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  1. We try this, maybe a little bit to long, but here we go! A thing for the youngest in the right out wrong places:
  2. What a nice day here, out in the garden with my laptop, sun is shining, lawnmover is doing it's job (robot not me). Just a free from work relaxed day. Soon I will take my bike to check out a small group of horses for a friend that is away for some days. Life can't be more relaxed at the moment.


    lazy pinkie.png

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    2. MistyMuffins


      @Once In A Blue Moon YAAY more irl horses! Hello! Oh I'm happy that these horses are out in the pasture. I have a lot of experience of that poo thing ^_^ Enjoy the sorbet and forget about the poo poo for a while :laugh: (Battery now on 21%) Will I make it ?

    3. Tacodidra


      I'm glad to hear your day has been a good, relaxing one! :kindness: May tomorrow be just as amazing! :pinkie:

    4. MistyMuffins


      @Tacodidra Thanks dear friend :D I hope you too have a good day!

  3. A nine year old Toyota Prius. Or was it an equine breathing mask? Or no! Wait, I purchased some food after that, dang! No that does not count
  4. Ok have to write 20 characther to post. DONE!
  5. Ok this game is very simple, pick a picture, same as before or threw in a new one if you like. And here we go for pony pictures only because that's what this forum basically is about. Then the next user comments with a catchy or even very bad line of what the contributors say, the more stupid the more fun So thanks to @Splashee I start with this picture:
  6. This is the lounge of the noble society of Working Pony Coffee Club. Here we can discuss and post anything related to the society. Feel free to join in.... remember to keep the level acceptable for a noble pony club