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  1. Merry Birthiversary!     

  2. I LOVE the game it's amazing so awesome it made me wanna do a fan game of it, it's a lil side project! If you wanna check it out, here's the link to the thread on the forums: And I love this game a lot, I do believe it's one of the first games to change my perspective in life, a bit like a great book or movie can do, Games are becoming a more and more serious media!
  3. Hey it's me Stealth! I'm currently working on a fun side project of mine! ^^ I'M RECREATING THE COMBAT SYSTEM FROM UNDERTALE! ORIGINAL GAME BY TOBY FOX GO CHECK IT OUT BUY IT HERE: Obviously it's not as simple as it sounds, and even if the thing looks barebones (because it is, these are EARLY BETA builds!) it still took me weeks to make! The game is more focused on the dialog and how your actions are taken into account! A Full combat with also LOADS of DIALOG! Notes before you click the link and try out the game: ->Most of the Game's Animations and sprites are PLACE HOLDERS, Please do not worry about those; ->The Game is not meant to be a 100% remake of the combat system, BUT something SIMILAR; ->Glitches MAY occur if not listed below PLEASE do notify me! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE CURRENT VERSION(Alpha V0.04): ->Only the "FIGHT" Option works for now; ->The Demo is fairly short, I'm currently working on the fighting mainly! CLICK HERE TO TRY IT OUT: KNOWN BUGS: ->The ALPHA DEMO loops at the end stuck, not a bug just not gonna work on the thing now; ->All animations look stupid, well yeh my friend (Who drew the Pixel Arcaxon) will be animating and making our own assets for later on; ->Music loops weirdly, a short pause before it loops, going to fix that too. TO DO LIST: ->Creating Dialog system; ->Creating "bullet hell"; ->A couple more things I forgot.. ^^'' Generally: ->Creating Act Option; ->Creating Item Option; ->Creating Mercy Option; ->Loads of other things! CHANGE LOG: ->V0.04 is the first PUBLICLY released version. <hr> Please leave a comment if you find a bug or have some feedback!
  4. Happy birthday!! Have a great day!!

  5. 3 wait... first time I come on in a couple of months(maybe a year) and the first thing I post is "3"?! Meh games are fun!
  6. Happy BDay to meh X3

    1. Fantasma Phantasm

      Fantasma Phantasm

      Happy Birthday!!♥♥♥

  7. Woups sorry there was a space at the end of the link... :/ THis should work:
  8. Thanks for reporting the issue.... I know of it... for some reason when the HTML code from the video starts playing IE starts sending random warning messages. It's caused by the Way WIX handles external HTML Codes inserted inside of the ''website'', you should always say yes--there is no apparent error, but it might be the code I used to embed it, I'll tests this some more and Thanks for the Feedback it is GREATLY appreciated! Also If you want to Do voice acting just send your sample here of your ETERNIA character you want to voice:EDIT(REPAIRED LINK):
  9. I DID A NEW UPDATE TO THE GAME ADDING: VOICE ACTING! The 1.2.0 OPEN-Beta update adds The Chapter 1 part 1/-,The Debug menu(Go hunt for the Easter egg (I'll add more of 'em in the future)) and most importantly: VOICE ACTING SUPPORT![Place holder narrator ATM to show off the capabilities of the project] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the list of changes: Version: 1.2.0 OPEN-Beta ->Added Voice acting![with place holder voices]; ->Added Warning-Placeholding V-A page; ->Added Chapter 1: Part 1/- ->Added Debug Menu; ->Bugfixes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Eternia Project is now In 1.2.0 OPEN BETA! You can now access: Prologue Part 1/2 , Prologue Part 2/2 and Chapter 1 Part 1/- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR WINDOWS USERS: The ETERNIA Project Client [WINDOWS ONLY !] [if you already have the client there is no need to redownload it as it updates automaticly!] FOR MAC OR ANY OTHER PLATFORM WITH ADOBE FLASH: The ETERNIA Project. [Any other Platform that supports Adobe Flash(Not a lot of mobile devices support adobe flash)] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Your Feed Back is EXTREMELY Appreciated so please after trying the Eternia Project do leave a comment with constructive criticism!
  10. 'Morning everyone! ^^