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  1. Well the magical rp has now moved into the rwby world. With one of our main characters being put into limbo for the moment. I just hope all his plans work out! as he has made many goals and feels that he needs to take a step back from the rp for the moment till he figures that out. Nothing wrong with that! Now we move onto RWBY time to see if they can apply what they learned as we bring in new people into this massive rp.

  2. So~ onto my insane rp stuff for sure. So far they are doing ok i guess. But the darkness now encroaches on them all! maybe they will do ok hue hue who knows~ :P But i hope everyone has been doing ok. I poofed for a bit sorry about that i have been busy with some things around the place and yah just got caught up in training and such too so bloof.

    1. Bastian


      Nice to have you back!:squee:

    2. Darksword66


      Aww thanks =D haha i just sometimes tend to get tossed around in that aspect but i should be back. I'll just make sure this tab is always around cause i do like reading some articles here and seeing people and their perspectives :P

    3. Bastian


      Yeah, I also like to hear about other people's opinions and stuff. 

  3. Alright so they failed pretty bad yesterday. Crystal Prep won the Friendship games and Canterlot lost it. Though they were tied till the capture the flag event where they decided to not rp it out so it was rolled out instead so that basically doomed them. Now onto the Next Arc. I'm just hoping they don't do anything so tards. Though it's only around 11pm CST for it's start i still have to plan and talk it over with my co-gm. Just yah so much blars i swear XD

  4. Alright, VRchat RP tonight and Tomorrow. Time to hopefully not have the heroes doom themselves during the Altered Friendship Games and move onto potentially one of the other major events planned out for it. (Certain Characters may make their appearances so that they can build into the next story arc) The next Arc being the Reflective Memories Arc will be interesting to say the least. I just hope they don't somehow manage to drop this into the Creepy Pasta world XD i believe in them but sometimes my love of despair just gets the better of me :P.

    Well i guess time to sing to myself in Vr too till they come on XD

  5. Jump into my RP session and hope that the players don't doom themselves today!
  6. Not gonna lie, apple cider is amazing. and so is Angry Orchard haha And thanks for the welcome!
  7. I mean i guess i'll just have to hug a statue. Not too much of an issue there. Thorax is cool and all but Chrysalis is just adorable
  8. First thing to figure out is if i want to write out the Adventures in the related worlds for this community. As in, the RP that i run has passed by the standard MLP world now onto the EG version of the world. Should i just write up the MLP verse and then fuse it over as it happened or not that's the real question when it comes down to it. XD

    Have to do my best i guess if i do decide to do that to explain it out right.

    Other random thought, why is it every time i play the changelings in Equestria at War (not the obvious one one located on a lovely island) that i fail that check. I keep either getting her killed or such then i have to build an empire by...well it's how hoi4 works :P

  9. I see both as extremely valuable. I have spent time with all of them and for the most part i think the only "awkward" part is that over excitement you get when you finally get to meet your close online friends finally. I have had relationships and more too via online and they worked out pretty well with meet ups and all that included and so forth. I think like in person friends it's all about figuring out who it is. And depending on the person if they are worth your time. If you can't tell someone something then it's more figuring out why can't you tell them it? And then asking why is it a problem and why are you scared of the answer. I was brought up with the idea that in the world there is only so many true friends. And they would be hard to find. I have found around 7 true friends of mine. And we are like family from it, but i have also begun to find some more. It's the best part about the internet the ability to hunt and find people from around the world that normally would take forever. So over all friends of both types both have their yes' and no's. But over all vs one other they balance out. It really depends on how you structure your friendship, and what you are comfortable with as a person, and understanding what they are comfortable with as well.
  10. That's always good though. I myself have enjoyed reading some people views as well. It seems to be a rather lively situation. Glad that people are welcoming too, i've seen a few sites though not for general purpose like this one that have had some rather brutal requirements and needs. Oh i sure we can be friends without a problem! well.. i assume atleast Thank you for the welcome. And well you know it's just how it goes find good places from other good places .
  11. Well, for once, you can always blot your life in your profile :mlp_icwudt:

    Or find people with the same interests as you. There are many ways of enjoying this place.

    1. Darksword66


      True i could be not lazy and keep this up like a social media test. Being i have quite the decade planned. *ponders*

    2. Splashee


      I do recommend getting a few friends (followers) before writing statuses (drop a status in any ones profiles, or just bluntly follow them, both works pretty well, lol). Remember, you have a lot of time to find your way around this place. Many great people to talk to. Many posts to post, not only in the FIM sections, but in General Discussion and Media Discussion. :grin:

  12. Actually, this is something that i had to think about for the most recent to pass universe for the RP i am one of the game masters for. Me and my co-game master, had to figure out a universe where Twilight never really managed to make friends with the characters she made friends with. She would have been sent there but nothing would have happened essentially. We played with the idea a lot and brought in another what if that came from the idea of what if Sunset never left either out of spite. And played with that idea on would she had taken that role eventually? or would she had stayed the way she was. The entire timeline was very different and of course wasn't restricted by the limitations of "no death" and the like by Hasbro. i would say though for the most part the world would have mostly been either like on of those timelines, like the timeline i had to make with my friend or it wouldn't have changed. Maybe they would have had a different means into the whole thing? Many possibilities. I'd like to think that Essentially Celestia would have probably just figured out a way to deal with Nightmare and from that point potentially have took control of the kingdom, though maybe more aggressively than before if she had to do something horrid with Nightmare Moon. anyways~ Twilight probably would have eventually made friends...but probably not those ones? Celestia may have moved her around town to town till she learned that she needed to make friends or so forth. who knows~
  13. Hmmm~ that depends on the meaning of enjoying for the most part though the place is pretty good! i've been seeing some of the stuff here and looking over the topics and such as i have made myself known. I guess i could eventually pic and avatar and signature for myself at some point in time XD Thanks for the Welcome for sure!
  14. Hello and welcome to the board! And i'm sure there is room for a former fan! there is always great to have different perspectives on things when it comes to shows and so forth! Creativity is always a great way to bond =) i hope you enjoy your time on the board!