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  1. Oh boy, Been abit.


    Well not really i just haven't said much i tend to come on and lurk hue hue.


    Anyways we have landed up entering season 2 of the RP that im' running which is kinda funny. Because when the world was selected it was the continuation of the pretty much, very different MLP world. Essentially the new cast has to come from that world, and then move their way out via whatever reason. There are new rules and concepts put into place that me and the other DM's want to make sure they get a feel around. Though so far, they have been holding out pretty well against certain events. The real stuff is about to come up though. They just don't know it yet as it has to be ingame 2 weeks, which will always be alittle more intense then not. But yah~

    I do hope all you have been being safe and having a great time so far!

    For moi personally. It's been special, but i'm pretty sure some stuff will line up and it will fall from being special to being normal once more. I just really need to jump onto the understanding of how to line up some aspects :P Even with all the stuff i know, and have experienced i still need to set up some things so it can work out more efficiently it seems. =D now off to run this first session of today before i move onto planning and rest. They have almost made their trotting selfs to the Steam City, so i'm really hopeful they will make it to it before they die and cause a reset for themselves hue hue hue.

    Huh, i need to figure out what i want to do about my avatar too XD

  2. Welcome to the Boards! i hope you enjoy your stay here. And it's always fun to see that re-spark sometimes when it comes to getting into fandoms and such. I myself didn't really fall back into it per say, but it was the music that really got me to like it.
  3. Hmm, So when i was younger i remember there was this guy who was being bullied by others because of the way he dressed, it was mostly because of the fact that his family couldn't afford to give him better clothing, so he would often be wearing things that weren't the most up to par with the time, or they were torn or otherwise seemingly not the best. Anyways, this would progress down the line, as i figured his "friends" would do something to fix this problem. As i assume friends are supposed to be there for one other, be accepting, and also be a voice of reason in ones delusions. When i entered grade 7 he was still in a sort of same scenario as the entire situation just carried on because of the fact that they were holding it against him, He was "easy" to bully because of his rather emotional responses and weakness to it. Though he did change up his fashion and more when his family did better, it was still in the end the same bullies that seemed to cluster around him. His "friends" however, now joined the bullies. They didn't wish to be part of the bullying or they were just thinking it was funny. So i couldn't take it anymore, and approached him at first while he was alone, not to shame him in front of his "friends". I asked him why did he keep people like that around him when all they did was beat him down or try to use other means to cause harm. His response was "Because they are my friends, and it's how it goes right? They aren't wrong." I decided to change that, as i knew that friendship isn't something that was like that. Yes, there is teasing, make funs and other things for fun. There are many interesting and complex friendships but that wasn't right. So, my friends and i made it our goal for that year to figure out the problem and deal with it. We found out that the bullies were his friends were as i stated above not wanting to be bullied. While they felt bad for what they did they didn't wish to be bullied. We also met up with the bullies and dealt with them accordingly. In the end, we managed to get back his friends to normal. Helping them rekindle their relationship and giving them the tools they need for their friendship to potentially stay strong. They stayed as friends for atleast the rest of school. ..... Wait, was this supposed to be my favorite episode friendship lesson? XD oh hmm... I think i enjoyed the episode with the Sisters learning that both their jobs were complex and important. That not either of them had it worse or better than the other, and learning to accept that.
  4. I learned both French and English at the same time. So for me the languages interchange. However, i was only taught french until grade 5 where i was put into English. But if i'm talking to someone in french, i will think in french, if i speak to people in English i think in English. XD I dunno it's weird. Though most interactions have been in English so i tend to forget some french. But it's funny that i still think in french when i speak it. XD
  5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, HOI4, NieR Automata, EU4, Civ6, Risk of rain 2...world of warships.
  6. I'd probably go with an 8 for myself. Though this is mostly because of the concept of opinions than not. But generally i think the show did great. One of the factors i enjoyed about the show was that it didn't feel like a copy paste to another show style. It at one point kinda stood out to me as opposed to the other shows that i saw were aired at the time of me watching it. One of the many reasons i got into the show. (aside my main reasons)
  7. Depends on the type of zombification. I may keep them alive and use them as experimentation. using them as a means to potentially make a cure for the illness for the living and dead? Or maybe i would see if i could at least bring forth their conscious thought so they can control their now undead body. Truly depends, though if i have no means, or connections to do such things i'd just purge them from existence. As i would sure they would appreciate it. i can only really move around with one of them. So i really can't say i would save them all, and yah many things to ponder on it.
  8. Hmm, my best friends are my best friends via a rather intense testing and selection process. My grandfather, taught me at a young age that, "True Friends, people who will always be there for you, care about you and never leave you behind, those you can count on your hands. Outside of that are just friends or acquaintances of the moment." it's something that i kept with me for sometime. Regardless, i have around 7-9 best friends. I give a range only because we tend to vanish off the planet from time to time. And then get back into contact with one other. But over all we are friends not because we agree on everything, or such. But because we love and trust one other greatly. Time and such is just something to add to it as we've known one other for 12+ years. We have really different personalities, and qualities. So it's funny seeing people look at us when we all hang out together in our group hang outs. Which we normally do when we all are in the same place. XD But yah good times =D
  9. Just a fun heads up for people and their doggies! Remember that puppies and such can get heat stroke too! It's important to look after our animals just as much as it is important for us to protect ourselves =D So remember to check it out! How%20Hot%20Is%20Too%20Hot%20infographic

    1. EpicEnergy


      Thanks for the heads up!

  10. The food in my highschool was pretty good. had all the good stuff. But that was before all the changes they did with the whole "super healthy". All the diets were based around a healthish lunch so i dunno. XD Expensive...hmmm it was cheaper than going to the near by subways. Though the near by place called "Combo's" would give you more "unhealthy" options if you wanted it.
  11. Hmm, i have two answers i guess to this one. The worse i've ever been sick wise was when i went to the hospital 2 times for experimental treatment on the illness i had before. In short, i was fevered and i had a "period" as we jokingly called it. So that was a thing. If we are referring to the flu. Mass hallucinations (from high fever), passing out, and sleeping for 16 hours on average a day was my worse flu like illness.
  12. I think the biggest gripe i have with it so far is probably how cartoony it feels. if that's a thing to say. It feels too much like the current flare of cartoons. Which i think i enjoyed the different form that at Least FiM had over the other cartoons that were out because of it's own art style. But, keeping in mind the target audience i guess it's really unfair for me to judge it. I don't like teen titans Go, but the audience it's targeted for enjoyed it. While i did enjoy Gumball as a brain dead show to watch. I guess it's more to see how this turns out in that aspect as it's just like the bridge series till the next generation comes out. Good for the team though to have their original voices that's always cool. (I believe someone said it here?) Not a fan of that theme song though, it was too choppy vocals wise in my opinion.
  13. Oh boy, i need to remember to reign back some of my more interesting traits :P. Not everyone can handle the Darksword66 opinions :P haha