecure, i am pessimist and i have interest of being a moderator.
  2. CherryAcorn

    Staff Sectional Moderator applications open!

    Sadly i am 12 but when i get 16 maybe i try (RIP im needing patience lessons)
  3. CherryAcorn

    answered How do we become moderators?

    sadly im not 16
  4. CherryAcorn

    Awesome Book of Ranks

    But i will need first get alot of ranks before i am really lazy At least i will need post only more 1100 times (totally not thinking that will die before) Wish they could update the ranks to become a way easier to get on it x3
  5. Heyo!~ Soo im a way curious, how can we become moderators? I know im not a new pony anymore but just wanting to know Do we have to get no warnings before? Like... Have a perfect comportament? :3
  6. Since these are not shipping OCs its sounds fine to me
  7. Of course! My life is much boring and i would love be a changeling or a pegasu or a dragon or a parasprite
  8. CherryAcorn

    Tell us a truth about yourself?

    I am traumatized and have a terrible mental health
  9. CherryAcorn

    What is your opinion on the Wonderbolts' suits

    The costume could be a way better like more purple and a bit less of cover body and a bit less blue and orange
  10. CherryAcorn

    Awesome Book of Ranks

    when i get there will only do forum games XD
  11. CherryAcorn


    Welcome to the herd! Most of people on here are really nice but theres still some meanies Anyways, welcome and have fun, if you have a question, ask to me
  12. CherryAcorn

    General What's the least amount of sleep you've gotten?

    1 or 2 hours? when i was sick
  13. CherryAcorn

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

  14. CherryAcorn

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    *boop sparklefan1234* :3 XD