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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Sunset Shimmer
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    Princess Twilight Sparkle
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    Pinkie Pie
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    Derpy Hooves
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    The Perfect Pear
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    This Day Aria
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  1. Best: The Perfect Pear Worst: Spike at Your Service
  2. I would openly accept the snuggles, even snuggling back in the process.
  3. Snowfall is inevitable in my area on this night, but after shoveling tomorrow, I'm hyped for one thing: WandaVision! Time to finally kick off Phase 4 of the MCU!

    1. ExplosionMare


      My sibling started watching it without me :sunny:

  4. Merry Birthiversary!

  5. Thank You for the follow, New Friend! :D

  6. The man of the hour has arrived!

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      Happy birthday by the way! :pinkie:

    2. Cagey


      Happy birthday!

    3. ExplosionMare


      Happy birthday!!

  7. Happy birthversary! I wish you a good one, full of cake and happiness.

  8. One of my absolute favorite cartoons ever!
  9. Chad327

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I blame me bingeing the series on HBO Max, but...
  10. I found out today that Family Video is going out of business and will be closing all of its remaining stores. It's ironic that the last remaining Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon is still alive despite a pandemic while its last big rival is about to bite the dust because of said pandemic. End of an era, but also a reflection of how times have changed with the rise of Netflix and other streaming services, my friends.

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      I'm just old-fashioned. I miss those old shops. :squee:

    2. ExplosionMare


      I didn’t know those stores still existed. I remember when my Home Video store shut down. I went and got a bunch of movies during the closing sale.

  11. Chad327

    Mega Thread Favorite songs?

    Too many to count, but right now, I got the theme song for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stuck in my head.
  12. I would've found a cure for COVID-19 by now.
  13. Chad327

    Gaming What's Your Comfort Game ?

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a good pick. You can just relax and enjoy the scenery while you're driving around Europe and delivering cargo.
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