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  1. Yeah I read a rule about something to do with how different sources stack poison with each other.
  2. Il have to look into it, all I know is I really like the idea of it.
  3. I'm currently scraping together around £600-800 just to go and its really ruining it for me. I'd really love to go but that kind of money... Still I think I'd still enjoy it but yeah. I might get the spirit badge and hope someone is livestreaming everything. But the gala, I have a feeling somethings gonna happen and I wanna be there, I want a plush from Bronycon, I wanna meet people, I wanna ask a currently unformulated question at the pannel, I want to see and hear the creators in person, etc. I'll live though the indecision is killing me, I doubt I'll be able to afford it anyway. So its a maybe from me but I'd love to go with a group of you guys, and meet you all first because like anxieties I guess. I also asked some friends if theyd go too.
  4. Deconizer


    Thanks I love my friend for it, I've been trying to get him into it since. Yeah I watch an episode now and then myself, I havnt seen Rainbow Roadtrip yet, I don't know why.. I can't wait to meet some more Bronies, colaborate, make friends and all the stuff that comes with being a brony. Yeah I discovered MLPF just as the event was ending, I rushed to make an account though the email system was down, I got told to message about it though messages for my account were down so I emailed again, I really wanted the badge.. I feel like I might overwhelemed the people, idk, much like I'm probably doing in this forum. Dear Princess Celestia, today I have learned that the use of the quote tool in forums is very useful and to not get carried away as it might detriment others ability to have fun.
  5. Deconizer


    Ha! Hide?? I only know Dawn Somewher, Wooden Toaster and XxHomersimpsonxX or whatever it was back in the day. Ill check out the channels you mentioned after a nap then some breakfast.
  6. Don't forget MTGA and MTGO for PC. MTGA is free to play and get cards with the option to pay, it also has cool animations, designs and events, I'd recomend it for starting out as its free and explained well.. MTGO is expensive (to me). The game its self is roughly £10 and you have to pay for cards though you can trade them. However It offeres more deck types, tournaments and probably other stuff. I started playing a few yeard ago with a friend and some cards he used to collect, it was pretty fun!. I loved to mechanics, art, the writing on cards, basically everything. We'd occasionally root out our decks and duel though not too often, speaking of which he found his infect deck and I had a quick skim of some rules and am not sure if he's been cheating by accident the past years with it... its a deck that only has to deal half the amount of damage to win the game and theres other crazy stuff in the deck that just makes it ridiculously overpowered. But yeah if you can I'd recomend getting MTGA, when it loads up ill see if theres anything new us Planesponies can do together on it, a tournament etc...
  7. Deconizer


    I used to brows 4chan occasionally and looked into the fandom now and then to check in on it. I want to be part of the fandom a bit more and not just enjoy the show. I have a big list of youtubers to watch, a few brony songs but I want to expand my knowledge. Ive read Rainbow Factory and a bit of another thing about some black liquid destroying the planet too. I'd like some more stuff to endulge in and some Brony friends to share the expierence with.
  8. Is it too late for me to join, I joined MLPF today. I love music so this sounds amazing but I'm just late. I can play bass too and found myself coming up with a bassline I could put forward aswell as an attempt at singing. Ill listen to the original bassline when i find my headphones to see if theres any point.