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  1. Ian

    Open Tears of Virtue

    "How ist attacken me helping?" Steel stood and eyed the griffon. "All Ich did was defense. Tell mir why du attack und who du are, und I'll cut the straps." He sat on his flank, and placed his hat back on his head, as it had fallen off mid-wrassle. He sniffed the air, the familiar scent of something not good happening invaded his sinuses, making him wince in disgust at the smell, and the memory.
  2. Ian

    Open Tears of Virtue

    Steel blinked, knowing he needed to think quick. He dropped his saddlebag and pulled the leather strap from it, mounting onto the back of the griffon to try and tie it up. Through the toil of fur and feather, hoof and claw, the strap was almost cut by one of the razor-sharp talons, yet Steel managed to subdue the griffon. The forelegs were strapped in a seemingly rather uncomfortable position onside it's chest, the feet of the rear legs tucked under the strap as well. He sat by it's head, and picked his hat off the ground and into it's rightfully place on his head. He cleared his throat an
  3. Ian

    Open Tears of Virtue

    Steel froze as his ear twitched, being especially accustomed to detect the sound of wind over feather. He turned his head around and locked his gaze on the incoming threat. Knowing he could probably withstand some of the attacker's attack and fight better on the ground, he swung around and faced the griffon, planting his hooves in the dirt bracing for the imminent attack.
  4. Axel nodded, adding, "Just ask if ya need anything." He smiled back, and returned his attention to his display. Now quickly bored with the Tetris knock off, he began playing with an ancient relic passed through his family. It was a three inch, by three inch by three inch cube, seemingly made up of twenty seven smaller cubes, six different colors scattered on the faces of the smaller cubes. He turned each edge carefully, not wanting to break it. He's solved the puzzle many times before, but his interest in it has shifted to just turning the sides, each click a therapeutic sound.
  5. Ian

    Open Tears of Virtue

    Steel watched in awe as the princesses flew into the cloud, and a dragon following close behind, and feeling he's missing the festival, trotted faster towards the city gates. To him, this was just part of the festival. He arrived at the gates, and tapped on them with his hoof. "Hallo? Ist anyvon here?"
  6. Axel lost his game and turned to Purplepower. "Are you as lost as I am? I'm a tad bit confused... Anywho. You think you wanna start getting accustomed to the controls?" He cracked his neck. "Or a tour of the ship. Your choice, either way, welcome to the crew of the Dying Star."
  7. Axel watched DeadEye as he left, unsure of what had just happened. He sighed and sat on the Bridge Seat of his ship and clicked the panel, beginning a rather similar game to Tetris. He clacked his hooves on the metal below his hooves with said hooves, and hummed a little tune as he waited for both his customer to return and the ship to refuel.
  8. Ian

    Open Tears of Virtue

    Steel was trotting around Ponyville, wondering as to why nopony was out in the streets. And as he ran through his mental calendar, it struck him. "Ah... Das ist es! Es it die Summer Sun celebration! I must move faster!" He began galloping towards Canterlot full speed, and as he crossed the city limits, remembered he was a pegasus, and unfurled his wings as to not be late to his first festival of any kind in Equestria. ((Since I find it more fitting, the Steel I'm roleplaying here is significantly younger and lacks the foster son that is in his backstory, and also being in Equestria for n
  9. Axel nodded. He shouted, "POPO!" and the ramp to his ship dropped down. He tapped the control panel on the landing gear of his ship, and the cargo elevator lowered down, setting on the ground quietly. "Ladies and costumers first." He motioned to @ and Moonshine to step on.
  10. "Hmmm... So that's... da da da... Yep. We have about an hour before my ship's done refueling. Let's see..." He eyed the star map closely, looking for anything that would stop a clear path to Delta 9OG136, to allow them to slip into warp space to make the trip much faster. Three stars along the way blocked direct flight, so he'd have to bounce around a bit. Then a specific planet caught his eye. Not because of where it was, but where it wasn't. In fact, the whole system was missing. He struggled to remember the name, but all that came to mind was what the natives called it, Weiß Weid
  11. Basically, we'll end up with the best Celestia-banished planned roleplay to ever hit this forum, or any forum.
  12. I edited it I uh... Meant to post that about... five, six actually seven hours ago. Well. Looks like I need to pay more attention xD
  13. ((Sorry O3O I've been really really busy.)) Axel nodded to MoonShine. "Yep. Turns out right as you left she came over and asked. So, where was it ya needed to go, Moonshine?" He sat on his flank, resting against the landing leg thing that stuck out his ship to hold it up.
  14. Good point. I guess I'm stuck in Jace the Mind Sculptor x3 Hmm. There's nothing keeping me from it, so why not. New background image ahoy! Try and make it wallaper worthy
  15. Always imagined Jace as a unicorn, but your pic ain't bad! oh thank God this isn't another RP comm. Better than anything I could have done!
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