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  1. This is my deersona (not my official fursona) I attempted to do this because a lot of artists on tumblr were starting this "deer drawing" trend X3. I know its not the best fursona and it was actually my first >///< please share your opinion please! Thank you
  2. i honestly hate asking things of anyone here on the forms, but i need a little bit of help from you guys, im taking up voice acting and i need some practice, sooo you guys could ask me to impersonate someone from an anime, cartoon, real life, all that stuff. my voice can be crazy, mildly deep, and can be very high at some points, so it varies. so there could be a good variety of voices, i can sound like Meatwad (from aqua teen hunger force) an english men, and a few others, and with this i could find out what else i could do, so if you want to take a minute of your time and help me with my voice acting future
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkRX2L9dXk8 id just like to have an opinion on this ^ sorry if its in the wrong place but my computer wont let me open the mlp octaivas hall, so ill just put it here for now, could i just ask what you guys think of this? like are the proportions right? hair, eyes, etc. just tell me what i need to work on here
  4. this is my 2nd submission to a contest on tumblr where you ship an OC with her character (the character being Mimie -right-) and i shipped her with my OC, Colorful Crescendo -left- this is a huge improvement from my previous submission :3 hope i get a good chance at winning that contest, what do you guys think of this? how did i do?
  5. perfectly fine ^.^ as long as you credit who you used the ref from then i dont mind at all :3 (btw what exactly are you drawing im curious :D
  6. this is timmy, a young killer with incredible strength. he wields a 500 pound hammer called the Crater Crusher, he has a demented mind and enjoys blood being splattered everywhere. (MWHAHA this is something you guys didnt expect, every entry i get for my armory adopt, i shall redraw and use later on in a very big project of mine! lets just say, timmy will be meeting some other contestants in a short while ) armory parts 1 and 2 http://horrorshowmania.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5nxyb5 http://horrorshowmania.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5nfgho
  7. thanks (when ever i stream its just doodles or sketches so if anyone ever wants to join on a request stream its just a warning, i wont go into alot of detail like my other drawings.) also i might do another soon... if my internet works again -.-
  8. i drew these on new years eve when i did a request stream. the first one is my friend fel the batpony in armor, and the second one is just us dorks :3 what do you guys think?
  9. lol im asking the opinion on the drawing itself XD thanks for the complement, i read that wrong and i thought that you were talking about that the drawing sucked XD i hate being dyslectic....
  10. picture of who? other browser ponies? or what did i forget? im so confused about this right now, so please enlighten me on your quote.
  11. i drew Internet explorer pony out of boredom last night and it took about an hour or so, im working on the 60 follower pic as we speak, and im also working on a pokemon team for someone named Sparky (mod of moondust tumblr) so stay tuned guys! also what do you think of IE?
  12. you said that no one has ever improved because of praise? i dont want praise, all i want is too show people my art, what they tell me is just a boost of enthusiasm for me to draw better for them, and if no one improved of praise,.... how come i did?
  13. i drew this awesome pegasus just yesterday and am about to start on my 60 follower pic tomorrow :3. if you are not already following starcatcher please go do so!
  14. follow your dreams dude! U can do it! I believe in u with the almighty power of friendship and such! Mwahahahahaha friendship!
  15. thank u sooooooo much I appreciate that ten out of ten :3 hopefully I can draw like this for the rest of my drawings now all I need to work on is backgrounds -.- oh boy....