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  1. Hi there, and happy birthday! :) Hope you have a good time~ ^.^

  2. Well up until recently it was running my livestream show that I host hehe. But I seem to have gotten my motivation back. Though there is that Comp Sci assignment I should be working on... Meh, I'll do it later XD.
  3. Alright, it has been a long time since I last updated this thread but that is about to change. For anyone who reads this, I want to announce that My Little Reviews is now in need of a new Fan Fiction reviewer. Our previous reviewer TailsIsNotAlone has unfortunately had to resign due to his new work schedule conflicting with the show and he will be missed very dearly by the team and I. As a result we now need a new reviewer and are now accepting new applicants to fulfill his previous role. Since the thread itself is outdated on what we do in the show itself, I will update that now. As stated before our show is a weekly livestream in which we review the categories of fan fiction, animations, and music (though other categories find their way in on the occasion) all made by artists in the fandom. There are a total of three for each of these so that equates to 9 reviews overall each episode. After this we have an interview with a special guest who has made something of the sorts in the fandom. On top of all of this we have a discussion topic on stuff that is related to the bronies or MLP itself to get things started up and more. Here is a list of all the guests we have interviewed already since our start in mid October 2012: Hirosashii, dBPony, Chaotic Harmony, M_Pallante, RavensDagger, Odyssey Eurobeat, ElectroKaplosion, WandererD, Aftermath, DarkWing, Jastrian, MyLittleBr0ny, Cap'n Chyrssalid, Megaphoric, LittleshyFIM, Steven A.D., LadyPixelHeart, CoffeeGrunt, Gravekeeper, and Circuitfry. Now to clarify again, the show happens every Saturday from 8PM to about 10PM EST. The role of Fan Fiction reviewer requires you to find three fan fics each week that you would wish to review and must provide constructive criticism. That means you must offer something to the writer that will help them improve and not something that puts them down instead. The team and I are very flexible with what you choose to review but we ask that when you do it is not focused on one writer (unless they are being interviewed on the show that week) and that they aren't a repeated category every week. I.e. shipping of the same characters, or similar plot lines. This does not mean you can't do a story of such criteria's ever again, we just ask that it be broken up if possible each week. Also these fics MUST be kept PG to PG-13 with strict limitations as we wish to appeal to something everyone of all ages can enjoy. This means no fics with sexual content, grimdark/gore, racism, excessive cursing, etc. For more info please see the original post where I have For backup panelists for music, animation, and fan fiction listed. That pretty much covers most of what this role requires. So if you feel you are up to the task and would like to take part of helping my team and I with our show we would very much appreciate it. To apply please fill out an application that explains why you want to join, what qualifications you have for reviewing fan fiction, and why we should choose you. I ask that you please send in your application to me via PM here on MLPForums and you can notify me of your submission directly on this thread if you wish. Please keep in mind that we ask you have a reasonably flexible schedule so we can contact you easily in case we need you and that you will be mature when the show is live. Other than that, I sincerely thank you all for taking the time to read this and hopefully fill out an application for the role. Have a nice day everyone!
  4. I never knew you supported the Navel revolution XD

    1. TheLoyalBrony


      Haha yes I do indeed.

  5. I may try my hoof at it, do you have any recommended programs to use?
  6. I suppose that is a start. Although I strangely feel obligated to be active in this group so I'll see what I can come up with.
  7. Hmm now the question remains is how shall I contribute to this topic? I have no skills in pony art/navelifying save for woodburnings but that doesn't really help here... What to do, what to do?
  8. Yeah this will do for now. Determined Dashie with a cute navel all in one Now to change this profile picture...
  9. Hmm you've piqued my curiosity as usual CD. Very well I'll join this little group, just give me a bit to get a good navel pic. Shouldn't take too long :3
  10. I don't think fall is an appropriate time to assume it's rebirth Tails XD. I'm estimating for summer - late summer. Yeah it may be a little too optimistic but a man can dream can't he?
  11. Good luck man, I'll be with you through it all. Oh and yeah I better go poke some fun at those doomsayers too hehe.
  12. Hahaha yep so true. Btw if anyone believes in that reddit post that has started a rumor on My Little Brony well I checked it out. The post is by a new user from 12 days ago, it's his first post, it's unverified. Seems legit....
  13. Yeah sure no problem. I'll post the link in the chat before we get down to the reviews. We are actually interviewing M_Pallante tonight for anyone who is interested as well.