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  1. Luna and Celestia ruled from Castle of Two Sisters, which was literally in the middle of nowhere, until Celestia banished Luna to the moon. Twilight has a castle, apart from having the Friendship School next door, in Ponyville, not in the middle of the forest like Celestia and Luna, so that gives it a point. Now, about the capital, Ponyville is a town that every time seems to be bigger and inhabited by more ponies, after the final battle, Ponyville is the capital of the union of all creatures, there is the Friendship School , which seems to be a place for other creatures to adapt to living in Equestria. So, to me, it makes no sense that Twilight rules from Canterlot.
  2. I'm sorry, I have problems with the Google translator.
  3. her magic is far from being able to raise the sun, her cutie mark has nothing to do with it, but it is related to the tree of friendship/ harmony, she did not move the sun at the end of the song.
  4. Now, let's talk about Cutie Marks. The cutie mark of Luster Dawn is exactly that of Sunburts, but inverted upwards, instead, that of Sunburts is tilted, around the Sunburts cutie mark, four-pointed stars appear, the same Starlight's star, as if its destination was to illuminate her (help, accompany), (which happened and is exactly how he got it). Instead, that of Luster reflects her name, and it is the sun at dawn rising from behind the sea, as if her destiny were to illuminate all of Equestria and she in the future would take care of the sun (which Twilight cannot do)
  5. it would be more credible that Luster was the sister of Starlight and Sunburts than their daughter, but leaving this theory, what if Starlight is going to teach recurring classes at the School of Magic and this is the reason why she knows Luster? It would be strange on Twilight, not to invite Starlight to teach in the School from time to time. PD: Celestia in the 1000 years she was ruling, never found someone to replace her? Really?
  6. I thought it was very silly for Twilight to raise the sun, that's Celestia's job, Twilight is not at Celestia's level, I'd rather skip that scene. No, it's not right, it's her friends, not her servants, she has no right to treat them that way, no matter how princess she is. What a boring and annoying character Twilight became, season 9 has brought out the worst in her.
  7. I don't think an earth pony can learn magic and make spells.
  8. I thought I was the only one who didn't like Twilight. is that, if you look at them well, they have nothing in common, and if you have nothing in common with a person you cannot have a conversation topic, and if there is nothing to talk about, you practically waste your time trying to be a friend of that person , because your can't empathize. And that is exactly what happens in the Mane Six, there is none that resembles the other, no one likes to fly like Rainbow, none is interested in magic like Twilight, none likes fashion like Rarity , none like parties like Pinkie, and none like animals like Fluttershy, none like the family like Applejack. And I know that they have tried to justify these differences several times in the series, but the one that I highlight is the time they went to the village of Starlight and that these ponies were right, You cannot be friends with someone who has nothing in common with you.You have nothing to talk or hang out. The only real friendship for me is that of Starlight and Trixie.
  9. I'm bored that Twilight makes mistakes and then she is forgiven as if nothing.
  10. I don't like the last episode of the series. Leave such ambiguous explanations of what happened to the lives of our protagonists, if Hasbro was going to leave things so indescised just for fans to choose, better we would have written the damn episode! Is Appledash canon? We will never know, Fluttercord? Many fans say they only work together and others say they are a couple. Twilight is nothing more than an ugly recolor of Celestia. I thought that Celestia had taken decades to grow to that size, Luna is a few years younger than Celestia and still was notoriously smaller, and now boom! a Twilight 15 years in the future that grew as much as Celestia. I would have liked her to only grow up like Cadence, who is a couple of years older than her, or even Luna, but no, she looks so bad next to her friends. I know that animators have always tried new techniques and improving animation, but there are many nasty designs in this episode! The Young Six, of course, with the exception of Gallus (who looks the same) his designs were really beautiful, but now we only had bad adult versions of them very badly made, and Yona EXAGGERATLY large. Another would be the son of Pinkie, who is a mini Pinkie with the colors of Fluttershy, but very simple. Let's not talk about the bags under their eyes that were there to tell us that they are aging, very rarely we saw ponies with those lines, I do not remember that their parents had them, and the only character, in addition to older ponies such as Granny Smith, who had more time on the screen, was Soarin, which at first I thought it was due to fatigue, but then I guessed it was already an adult pony. At the beginning of the season (and the rest of the time the subject was discussed) we were led to believe that the all the mane six would govern, but then we found out that that beautiful castle we had for 5 seasons would be left behind, and now Twilight would move to Canterlot and he would forget the idea of being with his friends all together. What it is to be born in a high class family.
  11. you are confusing sexual orientation with preferences, you can only be straight, bisexual, homosexual or asexual, pansexuality is a sexual preference.
  12. The truth, both are so bad for the inclusion of Sci-Twi, but I prefer Friendship Games, because at least it doesn't focus too much on Twilight
  13. 0/10 she is a bad Twilight, although I don't like the original either, both are equally annoying, insecure, perfectionist, nerds, and her design is horrible. I think EQG was better without her.